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  • Health & Wellness
    I wanted to ask what people's top tips are for losing weight and maintaining a lifelong healthy body..
    • @Lonicera that sounds a bit like food combining or the Hay diet. Here's an article which explains mo..
    • @PeterJ - don't worry I was joking! I don't drink anything beyond tea, coffee and water - oh, and ke..
    • Heard about a diet were one tries to eat 2 complementary foods together. Can remember lemon was ment..
    • @PeterJ Agree with diet drinks. People are fooled by the magic word “diet”
    • BUT be warned that drinking so-called 'diet' drinks is no substitute, and can actually make the prob..
    • @JG1 So that's why I like coke! A previous neighbour drank five cans a day. Her health was dreadful ..
    • @JG1 yes, I remember 7 or 9 teaspoons - both a lot ;)
    • On the subject of plant-based food, I'm really looking forward to reading this book which has just c..
    • @SylviaS sound advice, I try to eat around 6pm and then that's it
    • @Tomas so true, especially if sugary drinks and replaced by drinking water. I read somewhere that th..
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  • I.T. Non-Techie help, information and tips
    I've noticed many of our users use gmail as the mailing service. I've also had the impression not ev..
    • @Diana3 - 'Hamburger'? visual similarity...(bun, burger, bun!) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hambu..
    • @Tomas Thanks, @Tomas – I've used Thunderbird for years, in fact ever since the very similar Eudora ..
    • Thank you, @Tomas. Spotted it now. Obviously didn't look hard enough!
    • Thanks @PeterJ and @Thomas. Think I may have found one app I can send from, settings seem OK. Bt sit..
    • @ViviW sounds like your SMTP (outgoing server) settings are not correct. Try to look up settings lik..
    • @PeterJ there is a hamburger menu at the top-right of your thunderbird, then `Tools` and then `Messa..
    • @ViviW - that sounds like one for BT (or maybe one of the SL tech groups). That would be possible if..
    • Bit advanced for me. Last time I tried to alter something in my bt account I ended up not being able..
    • @PeterJ I'll check tomorrow, I'm on my phone now.
    • @Emmsar - wrong thread?
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  • Anything !
    Had a respiratory specialist appt today. She told me a very interesting fact. I was explaining that ..
    • @Boots the virus as it is happening in people who had covid but no vaccines but not the other way ar..
    • @Boots well, I think that’s a fairly easy one. Is anyone that hasn’t caught Covid having this proble..
    • But is it the virus or the vaccine causing it ?
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  • Slough
    70 years ago today on the 31st of October 1951, Zebra crossings came into use for the first time in ..
    • @PeterJ it really does. If the shops are empty and the council are the landlord they should be forwa..
    • @Dawns - probably the same for many High Streets. The shop owners want their cut from the tenant, as..
    • @PeterJ I don't think anyone is attracted to shop there anymore. There are always drunk or drugged u..
    • @Dawns - sometimes it is still bustling. I think if they attracted more (and better?) market traders..
    • It's sad looking at the high street today. I can remember when I was little going with mum and it wa..
    • @PeterJ Yes, that's what I meant. It's lovely to see it still on that corner!
    • Come on @SloughBC -- here's an opportunity for a blue plaque and a feature in the High Street! It w..
    • @Kay1 - Thank you. I think what surprises me most is that Boots is still on the same site.
    • @PeterJ Interesting post and great photo! Fascinating to see the changes to the High Street - and Bo..
    • Thank you, @Lesley4. Slough can claim a number of historical firsts, but you have to dig around for ..
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  • Scooploop Times
    Halloween's origins date back to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. The Celts, who lived 2,000 ..
    • I love this history of Halloween but not as it is today. Ugly clowns, skeletons and blood soaked vam..
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  • Anything !
    Dignity in Dying believes that 84% of us support the right to assistance in achieving a dignified de..
    • I've heard that Dignitas is expensive from someone whose grandmother went there. My cousin committed..
    • With experience of three suicides in my family circle, it needn't be expensive...don't let that worr..
    • @RobRoy Sad to know people have such venal relatives.
    • Only the well off can afford Dignitas. I have heard that it is very expensive. So better off people ..
    • @Joss could have the opposite effect. A relative knows they are in your Will and encourages you to e..
    • Yes is was common years ago for people to say when you get older you go through a second childhood. ..
    • I can remember when I was little and most of my aunts and uncles lived in the same road. My aunt Mar..
    • @Joss I'm not worried - as I've given them most of my money already. There's absolutely no point in ..
    • @Boots They should have decided in the first place.
    • No need to worry about greedy relatives...make a will now.
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  • Public Notices
    National county lines intensification week, which targets drug traffickers who often recruit childre..
    • @DerekR The kingpins are likely to be well away from the action, but it all helps.
    • @TerryS but no matter how small, to let the gang members know that there is a potential cell waiting..
    • @DerekR It's good to see that, despite the claims in the media that the Government has capitulated i..
    • @TerryS thanks for the information.
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  • Anything !
    ..and I just heard these figures. In Germany there are 5 doctors for every 1,000 people In Netherla..
    • @RobRoy - sorry, I'm talking since the pandemic. Hardly any being worn in Sainsburys this morning.
    • @Selsey no there were apparently shortages, however I wonder why staff in hospitals and other health..
    • @RobRoy I thought they were used at the beginning - it could be that because the powers-that-be no l..
    • @Selsey I agree but perhaps if they had been used and handed out at the beginning we may not have go..
    • If the government hadn’t dropped the mandating of masks I am sure they would not be having to give s..
    • Same thing at the dentist last week, I was the only one wearing one and rest were handed out free. 9..
    • A little off topic although I posted it originally, Just back from Sutton Marsden and was told by a ..
    • @Diana3 I was hoping that you could give me enough hard information to help me steer the practice to..
    • Most if not all surgeries have websites and looking on yours can come as a bit of a surprise if you ..
    • @DianaW I was sent details and invited to sign up by my GP practice. I think you'll need to ask your..
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  • Scooploop Community Support
    Out with the old ways and in with the new. Are Strikes, Protests, Demonstration and Petitions a comp..
    • No government will be blackmailed into acting on issues and alienating public support damages many w..
    • It`s a fine line between catching the public eye and the attention of the media & being so disruptiv..
    • @PeterJ Maybe the general public can’t ignore them but apart from the cost and ambulances not gettin..
    • It takes a lot more effort and will power to attend a protest rally or march than it does to click o..
    • TV adverts are also obscenely expensive to produce, which is jammy for the advertising agencies but ..
    • @Vera2 - TV adverts will work for some, but many will actively avoid them by watching programmes on ..
    • Some very good points. My problem is we are never told the full facts and the full reasons behind th..
    • @PeterJ That's a non sequitur, of course. Non-disruptive protests aren't non-newsworthy - or even in..
    • @KristaLonsdale It's not the issues that I think you mean here but the methods used to publicise the..
    • The current government are continuing to introduce legislation to outlaw effective protest. The only..
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  • Slough
    Volunteers will be meeting this Sunday morning (3rd October) for the monthly clean-up along parts of..
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  • Anything !
    The donkey told the tiger, "The grass is blue." The tiger replied, "No, the grass is green ." The..
    • You`re not on QI @RonT
    • @KristaLonsdale I didn't say it you did.
