• Scooploop

    • What makes ScoopLoop different to other local social networks?

      ScoopLoop is a friendly and safe place to communicate with the people who live nearby you. It’s a great way to discover everything happening nearby, all in one place, without compromising your privacy.

      We strive to help you build bonds with your neighbours, find advice on which local businesses and tradesmen are worth spending your money on, lend a hand with local projects and have genuine conversations about local matters.

      So if you’re frustrated with trying to find the correct Facebook page to ask about local planning, or trawling through Google to find the information you need, then ScoopLoop may be the right website for you.

      We connect you to other local people so you have a simple, fast and friendly way to find and share the information you care about.

    General FAQs

    • How do I register?

      To register with ScoopLoop, click the ‘Sign Up’ button on the homepage and provide the required details, or simply click the ‘Sign Up with Facebook’ button and we’ll import all we need from there.

    • Why does ScoopLoop need my postcode?

      We ask you for your postcode when you sign up so we can allocate you a location and connect you to the other users in your local area accurately.

    • How does the search work?

      Our search engine takes into account a number of different factors. We show a variety of results from our business directory and any posts written by your neighbours that match the search term you enter.

    • Who can see what I post on ScoopLoop?

      Your neighbours will always see your posts and reviews in their activity feed. Anyone who uses ScoopLoop can see the reviews you write if they visit the business profiles you have reviewed.

    • How do I find my friends?

      If you’ve signed up with Facebook, you will receive a notification and any of your friends who are already on ScoopLoop will automatically be added to your friends list. You can also find friends by using the search bar at the top of your ‘Friends’ page. You can search for friends using their name.

    • How do I unfriend someone or cancel a friend invite?

      To unfriend someone, visit your ‘Friends’ page and find their profile. Click on the name of the friend you would like to delete. Click on the 3 horizontal dots underneath their profile picture and click ‘Remove from friends’.

    • How do I edit my profile?

      You can edit your profile details on your profile or on the ‘Settings’ page, accessible from the dropdown menu at the top right-hand corner of the page (where your profile picture is).

    • How do I edit something I’ve written?

      To edit anything you have written, click on the 3 horizontal dots on the right of any of your posts, comments or reviews, select edit, correct the content and press ‘Submit’.

    • Can I contact other users privately?

      Yes. Our instant messenger allows you to get in touch with other users on ScoopLoop instantly and privately. No one else can access private messages between two users. We recommend sharing private details such as your contact details or home address over private message, rather than publicly on the Local Activity feed.

    • What does Mute mean?

      When you mute another person, you will never see anything they post again. The person you mute will still be able to see everything you post.ontact details or home address over private message, rather than publicly on the Local Activity feed.

    • How do I mute or un-mute another person on ScoopLoop?

      To mute a person, head to their profile page and click the 3 horizontal lines underneath their profile picture and click ‘Mute User’. The button to un-mute a person is in the same place, on their profile.