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  • As requested by you.. just for fun; A poll to determine the average age of our users here on Scooplo

    As requested by you.. just for fun; A poll to determine the average age of our users here on Scooploop.

    You need to log in to be able to vote and see the results.
    • Perhaps it would be interesting to actually run this Poll in a Group that has a few more members and..

    • @Cl... I dunno - 6 votes in under an hour must be a record!

    • @Cl... of course! You are welcome to set the same poll in your group .

    • We have more time .

    • Of course, Clive, but that would only be helpful to garner results from people who are not blocked f..

    • @Ev... - frightening how many old uns on here, isn't it! (I don't think I want to look any more)...

    • @Bl... and we were doing so well. This unblocking isn't going to last long at this rate.

    • @Bl... I am scared to ask but... what category do I fit into in Clive's group? 🤔🤔 lol

    • @Mr... That bothers me not.

    • I don't think SL are going to be very happy with the results. As they're trying to JaZz up the site ..

    • I think it’s great that we can use this media to keep in touch. Twenty years ago, how many of us tho..

    • @Bl... and there lies the problem. I think it's best if you block me again please.

    • @Da... You have nothing to worry about at all, Dawns, neither do most members. It is just certain po..

    • @Se... as Evelyn has said. If we were working or had young children we won't have the time.

      It's a..

    • @Mr... I will if I feel like it. Of course, you could always block me.

    • @Bl... That bothers us not.

    • With only 3 days left, this poll is useless with a mere 17 votes.

      Polls like this should be for the ..

    • @Mr... 'Us' ??

    • Are you suggesting this poll be put in every group and local on the entire SL. forum?

    • @Mr... But then it would be nice to see youngsters points of view and perhaps understand their..

    • @Bl... yes us, members of anything, I can understand you feeling disgruntled for being excluded.

    • This comment has been hidden by a moderator.

      5 months ago
    • @Bo... agree.... it's just that maybe SL didn't realise the majority age group.

    • @Mr...

      YES of course ! What is the point of having a poll of only 71 members out of well over..

    • @Bl... I think there are other reasons why you're shut out of anything.

    • @Bl... yes of course ........ all 280 of them ! rather than the couple of known members that have ..

    • Doesn't seem to matter what Scooploop admin do there will always be moaners - give them a break ffs.

    • @Ry... - but it provides a useful snapshot, and they could get a reasonably good feel for the age pr..

    • @Cl... Do all 280 of them actually engage? Do you not think that some members are trying to make yo..

    • @Ry... it's a just light-hearted poll, doubt you'll see the results in The Guardian.

    • @Pe...

      Rubbish - it provides nothing and you of all people should know that.

    • @Bl... my policy on blocking is widely known I will not hide away behind a block, my motto is "sta..

    • @Ry... - well it certainly provides another opportunity to argue! 😂🤣

    • @Mr... What are the reasons you think - I'm all agog! The only thing I'm 'guilty' of in that g..

    • @Pe...

      I see no reason for argument - have a nice day.

    • @Bl... well it seems you're better off out of anything then as you won't be happy. There's plenty ..

    • Why does such a simple action like ticking a box - or not - have to become such a minefield. Accept ..

    • @Se...

      Statistics is a science - not a game.

    • @Ry... wonder why the title reads ‘just for fun’

    • @Ch...

      Titles are just titles - threads get side tracked.

    • who runs Oasis now?

    • Any possibility we could go for an hour without seeing the word

      B L O C K in a post?

    • @Se...

      Probably not Selsey - part of Forum life.

    • @Ry... not for all of us and I would be interested in knowing what percentage of members ever block ..

    • @Mr... Oasis is not my Group. I don't have a Group.

    • @Bl... yes I know that I mean a group you are a member of.

    • @Mr... Which was not a private group when I initially joined. When I joined (when it was named..

    • @Ro... Oh blimey, another poll

    • @Bl... It was before my time. I've only ever know it as a private group or loop as we have to refe..

    • @Mr... I don't believe it was before your time. In fact, even when it was an Open Group (as I ..

    • @Ro... you mean the GREAT system I got a badge for?😁

    • Dunno, @Se... , until you mentioned it I hadn't seen it on this post!

    • @Bl... is that why you're buddy CatherineS (whatever happened to her?) and Brian (whatever happene..

    • @Ve... it was said tongue in cheek as I am, of course, an old un.

    • @Pe... - believe me, it's there!

    • This comment was deleted by its author.