    • @KristaLonsdale 👏👏👏
    • @ChrisN I`m good at that!! 😆
    • @KristaLonsdale A good way to be Krista
    • @RonT Pot?Kettle? Black?
    • @KristaLonsdale I hadn't realized that you are always right, my apologies.
    • Wheras I live in hopes that someday those asses will see that something I (and others) are saying to..
    • @RayPro Brilliant reminds me of something recently on here. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
    • Trumpety trump trump trump...the head of the herd was calling...
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  • Wimbledon Park
    This printer no longer works - there is a problem with the feeder tray. Selling to anyone who can fi..
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  • I.T. Non-Techie help, information and tips
    Should I do this and what are the benefits ? - I already remove cookies. Will it delete stuff i don'..
    • @PeterJ thank you
    • @Boots - ahh, OK. In which case doing anything with the cache is unlikely to help.
    • @PeterJ The only problem i am trying to cure is the continual losing of WiFi.
    • @Boots - the cache is used to store things like images locally, so that the pages display more quick..
    • @Boots Any site name you type will come up, but a site that you have used to shop will not know who ..
    • @JohnH6 The Superantispyware thing clears the cookies when it does a scan. I only have to start typ..
    • @Ange They must be websites that he just views, therefore they don't need to know who you are, unlik..
    • @JohnH6 That's what I thought so I rarely clear mine but my husband says he clears them every night ..
    • @Boots Not a good idea to delete cookies; you will find that you constantly have to log back in to w..
    • @DerekR Thank you, don't want my screens changed.
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  • What's Cooking
    This is a delicious recipe I have used several times, courtesy of 'The Best Ever Baking' book, by Ca..
    • @GabrielaM I'm going to try it with apples as well this year - apples and cinnamon are a perfect com..
    • sounds yummy!! I have in my cooking book very similar recipe actually which I use a lot lately, but ..
    • It sounds lovely
    • @Blodwen going to try it thank you.
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  • Anything !
    A welcome to all diners who wish to have a meal at the Great British restaurant, here is the menu :-..
    • Due to lack of customers at the restaurant, it is now closed for business.
    • @Joss It seems there are limits on airing ones opinions at times.
    • So grateful to live in a country where you can air your opinions. AND hear other people shouting or..
    • @Sandie08 Yes it shouldn't be a blanket raise across the board. I'm sure consultants could do witho..
    • @Socrates well especially as many people working privately have lost their jobs due to Covid. Howev..
    • I was reading about the National Health staff not happy with their 3% and want 12% I'm not sure how ..
    • @RyanT You want to delete me from the menu 😂
    • @Ange Quite right Sheila, should be deleted from the menu, but I am not the Chef.
    • The Royals bring in £500+ million per year so that's already of profit of £200 million
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  • English Expressions
    What does this expression mean? I've looked it up and it does seem to mean "turn around quickly" - ..
    • @ChrisN - fascinating article. It's not a phrase I've used very often. Learn something new every day..
    • @Tomas Black taxis were known to 'turn on a sixpence'. See this.....tells you ALL about it. Sorry it..
    • @ChrisN ok gotcha. But it wasn't me who used it, I didn't know this expression at all till yesterday..
    • @Tomas If you said it in that context, you would be understood OK even though it wouldn't be the bes..
    • OK fully clear now. BTW, I didn't know those idioms either!
    • @CharlotteB or ' he did a complete u turn', now we are thinking it seems there are many ways of expr..
    • @Tomas maybe you could say he done or tends to do a full 180! (Meaning degrees turn) Which can mean ..
    • @Tomas It would sound a bit strange, would usually say 'he can change like the wind' or 'at the drop..
    • @Blodwen thank you as well, so it does seem mean only that. Ok, but if I said something like this: "..
    • @CharlotteB ok thank you. Google seems to think the same, but I did hear that expression used in psy..
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  • Anything !
    Someone with nothing better to do, at Leeds Council, has realised it doesn't come from Yorkshire. h..
    • @ShirleyM it happens too easily, and if we all thought about it we could have so many different thre..
    • Sorry Charlotte, it was indeed Michael's thread, my mistake. I don't think it's right to suddenly ch..
    • @ShirleyM it was Michael’s thread to start with 😂
    • Why has Joss's thread been highjacked, I thought it was about Yorkshire tea!
    • @Maryb sorry
    • @Selsey I know the year as I hadn't long been in the house. And the dog was still alive as she got r..
    • I once had a fox who learnt to tip my bottles over and roll them down the drive drinking the milk as..
    • @Sandie08 and crows
    • @Boots well same as Magpies put hard food in water to soften. Seen Blackbirds do it too.
    • @Sandie08 Amazes me how they know to do it
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  • Scooploop Community Support
    We hope you are all well and having a great day. We would like to take a moment to remind our comm..
    • @RayPro Ah, okay. Thanks Must be hard to know the difference between a 'genuine' complaint and a non..
    • @Blodwen The comment appertained to Irish jokes! By "certain people" I mean the members of scooplo..
    • @RayPro 'Certain people' Could you please explain? Do you mean people who oppose racism? Sounds ra..
    • @Diana3 Agree - hopefully sexism (and homophobism) will be the next to be tackled by SL. Because aga..
    • @Blodwen I was naturally blonde and was infuriated by men (it was always men) making jokes about dum..
    • It's amazing how these people keep criticising about writing things to provoke.... and yet in the ne..
    • @Boots yes your dead right
    • @Blodwen okay my mistake, it was because of my similar comment being removed after reports
    • @Boots I didn't say that's what you said, Boots. How did you understand that? I was giving various e..
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  • Anything !
    https://uk.yahoo.com/news/rochdale-grooming-gang-members-fight-152919483.html Two men who were part..
    • @Sandie08 Yes, he really let them have it. I admired him standing up on his own against the might o..
    • Jeremy would let everyone stay, no questions asked, Just watching on TV "Politics England" about E..
    • @AlanF Remind me to buy you a violin.
    • @Ange Spot on Sheila, just think what a disaster Corbyn would have been, he would have probably impo..
    • @UncleAlbert If the case is proved then I`m with you`all,sentences should be stiff and they should n..
    • @MrSokPupitt I'm lucky if I see the end of a film 😂
    • @Sandie08 night night
    • @MrSokPupitt got 4 stars, I like political things. anyway night night everyone.
    • @Ange lucky you I'm a very bad sleeper ☹️
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  • Burnham
    Today (2 July), Slough Borough Council has announced it will be pausing non-essential spending, in r..
    • "... months of action by the council to gain a full understanding of... the financial challenges..."..
    • Transformation of a town is fine, IF there is enough money for basic essential services first
    • Not at the moment, We will publish changes as we hear of them.
    • @SloughBC Ok, thanks. Any idea when you will have this info?
    • @Kay1 Don't have those kind of specifics at the moment
    • @SloughBC Does this mean that any planned building works e.g. the redevelopment of a former garage s..
    • Worrying, but not altogether surprising given the past 18 months, and the past ten years of the gove..
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  • Anything !
    Heatwave in Canada and USA. On top they also have outage in electricity. People dying. Must be a ter..
    • @RobRoy yes indeed
    • @MichaelB1 wow 😯 fancy your shoes melting!Frightening
    • @KristaLonsdale my relative in Calgary says they've had temperatures 35-40 constantly. It doesn't co..
