• Chris N @ChrisN Havering - updated 5mo
    A mixed ability yoga class connecting mind, body & soul. Covering breathwork, meditation and poses. All genders and beginners very welcome. A friendly, sociable atmosphere. Venue. All Saints Church Hall, Ardleigh Green, RM11 2LU Car park available. Every Tuesday evening 7-8pm and 8.15 - 9.15pm First class is complementary.....try before you buy. Call Julie for a chat, or text - 07729-392659
  • Chris N @ChrisN Havering - updated 3mo
    Does anyone out there know anything about Lava Lamps. I've got an old one but notice the fluid inside it has evaporated quite a bit. Does anyone know the recipe for it so I can top it up. It's in good working order but only half full now. I don't think it's plain water and I don't want to spoil it by putting the wrong stuff into it. Help!!!

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