      5 months ago
      Replies (4)
    • Isn't that what these forums are all about, for debate and discussion. With all the different opinio..

    • Considering there appear to be a large number of older people in this group, this thread seems to pr..

    • @Mr... agree but it's just the same old discussion going around and around going nowhere.

    • All this poll will show is how old the users of THIS group are

    • You're right there is a difference between a lively heated discussion and boring repetition.

      I think..

    • @Da... And Clive's poll (replicated in his Group) will show how old the users of HIS group are.


    • @Mr... Hurrah - great idea. Then you really will have to put a Sok in it 🤣

    • @Bl... totally agree with that. It's like having a poll on an older clients exercise class to find..

    • As I mostly use "anything" it would be interesting to know this particular groups average age and as..

    • I don't see what it matters, a 15 year old can be very mature,clever and interesting and an 80 year ..

    • @Mr... My guess would be - around 65-70 as an average. You don't really need a poll for it.


    • @Sc... Would it not be possible to have a poll that is closed to replies, just voting.

    • @Bl... 99-104 give or take. 😄

    • @Pe... totally off topic, did your wisteria survive? Must add -due to age - if I remember correctly..

    • No seriously I think everybody that contributes regularly is retired and I know that some members ar..

    • @Mr... Hmmm - interesting. You're older than I thought. Although Ron might account for some of..

    • At the moment looks like a (sagging) neck to neck finish.

    • @Bl... hahaha inspector clouseau.

      That doesn't mean I was including myself in those numbers.

    • @Mr... 99 - 104. Always knew I was surrounded by kids!

    • What a load of utter tosh is being posted about age.

      Some of our greatest scientists, mathematician..

    • I would add that experience is a direct function of age - you cannot learn that in college.

    • @Ry... old habits too 🤣

    • @Se... - no, sadly not. Never got anywhere. But the rose that was rescued at the same time is still..

    • @Pe... sorry, my fault, was just interested to know. Good luck with the 🌹.

    • @Se... Haha... "In the Guardian"!

      This kind of earth shattering news would make the Guardian's fro..

    • @Bl... "atrocious behaviourists" On reflection do you not think your description is more than a li..

    • @Ry... However some people fail to learn from experience, or only have limited experiences whilst so..

    • Blimmy, you just got me thinking there, Evelyn. My very first PC was the "Commodore PET" in 1977. 44..

    • @An... What makes you think we don't already do all that. It's not cheap being old love.😉

    • @Un... TENA shares are a good investment 😂

    • @Un... You must of been quite wealthy back then to have one of those! Mine was the kit version..

    • @Un... I remember when my brother's company gave him the first mobile phone. It was a suitcase..

    • @Ra... I honestly don't know how much the company paid for it new. They weren't exactly cheap. I wa..

    • @Mr... Not forgetting you had to be Geoff Capes to hold it, and a £1 a minute to use the blood..

    • @An... No more investments for me😉 All my spare money is tied up in Euthereum Crypto Currency and whe..

    • @Un... Upon reflection - nope.

      No, I don't think my description is even the slightest little ..

    • @Bl... Don't worry your pretty little head about it young lady. Now go to the kitchen and bake a c..

    • @Mr... Tw*t

    • @Mr... Bob. I am unable to communicate with you and others on Anything any more, as Clive has ..

    • @Mr... I've just thought, Clive may be Ryan!

    • @Mr... no, Ryan is somebody else entirely!

    • @De... Thanks Derek. Then it was indeed sad and senseless, bearing in mind what has been said about..

    • @Mr... I just tried reacting to you but it's not working. I have reported it.

    • @Mr... I wonder how Clive thinks it is your fault that you can see Ryan's posts? I was able t..

    • @De... Upvote arrows also not working.

      Yet another bug?

      Edit: - Oh! Now they are again. Gremlins ..

    • @Bl... oooerr! My up votes did work just then.

      I've reported seeing someone I would rather not s..

    • @Bl... When I did an upvote on a comment that had 1 it jumped to 3.

      Apparently you can't undo the..

    • @Mr... Surely Clive has the right to choose who he has, and doesn't have in his own group. Is..

    • @Bl... Strange behaviour by @Cl..., all the nasty things you have mentioned get ignored, and @Ry.....

    • @Un... Of course he does, but it should be based on a good reason, such as the many that have ..

    • @Mr... All I know - whenever I've stepped out of line, he has issued me with a take it or lea..

    • @Mr... his group his rules I guess.

    • @Un... Very interesting, but nothing to do with what happened. The only thing out of line was ..