    • Turn on your light bulb. @KrystaLonsdale
    • @KristaLonsdale I've heard back from Vancouver. Not a lot to report except they've never known it so..
    • @UncleAlbert Your comment --the choice of switching an appliance off and use it at a later time---- ..
    • I`m lost!! I hate this system!!
    • @Boots No they can't, for the period of the contract. As @UncleAlbert said all a smart metre dose is..
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  • Anthill Common
    We are appealing for witnesses after a woman was assaulted in Waterlooville yesterday evening (Tuesd..
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  • Anything !
    1 It grows up, as a bug in a P-O-W camp? (10) - Stalagmite (Audrey F) 2 Sounds good to hear but not ..
    • @Selsey I think you have to be an aficionado of cryptic crosswords to work these out , and even Coun..
    • @Audreyf Definitely well done - I couldn't even work out the answers after you'd answered them!
    • @Boots -Thank you - glad you joined in. It was quite lonely for a while as it's more fun when ther..
    • Well done everyone, especially Audrey
    • Thank you everyone. I'll put up a new cryptic puzzle next week.
    • @CliveF Halls is correct. (Shall - it was there all the time).
    • Halls ?
    • Pity ... thought Can do to Condo !!!
    • @CliveF sorry, not Condo
    • Condo ?
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  • Anything !
    ... A snail decided to slither down my patio door (it had obviously decided to slither up previously..
    • @DerekR I agree I was amazed other day in my garden. Do they appear more at a certain time of the ye..
    • @Sandie08 if you could see the number of ants in my garden, you wouldn't worry about them becoming e..
    • Sorry that was within a decade, due to intensive agriculture, and showing 8 times more decline than ..
    • @Sandie08 Did they give a reason? I think there is plenty of food for them, they always leave bite..
    • I just read that in about 50 years we may not have any insects at all, which of course are badly nee..
    • @LizS3 thank you for that. I think he's/she's safe for now as it has moved on from where it was. Pro..
    • @DerekR , I think the orange larva is a ladybird larva that is threatening our native ladybirds. Dil..
    • @Sandie08 well, I have asked him to keep them away from my cucumbers, but so far there has been no r..
    • Poor little things, all god's creatures.😥
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  • I.T. Non-Techie help, information and tips
    This new Dell laptop came without the basic software that I need to create and work with Word or Exc..
    • @DianaW - I've sent you a PM. For everyone else, do start with the video tutorials on the FFS site..
    • @DianaW - Hmmm, I'll have to think about that. Might be better to continue via PM. Once it's setup i..
    • @PeterJ I've downloaded FFS to this new laptop but now I need an idiot's guide to using it. Everythi..
    • @JohnH6 Thanks, John. You're right, of course - but I have very little experience of OneDrive and i..
    • @DianaW If that worries you, then you can use OneDrive's Personal Vault: https://bit.ly/3y9SvuX Don'..
    • @DianaW - exactly, and I should think your Win7 PC will run into problems trying other things by Mic..
    • @JohnH6 But doesn't OneDrive use the cloud? I've never stored my personal files online and that real..
    • @PeterJ Thanks for explaining this. I can see that there might be a problem with two equivalent devi..
    • Transferring of files from one PC to another is now an easy matter with the advent of Microsoft's On..
    • @DianaW - I should think your laptop will cope, as long as it isn't too old. Windows computers hav..
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  • Anything !
    There is a really stupid scenario going on locally for people having surgery at Queens hospital. Th..
    • My son came across this problem early on in the pandemic. He wanted me to drive him to the test cent..
    • @Boots Thanks for letting me know as I have someone who is due to go in to Queens for an op.
    • @Boots plus its making someone go to separate sites and potentially come into contact with someone w..
    • It doesn't make sense why these have to be drive in tests, surely they realise not everyone has a ca..
    • @Boots I had similar problem recently re St. Peter's Hospital, Chertsey., I don't drive far and had ..
    • Seems like piling on the already high stress levels.
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  • Becontree
    There is a really stupid scenario going on locally for people having surgery at Queens hospital. The..
    • typical NHS to assume everyone has access to a vehicle.
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  • Anything !
    • Thanks @Dawns. It looks as though it's the sensitivity which needs to be improved upon. If they coul..
    • @DerekR When my daughter in law had it last October, her LF tests also came back negative as she had..
    • @DerekR He was feeling unwell when he did the LF tests in the morning, he was due to have an operati..
    • @RobRoy Thank you
    • @Dawns Do you know why he went on to the second test? I'm guessing that he was symptomatic when he ..
    • @Boots lateral flow
    • Which is the test you do at home ? - I don't know the difference in these 2.
    • @DerekR my brother had the same thing. He had negative result lateral flow tests the morning of the ..
    • @DerekR No indeed, but that's Covid for you - just when you start to feel optimistic, another nasty ..
    • @Diana3 that doesn't sound healthy at all!
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  • Book club
    Hope you’re all buzzing having read ‘The Murmur of Bees’. I’ll be kicking off the discussion on Satu..
    • Thanks Clare.
    • I'm away that weekend, but I'll join the discussion on Monday when I get back.
    • @Lesley4 that's a big help, - thanks
    • OKAY discussion will commence on 10th July - see you then!
    • @Lesley4 more than fine by me
    • @Lesley4 Thats fine by me
    • Am thinking an extra week might help us out if that is okay with you @ViviW and anyone else who has ..
    • Only half way through - annoyed that my book has 4 pages missing in the middle!! Could finish by Sat..
    • @Lesley4 Only a quarter read so far, finding time to read finally then I am so tired now that I drop..
    • Just finished...
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  • Burnham
    Thank you to the four volunteers from the Slough Anti-Litter Society and to Cllr Grewal and Cllr Bai..
    • Isn't it a shame that so many people think so little of their local environment? You should see Slou..
    • Well done! 👏
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  • Save The Planet
    Grants available for electric and --- Solid Fuel --- heated homes. Are we not aiming to phrase out ..
    • @SylviaS Only those on income-related benefits, at that. The list is so long, it's hardly surprising..
    • -and as you may have found out D -it is only for those who are are on benefits and you can only use ..
    • Thanks for doing that, @SylviaS. I'd never heard of this scheme, let alone seen any official bumph ..
    • I haven't seen any references to converting to solid fuel. It seems to be all about making existing ..
    • L- Hi -I wasn't posting the extra info for you specifically. As your comment didn't show your leafle..
    • @SylviaS I do not need further information. I am querying should we still convert to solid fuel as w..
    • The ECO3 funding scheme is to allow certain heating system upgrades when they are delivered alongsid..
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  • Public Notices
    Hundreds of people have been caught not wearing a seatbelt by officers during a successful month of ..
    • Thanks Terry, I've placed it in my local area.
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  • Anything !
    Married Matt Hancock’s job “is in the balance” caught on CCTV in “steamy clinch” with lobbyist marri..
    • @Selsey I think it was more full on recently, Anyway I'll close this now as feel sorry for his child..
    • @Ange I don't want BJ but I'm stuck with him.
    • @Dawns Never lasts as my ex best friend found out with my now ex husband, 😁🥲
    • @Sandie08 Just shows how things differ - two years or recent!
    • It's love I'm telling ya !😂 I do wonder how they will fair now and thrill of sneaking around is gone..
    • I also read they’ve been having affair since 2019, but as we all know once you move in together thin..
    • @Selsey I read she was also questioned about this affair in 2019... who k own how.long they have bee..
    • I've just read this is her second marriage and Hancock was 'out of her league' at University, she wa..
    • Now Hopeless Handcock is to be investigated for using his personal email account for government busi..
    • @Sandie08 https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMdPcyktG/
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  • Scooploop Community Support
    As requested by you.. just for fun; A poll to determine the average age of our users here on Scooplo..
    • BTW - in the picture for the poll it is all men, that's sex discrimination 😁😁
    • @Vera2 ah ut your reply to me makes it seem like that was MY opinion, that is taking my comment out ..
    • @RyanT I think it's because they run a skeleton staff at the weekends. so their stretched.
    • @RobRoy I only hope the police do not carry out such an experiment - a road to anarchy.
    • @RobRoy scoop are around so I was thinking are they letting people let off steam in this group to ke..
    • @Vera2 if you're referring to me I've never been banned.
    • @RyanT as I have often thought it may be part of an experiment to see what unmoderated ‘adults’ will..
    • @Dawns I agree "for someone to use that name they must be on here previously under a different name ..
    • @MrSokPupitt look at it from the outside.. someone joins a forum where 'sock puppets' is a problem s..
    • For SL to allow this off topic thread to develop into a long diatribe of abuse and malicious comment..
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  • Anything !
    Have you seen this? https://bit.ly/3d8Y2Kd Channel 4 is under threat. Oliver Dowden, the Culture S..
    • @Sandie08 yes just watched that I'm going to go back and watch the rebellion one. Thanks again for ..
    • @MrSokPupitt 👍Interesting China lab cover up interview too, as if we didn't know already.
    • @Sandie08 brilliant thanks just downloaded the app. 👍
    • @MrSokPupitt if you get the GB News app, dead easy if I can do it! you will see all the programmes a..
    • Just watching his interview with Extinction Rebellion co founder on last night's show, who are ready..
    • @Sandie08 Thanks... how do I see the ones he did before?
    • @MrSokPupitt oh sod's law, just seen Andrew Neil is having a few weeks break after starting GB news ..
    • @Sandie08 👍
    • @MrSokPupitt 8pm. but I just watch his shows on cu. you can also surprisingly ff the adverts, althou..
    • @Sandie08 what time is Andrew Neil on, and is he on everyday,? Thanks.
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  • Anything !
    Another good reason not to use them. https://www.itv.com/news/2021-06-21/amazon-destroying-millions-..
    • @KristaLonsdale no,that's Facebook lolol
    • @Dawns They are taking over the world!😕
    • @KristaLonsdale I don't use ebay- I have Amazon Prime for the music and videos so makes perfect sens..
    • @Dawns Most eBay items are sent free P&P; and mostly about the same price and mostly as fast too.
    • @TerryS I love Amazon , they save me not only money but time, petrol, wear and tear on my car, stres..
    • @TerryS but if I stocked goods for companies who paid me to stock them I wouldn't put conditions on ..
    • @Dawns Amazon is big enough to make its own rules and insist suppliers comply. Many smaller business..
    • @KristaLonsdale And it may be cheaper to give stock away than pay for landfill.
    • @Dawns Ok-hadn`t thought of it that way! Ridiculous but possible true!!
    • @MrSokPupitt A lot of companies still do, including many designer fashion brands
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  • Public Notices
    We have been made aware of a Covid Vaccine Passport scam email going around that purports to be from..
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  • Anything !
    • Care Quality Commission requirements: https://www.cqc.org.uk/guidance-providers/gps/gp-mythbuster-3..
    • I wonder if there was all this scaremongering when Smallpox, TB, Polio etc was iradicated. We should..
    • @Vera2 it was an actual court case they took citing the concentration camp theory
    • @ChrisN I agree "headline grabbing and scaremongering". Many people have compulsory vaccinations to ..
    • Hooray for the judge at least someone is showing some common sense on this issue. In view of what we..
    • I'm almost sure I had to have a vaccination or two before working in HIV/Aids team because of risks ..
    • I think jabs against Covid19 in the UK will be mandatory for new workers joining the NHS along with ..
    • Wouldn't be surprised. I know the vaccine hasn't undergone the sort of testing/length of time for va..
    • I found this very interesting, including the fact the workers went to court comparing the demand to ..
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  • I.T. Non-Techie help, information and tips
    I don't understand cryptocurrency. Traditional money is backed up according to gold reserves. How ar..
    • I bet Vera is the notorious bitcoin Queen. That is talked about on the dark web, in hushed tones, b..
    • @PeterJ no way, although I did see rows and rows of huge computers on TV once but couldn't understan..
    • @Vera2 - this suggests you know more about bitcoin than you let on!
    • It still takes 10 minutes to mine one bitcoin. At 600 seconds (10 minutes), all else being equal, it..
    • All I know is had one spend a few pounds at the beginning one would not regret it now. If it is true..
    • @RobRoy I don't know about myth. I only know what I know from someone who's been involved in it all ..
    • The biggest threat to crypto is the huge amount of electricity used on computers to mine them
    • @Vera2 well said!
    • All I know is they are generated by computer. Who originally owned them all? Who says what each one ..
    • @Ange just done a bit of reading up on this as well. A complicated business and myths abound https..
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  • Dog Lovers
    • Well a blind dog needs particular help and security, and I would home Stevie tomorrow if I could, or..
    • Have a look at https://warpaws.org/
    • @Sandie08 5 now next 45, then 105. And yes I do agree with you about illegal breeders.
    • We're talking of FIVE dogs needing a home. One is blind. Maybe the best thing is to stop all these i..
    • A lot of these rescued dogs imported from countries in conflict are traumatised by their experiences..
    • I love dogs but, yes I don't think I agree with this.
    • @Vera2 Yes we have enough dogs in this country in shelters. We support Dogs trust give what we can, ..
    • Just feel these dogs have been through so much with bombing and usually beaten up in those countries..
    • I love dogs but I'm not sure about this! Our animal charities have suffered due to the pandemic and ..
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  • Allotment and Edible Gardening
    Has anyone tried this no dig method? How did you do it? What were the results? Would you recommend?
    • @Niche I left all the self seeded stuff, mainly poppies and nasturtium, and added mallow, cosmos, ni..
    • @Lesley4 A nectar bed sounds heavenly - what plants did you grow to attract such a range of pretties..
    • @Niche It's pretty much what I did for the last few years. But I've turned my veg patch into a necta..
    • @Lesley4 consider using the no dig method for growing your veggies to see if makes a difference
    • @ChrisN There`s a few weeds hard to eradictae once they`ve taken hold like that but the bindweed com..
    • @ChrisN Hi, I think you're right. If you keep clearing what's on ground level, I heard that the root..
    • @maire Putting down cardboard really does reduce the amount of new weed growth, simply amazing! I tr..
    • @KristaLonsdale Yes, that is the webinar I watched; he's great.
    • @maire Not digging retains moisture in the ground; my plot is like a shallow swimming pool with all ..
    • @maire I've been planning on getting some but have turned my attention to comfrey, it's a great gree..
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  • Anything !
    Can I just say Happy Fathers Day to all of the Dads on here! May you be blessed with food and drink ..