    • Apologies. My misunderstanding then. I thought your beef was with Clive for booting you out of his g..

    • @Mr... This is not an isolated incident by you Catherine, you don't seem to have any other in..

    • @Un...

      Clive is one of the most tolerant Mods I have ever come across in all the Forums I hav..

    • @Ry... Totally agree with you, Ryan👍

    • @Mr... are you sure shss Catherine? I never thought of Catherine as having a sense of humour!

    • @Da... Catherine had a great sense of humour. I had always thought MrsSok really was a member of the..

    • @Mr... Bob. Look back at all my comments to you from day one, then have a look at all the comm..

    • @Bl... she must have grown it since kahuti then!

    • @Bl... no I don't believe she is a member of the sok family

    • @Da... Ha! Ha! Ha!

      I can see the funny side of that. Judging by your comment, he who complained tha..

    • @De... fraid so.ever decreasing ones

    • @Bl... no, @Mr... isn't anything to do with the twins, I believe that she is a friend of Sc..

    • @De... No, I realise that now - which is why I just apologised to her.

    • @De... who is the other twin?🤔

    • @Da... his bosom buddy.

    • @Da... MrSok and Uncle Albert. They operate in tandem

    • @Bl... oh I see, I blocked that one

    • I have had over 50 posts in 2 days. I’m seriously considering leaving Scooploop. I deeply resent som..

    • @Ev... please don't think of leaving, you have made some valued contributions and I for one would..

    • @Ev... Most of us are in the older age bracket, Evelyn, despite our protestations for the poll!


    • @Ev... No don't go, don't take any notice of the silly comments, most of them are meant in a jest..

    • @Bl... @Mr... Catherine you can twist and turn as much as you like we all know what's going on here...

    • @Ev... I don't know you, of course, please reconsider, a lot of us are vintage and most comments ..

    • @Mr... Well seeing as our Blodwin thinks us two are apparently operating in tandem. I'll secon..

    • @Un... definitely you can get up hill much easier with two on a tandem.

    • I wonder what my blocker is saying? they remind me of the person at school that everybody hated beca..

    • @Mr... I'm sure your friend is telling you lol

    • Too much of a wuss to say it face-to-face. His nickname was the creeper.

    • @Mr... Yep, I remember the type. They use to stand in the corner of the classroom with a big "..

    • @De... sounds cosy !

    • @Un... hahaha

      what did the D stand for the first initial of their name. 😀

    • @Mr... In our Boys only school it stood for the first name initial. Names like, Darren, Derek,..

    • @Un... hahaha brilliant.

    • The poll is quite spread out looking at it

    • @Da... -- Hmm, maybe, but over 60% over 65 is, I think, worth noting.

    • @Pe... Retired people have more time to spare than workers that are pressed for time at home.

    • @Pe... I honestly think it just shows the age of this group. If you did a different group the resul..

    • @Da... I was expecting the 56 to 65 age groups to be higher. These would be people not retired, whos..

    • @Ve... we tend to forget that scoop is a whole website with groups and people we don't know lol

    • @Da... totally agree. Many different interests and hobbies. Many of us have never met one another fa..

    • @Ve... 5 or 6 that you have met face to face?

    • @Da... don't sound so surprised, we had meet up's when Kahuti first started. I believe many met on a..

    • @Ve... I wasn't surprised I was just clarifying. I remember the kahuti meet ups

    • @Ve... Interesting. So if Covid hadn't of struck when it did Kahuti would still be going then?

    • @Un... No, Kahuti ended before Covid struck. I think Vera means that regular meet-ups with peo..

    • @Bl... Very emotional time for all concerned then. Pity it all finished when it did. Especially wh..

    • @Un... - no, I don't think it was a particularly emotional time for all concerned. It was a pa..

    • @Bl... I make light of it because I think it's utterly ridiculous how some people take Internet ch..

    • @Un... You haven't burst my bubble in any way, shape or form. You are a feckwhit, pure and sim..

    • Thank God you and Mrs Catherine

      have been banned from anything, your bitter angry sanctimonious pers..

    • @Mr... Did you mean to say 'banned'?

      Bless your little heart - dictionary on your Christmas l..

    • @Bl... that was one of your Svengali Catherine's tactic to try and belittle people it doesn't work..

    • @Mr... And am I posting in Anything? No, I am not, so your comment is irrelevant in this threa..

    • @Mr... Our Blodwin is becoming very rude and insulting. Just called me a "feckwhit". Which we ..