    • @RayPro sounds perfect xx
    • All four children have been to visit plus 3 grandchildren and one greatgrandchild between Thursday (..
    • @RobRoy well deserved I am sure!!
    • @Dawns Thank you. My lot have already been phoning, dropping off gifts and cards or are on their way..
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  • Anything !
    They are called ID Mobile. My sister wanted a cheap smartphone and the salesperson in Carphone Ware..
    • @RobRoy and @MichaelB1 my £7 per month deal with Tesco's is sim only and I purchased my phone elsewh..
    • @MichaelB1 she was probably talked into it in Carphone Warehouse, my granddaughter was caught. The s..
    • @Vera2 Thanks. I've suggested to my sister she goes along to Tesco to see what they can do. Have pri..
    • I'm on ID mobile and haven't had any problems. I'm on a monthly rolling contract at £7 per month. Pe..
    • @LizS3 Tony Hetherington, Financial Mail on Sunday is another good option. tony.hetherington@mailon..
    • @RayPro doesn't look like I've got that option. Generally I'm ok with the reception at home.
    • @RayPro yes they made us all dl it as it is free calls too lol
    • @RayPro can you explain voice over Wi-Fi on your phone and how to access it. thanks
    • That's the similar as it uses WiFi but you can't call/recieve from/to a landline or a non WhatsApp u..
    • @RayPro my family all call me on WhatsApp lately
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  • Anything !
    We had several days of warm weather a few days ago, but now it is cold !! I set my heating at 20C wh..
    • The ones that are going to have a great bonanza season out of all this are our coastal seaside towns..
    • This weather isn't going to help the shops sell all their summer stuff coupled with no travel abroad..
    • @Lonicera Where is Besthorpe? Somewhere in the artic circle?
    • For anybody who doesn't know, tomorrow is the longest day. How depressing is that. The summer doesn'..
    • @JaneD2 seems we are jus a couple of months apart
    • @JaneD2 only if you are in a specific year group - Was in mid-seventies before I got mine!
    • I was what you call a late developer. Didn't have a proper boyfriend until I was 22. By the way Boot..
    • @JaneD2 In June 72 I was pregnant again and can't remember the weather, only the bump and expanding ..
    • When I was 21 in June 1972 it was very cold and I wore my birthday present of a sheepskin coat into ..
    • 1975 June 2 snow in parts of U.K.. l wore my aunt’s fur coat in June !
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  • Anything !
    My daughter is house hunting and couldn’t understand why this lovely house had been reduced in price..
    • Oh well I'll close this now. The majority say yes, wouldn't bother them, I'm still not sure.but if t..
    • don't you just hate it when those heebie jeebies get inside your pants. 🤪
    • @Sandie08 I think when your older you probably would go ahead and buy the house. Younger people woul..
    • Yes quite a few on line, the smell puts them off coming in, well hopefully.🕷
    • @Selsey It smells like WD40 and is greasy like that too
    • @Selsey I only spray indoors if I have seen one but i do all around the front and balcony doors and ..
    • @Boots that must be a powerful aerosol to sleep with, be careful what you breathe in overnight.
    • @CharlotteB Just make sure there is no cellar, or steps in the garden.
    • I've got an air rifle you can borrow. 🕷️🕸️
    • @Boots OK, forget the air rifle, how about a Howitzer?
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  • Anything !
    We heard a lot about the American chicken deal now it is -- copied A UK trade deal with Australia co..
    • @Sandie08 By all means if that is what you wish, but if Tesco etc don't stock it someone will, and i..
    • @RonT don't eat meat! But just read today that Tesco and Morrisons are going to boycott Australian m..
    • @AlanF Pathetic, same old tune.
    • @Sandie08 Change your butcher.
    • @Selsey That's an understatement.
    • I don't like salmon at all but even that is now farmed (and not very well from what I've read).
    • so sad...
    • @TerryS I was just being tongue in cheek to be honest. Of course if you buy beef that's what you sh..
    • Microplastics have found their way into humans as well. https://www.scooploop.com/thread/microplasti..
    • Well even fish today is full of plastic particles. I recall all that horse meat being made into ham..
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  • Anything !
    • @KristaLonsdale Beware Krista, your halo is slipping.
    • I find it intolerant not to accept that animals will wander into your garden. They have no conceptio..
    • @DianaW no I meant the ones who weren't trained to be Indoor pets. I've had an indoor cat when I was..
    • @Dawns I read your "But cats are outdoor creatures really aren't they?" as meaning that you thought ..
    • @DianaW yes I know,some of my friends have indoor cats,others have cats with massive pens outside fo..
    • I sympathise a bit, because far too many other people's cats frequent my garden, terrorising my own ..
    • @KristaLonsdale I am well aware of that but I see no reason why I should be inconvenienced just beca..
    • @RonT Cats are not like dogs. With the best will in the world very few cats can be controlled by the..
    • @DianaW the original message my daughter was sent mentioned them. But yes you are correct they do no..
    • @CharlotteB What's the relevance of Felix pouches? I didn't see any reference to those (to which my..
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  • Anything !
    • hahaha this thread has been like a "who done it mystery" A lot of effort put in. 😄
    • @CharlotteB I'll have to have a look, when I have time.
    • @DerekR most of his YouTube videos are whole shows and he does use a lot of offensive language
    • Well done, @RobRoy for some reason the writing was missing from the OP so I didn't spot it on the Ti..
    • @CharlotteB yes the original was posted by Ennahas https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMdkoteBF/
    • @Sandie08 Robert is right it confirms at the bottom of the video that it is the voice of Brendan Gra..
    • @Sandie08 don't worry about other people, you know who supports you, and we love your funny posts 😉
    • @RobRoy I'm giving up, will kindly leave it to Derek, and wish I'd never mentioned Dave Allen, 😬😄😁
    • @DerekR thanks for that after getting told no way by some others. I also searched for Dave Allen tal..
    • @Sandie08 if you look on the bottom line on tik tok videos it confirms where the original sound come..
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  • Pastime
    Arthur Askey
    • I will close this and start a new one as it's a bit long now
    • As long as it makes you laugh Charlotte, my Orville wasn't human but I loved him, lol "you can fly ..
    • Zog
    • Yogi bear 🐻 (sorry couldn’t think of a human)
    • Xylophone Jones 🤥
    • Williams...Charlie
    • Vic Reeves
    • Ustinov….Peter
    • Terry Scott
    • Simon Bird
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  • I.T. Non-Techie help, information and tips
    If this evening's/tonight's lightning is nearby, if you get your broadband through overhead telephon..
    • @MrSokPupittwhen all the plants have been flattened 😢
    • I'd say it's when the lawn is underwater. I've seen that before now!
    • Good one - Now 24 hours non-stop!
    • @Boots I had so many updated e-warnings from the Met Office this week that I lost track of everythin..
    • It's been raining consistently since mid-afternoon here, though not heavily - at least it's not so h..
    • @DianaW BBC always get it wrong, then the sneaky devils change their on line forecast
    • @Boots I had this warning, which does cover all of Thursday: https://content.govdelivery.com/account..
    • We've had more rain although it was not forecast for today.
    • It sounded as though the storm was overhead somewhere slightly south of us so probably somewhere lik..
    • @DianaW yes i think they were further east, have had some more rain this morning - never noticed it ..
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  • Anything !
    I don't know if you are aware. but Scooploop has branched out into the ice cream business. Taking ad..
    • Another T-shirt slogan. "In scooploop no one can hear you scream"
    • There’s a lot of it around https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMdAVVowR/
    • @Boots but this is where it got really loopy https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMdAAjU6n/
    • @RobRoy Strange - looks like a guitar sounds like a banjo, I like it
    • @Dawns flute loops https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMdS3MFN4/
    • @RobRoy you think they are trying to tell us something?
    • @Dawns no wonder they are trying to change it to Loops but does that make us all loopies?
    • They should go into poopascoop bag business - use scooploop to scoop your poop !
    • @MrSokPupitt what a slogan. You could work for Hallmark cards
    • Another T-shirt slogan. "scooploop my other extended dysfunctional family."
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  • Anything !
    It has just been announced on the BBC news that it will now be mandatory for care home workers to ha..
    • As care Home workers care for the sick and elderly it should be mandatory that they must have the Co..
    • @KristaLonsdale One point that I omitted to cover in my last reply was the question to your referenc..
    • @RonT no he just sorts out my tax although my earnings have declined, l save a little towards holida..
    • @AnnaX If you only have a state pension and no work/company pension then you are not a share holder ..
    • @KristaLonsdale Come on Krista, lets not go round in circles you are back to supply and demand which..
    • @MrSokPupitt That's another thing my grandson did recently, got the remote for Alexa and said "pig y..
    • @AnnaX hahaha I can't. It's their cute little faces
    • @MrSokPupitt Let it go, let it go
    • I still love Peppa Pig!
    • @Sandie08 My granddaughters were completely hooked on both the films but like all things they sudden..
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  • Allotment and Edible Gardening
    Having watched Monty Don remove these from the top of his garlic I did the same today. He suggested ..
    • @maire Hello, nice to see you, I'm okay thanks, how are you? How is your allotment?
    • @Niche realized you've already posted. Welcome back!
    • @Niche hello, nice to hear from you. How are you?
    • @maire Yes, they are edible, here's a link which also contains some recipe ideas. https://www.the..
    • @Tomas don't be scared....we were all novices once, that's how we learn. Home grown garlic is far be..
    • @maire I actually wanted to ask if that's the umbel capsule! But got scared I would make a fool of m..
    • @Tomas thank you for the diagram Tomek. I'd not heard the word ' scape' before either but looking at..
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  • Scooploop Community Support
    ...Racism (A definition from Wikipedia: Racism is the belief that groups of humans possess differen..
    • @AnnaX I don't think it's possible to be racist about your own group (I may be wrong) but I do find ..
    • I don’t disagree with the sentiments of the post but it was a tad too long to do more than skim over..
    • I didn't know it was even possible to make a post that long, Derek! I've read through it, but only q..
    • Your post is long Derek but well argued and worth reading to the end. I think it's good if we all re..
    • @DerekR In putting up a post of that length, you are defeating your object. I am not going to have t..
    • Racism is a subject which needs to be discussed as it is apparent that people either excuse it, igno..
    • wow that is some post ! I have been the target of racism all of my life on and off, starting from p..
    • @DerekR Sorry but whilst I can see what your getting at, your post is too damn long - I gave up read..
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  • Anything !
    Well the news are reporting what they think will happen, I am looking forward to Boris statement for..
    • Yes, she's been brilliant - At least that's certainly well earned.
    • The person who accepted the unpaid role of leading the UK Vaccines Taskforce and ordered millions of..
    • It's really, really hard for so many businesses - but I think extending the restrictions on balance ..
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  • Anything !
    Not seen much in the news about this today. Thoughts are with the families who lost xx
    • @maire I will accept your apology..... Not uncorroborated. https://metro.co.uk/2017/10/11/illegal-..
    • Grenfell Tower: illegal subletters will not be prosecuted https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2017/j..
    • 4 years on when we remember the victims of this tragedy I can't believe there are comments suggestin..
    • @Lesley4 No based on common sense, there is always something more that can be done if you try hard e..
    • @Tomas it's mad that it's so long isn't it! Was reading that a lot of neighbours were rehoused becau..
    • They didn't want to get involved, for fear of getting deported. What I wanna know is how they got in..
    • @MrSokPupitt So what are you saying exactly?
    • @RonT Opinion then, not based on the reality of the situation and the legal position. And no need fo..
    • @Lesley4 We could go on for ever like this but whether you agree or disagree IT IS MY OPINION that t..
    • Many of them were illegals apparently.
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  • Anything !
    It has just been announced. To all you EastEnders fans, BBC will be moving it to iPlayer to make way..
    • The hour long discussion about Phil Fodens Gazza inspired haircut was only because it was an England..
    • @JaneD2 I have seen the 1957 original with Glenn Ford. Love a western. "PhantomThread" 2017 with D..
    • Pleasant surprise an unscheduled film was put on last night which I've never see 3:10 to Yuma. Starr..
    • @UncleAlbert I've already admitted to watching that on another thread. 😄
    • @UncleAlbert couldn't think of "anything" worse... get it. On Anything.
    • No - just waiting for Mr. Socks to say how England is getting on.
    • No it isn't Mr Sok
    • @ShirleyM it's not called Emmerdale farm anymore is it?
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  • Anything !
    My council has just announced that from Wednesday they will be doing surge testing in my postcode as..
    • @AnnaX I meant going out. Not when having your hair done 😳
    • @CharlotteB Unfortunately wearing a visor while having a haircut and blow dry doesn’t work.
    • @AnnaX have you tried a visor? My daughter tends to stay at home if her urticaria is affecting her f..
    • @AnnaX I have definitely found more redness and irritation just after wearing one for short time. Re..
    • @Vera2 Yes, they have to make the rules strict enough so that all the idiots can't spread it too rea..
    • I haven’t worn a mask for a while because l can’t go out but wore one yesterday when my hairdresser ..
    • @Lesley4 all my family have been vaccinated. Most have had both and the 17 to 30's have had first Pf..
    • I agree that they shouldn’t have given a date of June 21st as “freedom day”
    • @Lesley4 Thank you.
    • @Ange Sorry to hear about your nephew's baby - so sad.
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  • Anything !
    EURO 2O2O Starts today. I would just like to be the first to say on Scoop or is it Loop now.... Come..
    • Clive has suggested and also because members are having trouble with the size of this thread. I shal..
    • But is this going to threaten our win? On TV they showed it and said the goalie seemed to be oblivio..
    • @Selsey Same here it drives me bonkers!
    • Using a Laser like that is illegal and dangerous, the spectators should police themselves and stop a..
    • They are called test events. All ticket holders will need to follow a number of strict entry require..
    • I still don't get how so many people were allowed to sit close together, scream and shout their germ..
    • What do you think about this laser thing on Danish goalie. UEFA investigating. And can’t Gareth ask..
    • @Selsey that's weird mine goes to the last comment which in this case was yours.
    • @MrSokPupitt more like the Odd Couple. As this post has reverted to starting at the top again and h..
    • 23.86m TV viewers watch the match last night!
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  • I.T. Non-Techie help, information and tips
    Please can someone explain to me in very easy terms how to do a screenshot, I have been told differe..
    • Think we better leave it now, i can do it using Firefox and my recent problem over it was sorted by ..
    • No luck ladies?
    • Never mind, just get John to do it for you 🤩 I will help if he is unavailable
    • Sorry @Boots I'm not trying to be bossy or awkward 🤔 just saying, have you tried to paste using Micr..
    • But I have already said Ctrl and PrtSc. doesn't work - nothing happens
    • You don't copy anything. 1. Hold down the Ctrl key and press PrtSc. 2. Open paint 3. Press paste You..
    • I can't paste it anywhere if I can't copy it
    • I don't use Firefox. You can't paste onto a browser. You need to paste into Microsoft Paint. I know ..
    • The problem I wanted to copy is sorted now because JohnH kindly did it for me but it would be nice t..
    • Chrome
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  • Anything !
    • @RonT Yes...on a really good day when I haven't eaten carbs. 😄
    • @MrSokPupitt Or perhaps 002😉😉😉
    • My name is Bond Janet Bond 007. But when I'm not bloated 006. 💥
    • @Sandie08 All the villains' lovelies will just have to be lesbian. Simples!
    • Political correctness gone mad. With anything like this with any movement, it always ends up going t..
    • And I wouldn't mind but she was so tall... like Anna Hathaway playing petite Jane Austen, or Emily B..
    • Black Anne Boleyn....about the silliest thing I've ever heard
    • Well we've had a black Anne Boleyn on telly so it seems anyone can change history to suit themselves..
    • There is a programme about statue removal on BBC2 9 p.m. Thursday. About the first black African may..
    • @Ange ☹️
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  • Anything !
    I wasn’t aware that someone had given birth to nine children in May but now it is claimed ten childr..
    • @AnnaX flipping heck... although guessing very small so easier to come out,😳
    • @Boots thanks for clarifying it appears the bug is selective.
    • @CharlotteB can't see any other message on here from you.
    • Guinness book of records:- The greatest officially recorded number of children born to one mother is..
    • @MrSokPupitt what message? I can’t see it at all 😳
    • The Mirror-take that with a pinch of salt people!!🤣🤣
    • I'm not getting any repeats but comments missing because the others don't make sense.
    • @CharlotteB your message has repeated 5 times and @UncleAlbert Twice. Our comments are breeding like..
    • @MrSokPupitt it surprises me that you are holding back 😂
    • @MrSokPupitt it surprises me that you are holding back 😂
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  • Anything !
    Have you seen this? https://bit.ly/33vKrY7 The pandemic isn’t over but the government has already l..
    • Thanks Lesley & Jane Queens hospital - nice Irish young lady doctor did it.
    • @Boots Glad it all went well. What hospital did you go to?
    • @Lesley4 yes we were very surprised how fast everything happened
    • @Dawns Sorry to hear about your step dad. Good to know they're able to operate quickly again now.
    • @Boots Glad it went well and fingers crossed for the biopsy results. Waiting is horrible.
    • @Boots thank you, was a worrying time x
    • @Dawns I wish him all the best and quick recovery.
    • @Boots I’m glad it’s all done. My step dad had some tests 5weeks ago and they found he had bowel can..
    • Thank you all - soon be back to normal. [ got to wait for biopsy results now]
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  • Anything !
    I just signed the petition "Allow all people to work flexibly if they want to" and wanted to ask if ..
    • I'm fed up having to read all this rubbish........It's a nice day out there why not go out and do so..
    • @Diana3 As one who "claims" to be intelligent and literate. you don't read very well. If you care t..
    • @Lonicera anyway back to your OP. Signed and shared. Thank you
    • @Kay1 Uncle Albert's rude reply to me demonstrates that he had failed to realize that my question wa..
    • @maire why do you still keep coming back to it then!? You just can't keep away. 😴
    • @JaneD2 'fraid so 😴
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  • Anything !
    Always found Peter Ustinov amusing and saw David Niven in an audience of a chat show. Have met the o..
    • @MichaelB1 👍
    • @MrSokPupitt thanks Mr Sok
    • Too painful to mention loved ones so would choose to sit with Elvis and to thank him for all his lov..
    • @MichaelB1 You have good taste...😉😁
    • Deanna Troi
    • I've always talked to myself so it'd be nice to see myself as I was when young and would have a nice..
    • @RobRoy that's good advice 😂
    • @MrSokPupitt I think you have missed Joss’s point . If I could go and speak to my younger self I’d s..
    • @Joss what would you do if he said... "In your life, if a beautiful blonde sexy rich lady with a pri..
    • Sorry - didn't make it clear. I would NOT know the future. Just should be more prepared for whatever..
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  • Anything !
    I have only just switched my heating off owing to the low temperatures in May. The beginning of the ..
    • Thanks Robert, I did that.
    • @ShirleyM it isn’t something I had thought about either perhaps you should put it on your group!
    • I never knew they had a sell by date and ours was about 3 years old, lol
    • @ShirleyM better tell my son he bought loads and put them out in his shed
    • We found a 'throw away' barbie' last week-end Robert so went off to buy burgers, chicken drumsticks ..
    • I think we are lucky our lawns seem to dry out very quickly and I don’t have a top of the range lawn..
    • It is a pain when it's long and wet. Found I was cutting it about every 5 days just to make it easie..
    • I have had a go at my grass 3 times and still there is a huge patch of very long & wet grass to do, ..
    • Just in after cutting the grass (can't call it a lawn) with new mower, grass could have been drier b..
    • It’s nice to see a thread where it’s just a few people chatting about the weather. May seem boring t..
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  • Anything !
    I’ve been reading this morning about people who are having to fly home early after Portugal was take..
    • @RonT I rather agree with you, thank you everyone for this great discussion
    • To return to the OP "Should all foreign holidays be banned?" and going over all the comments I have ..
    • @MrSokPupitt Most dust is made up of skin cells so never dust, it might be someone you knew.
    • @Boots hahaha. You might know this but Quentin Crisp once said that he never dusted because after th..
    • @MrSokPupitt What's ironing ?
    • @RobRoy yes but even if you postpone unfortunately you're going to need to unpack your suitcases iro..
    • @MrSokPupitt I don’t necessarily think everyone will have to cancel and many will just be able to po..
    • @MrSokPupitt I did ask you to play nice!
    • I just feel sorry for all that have to cancel their Portugal holidays, unpack their suitcases re iro..
    • I suppose you have got to be bold or desperate. It's all such a mess.
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  • Anything !
    So far, in the last 24 hours I have had 6 calls from telephone numbers using the first 7 digits of m..
    • @JaneD2 I'm like you have no idea what to do, as hubby does it. He has shown me time and time again,..
    • @JaneD2 Numbers using branches were dropping before Covid.But it`s chicken and egg. The more they cl..
    • I think I will have to bank on line from now on. My husband does it all and I haven't a clue what he..
    • Haven't been in a branch for years, do it all online.
    • Thank you both. I do bank online but it's worth knowing.
    • @Selsey it's optional, you can either do things automated like check what your balance is etc but fo..
    • @Selsey you speak to someone if want to transfer some money into a different account, unless you've ..
    • @MrSokPupitt I have paid some bills via it, but still like things on paper, as my daughter calls me ..
    • @MrSokPupitt - do you speak to anyone or is it all about pressing numbers?
    • @Sandie08 I find telephone banking good. If you don't like internet banking
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  • Anything !
    I've been to 14
    • @MrSokPupitt you’ll have to change your name.
    • @UncleAlbert and the rest. 😀
    • @CharlotteB you're not doing too bad either 👌
    • @MrSokPupitt don’t get jealous you have built up quite a collection 😁
    • @UncleAlbert No way... I demand a recount 😂
    • @UncleAlbert of course or even a medal 🏅 🎖 🥇
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  • Barnsbury
    Do you want your medical records shared not only with your medical advisers but others, as from 1st ..
    • NHS Digital finally sent me a printed opt-out form - months after my GPs had provided them. Their l..
    • For anyone who doesn't have a printer handy, this excellent campaign has published very clear advice..
    • Our local residents' association has just featured this in their newsletter, spelling out that one h..
    • @DianaW thank you for sharing this! 🙏
    • @DianaW I’ve just returned from my doctor’s surgery to hand in our “opt out” decision forms. I have ..
    • No, there isn't. Tiresomely, the official announcement in April was probably drowned out by other, m..
    • @DianaW thanks for that, not much time left to be fair.
    • @DianaW I heard about this some time back, and @Claire and I are in the process of opting out of thi..
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  • Anything !
    Well I voted for Norway. My wife voted for Sweden. How about you?
    • @Vera2 that’s a cracker 😂
    • Winner cleared of drug taking: www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-57234821.amp
    • Apparently it was all Amanda Holdens fault because of her foreign language joke.
    • @MrSokPupitt They did indeed!
    • @DerekR oh gosh , are you writing for Christmas crackers now my lovely lol
    • If you serve up fish and chips in newspaper you will probably be investigated by the Frying Squad, o..
    • @Dawns the ink from the paper certainly gave it a distinct flavour. 😄
    • @Dawns as long as we know where's it's been.originally🙄
    • i miss fish and chips in newspaper lol
    • Oops sorry, forgot, newspaper around fish n chips no longer allowed.😁
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  • Pastime
    Below are nine letters - from those make as many words as you can of four letters or more:- "C" MUS..
    • @Lonicera the group ‘Guess the sketch and other things’ run by James@SuperFunGuy
    • @CharlotteB Who is James group please? Thanks
    • I was hoping to find a few more interested people and then revert to Pastimes group. Anyway, there's..
    • I do prefer the games on here and in James’s group rather than on general groups.
    • @Joss Other groups started their own games on similar lines. A few people suggested incl. me to post..
    • @Joss say it’s friendly 😂
    • There is a Black & Decker tool called a refacer...And recraft? Waiting for my resident wordsmith to ..
    • @Lonicera there is no c in tartare as in your earlier Tarre!
    • Acta -- Acts. Specifically Proceedings in a legal or an ecclesiastical court, or minutes of such pro..
    • @CharlotteB I had farcer but could not find a definition, so you may be o.k.
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  • Anything !
    What a waste of time that turned out to be. For three days they pumped us with clues that showed vir..
    • Recommend French series "Torn" on ch 4, My 4. I had to watch the whole series in one go, up till 3am..
    • @DerekR Generally stronger storylines as well although some are dragged out too long.
    • @Selsey I like the foreign programmes also. I always think they are better productions than a lot of..
    • Finally finished Innocent, I've seen worse, problem is I much prefer the foreign series with the sub..
    • I enjoyed The Innocent. Yes there were bits of it which in real life wouldn't be allowed but so what..
    • I would recommend "The serpent" Based on a true story, for anyone who hasn't watched it.
    • As with most series a bit too long. Not much tension build up and the writer seems to have tried to ..
    • A bit slow so far, rest will have to wait until tomorrow.
    • @Vivw I just felt it was a writer's cop out having us watch for 3.5 hours what we thought were clues..
    • I enjoyed it , better than some other programs.
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  • Anything !
    This is what greeted me when I went to the park today...What is wrong with these people? They expect..
    • @TerryS Unbelievable. What an amazing bit of coincidental luck!
    • I used to work for a car fleet management company. One driver's car was photographed by various spee..
    • My wife had her identity stolen it was an absolute nightmare. Apart from them trying to open bank ac..
    • Number plates are also duplicated to clone vehicles and avoid fines for traffic offences.
    • @RobRoy No civic pride and no respect for others or their environment. Just their own needs. 😡
    • The most common use of stolen number plates is fuel theft. These people have no morals.
    • @MrSokPupitt it is sad they cannot use their creative minds to do good in the world.
    • @CharlotteB unfortunately these minded individuals know all the tricks. 😡
    • Number plates are stolen regularly and it is just as likely these could be used for these activities..
    • @TerryS Yes hopefully. certainly something has to be done. 👍
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  • Anything !
    There was an interesting article about Trustpilot on the three witches programme "Rip Off Britain" t..
    • @TerryS good point, can they take pension with them?
    • Hundreds of British Gas engineers left furious after losing jobs under ‘fire and rehire’ scheme http..
    • @TerryS very close
    • @Selsey If it's a case of accept or leave, isn't that the same thing?
    • @TerryS - not sure they dismissed them - I thought they weren't happy with the new terms and left.
    • very interesting as I always use TrustPilot or Trip Advisor before using a service / visiting a new ..
    • There has been a campaign to boycott British Gas since they dismissed employees and re-hired them on..
    • @Selsey how often have you ever had a problem on Christmas Day? Unfortunately a vulnerable friend of..
    • @RobRoy I have actually gone with BGas this year - purely as I felt I couldn't call him out on Chris..
    • Our heating engineer works solely for himself, gas safe and a little bit more than you pay @Selsey f..
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  • Anything !
    "Royal pain in the a**": Backlash intensifies after Prince Harry calls US First Amendment 'bonkers' ..
    • Yes this thread is too large now, so I will close it and if anyone wants to they will have to start ..
    • If he has been in therapy how come he couldn't get it for his wife? Or what about her mother helping..
    • I don't know about anyone else, but I think this thread has gone on long enough. Not everyone is fas..
    • @RobRoy - of course we are - we need to know where he's rubbishing his past life and country next. W..
    • @Vera2 it’s a series
    • It's the hypocrisy I don't like, "we want privacy" due to the media attention his mother and wife re..
    • @RobRoy GPWM
    • @RobRoy You can't help who you fall in love with. Maybe she was just so different from everything he..
    • @Ange and if he hadn’t married an actress who loves the limelight maybe he would still be one of the..
    • @RobRoy Yes he is getting what he/she wanted, to be in the public eye all the time.
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  • Anything !
    • @Boots Take it as a compliment. It shows he had good taste😃
    • I know, all those other people in the waiting room and it picked on me.
    • @Boots I spat my coffee out when I read about the spider. Couldnt stop laughing. It could only happe..
    • @Boots Only kidding😃
    • @Boots All's well that ends well.🥰
    • @WillGunter Stop it
    • @Boots Mmm.... yeah, but did you get the other 4. There's always 5 of those spiders together in thei..
    • @CharlotteB bang goes my chances in the lottery then
    • @Boots hope it wasn’t a money spider then.
    • @RayPro it's not wearing anything now, it's squished
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  • Anything !
    ... without knowing you're missing it? I've just had a McVitie's Ginger Nut (well a few actually). ..
    • Boiled eggs with raw onion and cheese in a roll for me pls
    • No wonder eggs went out of fashion!