    • @Un... half-time 1-0....yes she's always been like it since the days of her puppet master Cath..

    • @Un... If you are intending to refer to me, then please have the courtesy of spelling my name ..

    • @Mr... Ah yes, the insulting 'Coven' comments. I do wonder why they are permitted, in any grou..

    • I know you like interacting with me but make the most of it as this thread will be the last time. Th..

    • @Mr... The bully of the site. You have been reported . . . again.I hope that this time, SL wil..

    • Why have you blocked me we were doing so well.

    • @Bl... Dear, dear Blodwin. You're now accusing MrSok of being "the bully of the site" when all he'..

    • Why is there so much bickering and insulting?

    • @Bl... and your comment here is spot on tbh

    • @Un... The supposed truth being . . . . . ?

      That I am a member of a coven?

      That is not true ..

    • Is this Catherine from Beckenham that all the talk is about?

    • @Se... Who knows?

    • This comment was deleted by its author.

      5 months ago
    • @Mr...

      I searched the forum for Catherine S and she is not now registered. But we all know sh..

    • @Se... I don't know. But everyone seems to accuse everyone of being in a 'gang' or being someone el..

    • @Se... CatherineS the former admin of allboard. and her side kicks who made my time on SL unbearabl..

    • @Bl... Apologies for my poor spelling of your name. Apart from me being a "feckwhit" (your word) I..

    • Bye bye everyone...

    • I liked Catherine, she appeared firm but fair to me so you knew where you stood. She always gave her..

    • I'm surprised anyone comments on here at all these days

    • @Mr...

      Catherine S was Brian Millers mol and a prime member of his destructive, abusive, vile..

    • @Ry... absolutely you're not the only one who has said this. When CatherineS couldn't bend me to her..

    • @Da... there are some lovely groups where people play nicely.

    • @An... Unfortunately, she was bullied off, by our usual suspects.

    • @Ro... really? And where are they

    • @Mr... and where is the proof? You went crazy when people said you were Harry French or an ali..

    • @Mr...

      I have just been told that Catherine S was removed from SL by the judges, hence her re..

    • @Da... look through the list of groups. As for the lady that was bullied off!! Strange as she ran he..

    • @Ro... I'm afraid I'm fadt losing the appetite to read anything on here rob

    • @Ry... I've been told that too

    • @Ry... When Catherine was moderating the Oasis group, she knew she wanted to leave so organised some..

    • @Da...

      I am the proof ! Mrs.Sok has said things to me that ONLY Catherine S could have possibly kno..

    • this is like at school when the teacher leaves the room and the kids play up. I guess scoop are away..

    • @Ro... you're lucky she only removed you.

      she put it in her head I was an alias of someone or othe..

    • Catherine was not removed - she resigned, for reasons known to herself (mainly bullying from MrSok, ..

    • @Ry... with respect I've heard that before.catherine could have told anyone those facts and they cou..

    • @Ro... Yes i am sure she was on here a few days or maybe a week ago

    • @Ry... and my comment is no disrespect to yourself.You are one of the few I enjoy reading on here x

    • @Bl... How odd I could have sworn CatherineS wasn’t in that group for most of the time MrSok had b..

    • @Da... I have said that all along and have suggested they close it at weekends!

    • @Ro... No, she wasn't But because MrSok had been denied membership from what was then All Aboard, h..

    • @Ro... can you imagine it on Friday evenings...lights out!!

    • @Bl... oh really! And CatherineS who was known for being blunt, outspoken and sometimes quite insu..

    • @Ro... 🪶🪶

    • @Ro... And if you felt disgruntled, did you complain to anyone at the time?

      I can't possibly speak..

    • Ask yourselves this who else but CatherineS who is the only person I had a bad encounter with would ..

    • @Bl... what was the point. Who’d want to be in a group led by someone so judgemental. There are pl..

    • @Bl... This is how a democracy works; that's assuming we still live one? I have two choices in fro..

    • @Bo... no, her account was totally removed . It doesn’t exist anymore. You may be confusing her with..

    • @Ro... And of course, that was your prerogative.

    • Says the person called sok puppet which happened to be the biggest trigger word ever 🤣

    • @Da... So I wonder why CatherineS was triggered by my name? Any ideas?

    • @An... if it's the same one, I did too. Quite a clever woman and attractive. She occasionally p.m. m..

    • Yes but mine was just a laugh it was ironic but she did it, to discredit me, and try to convince I w..

    • @Ro... you are asking the wrong person . She hated me with a passion. My point is on here and kahut..

    • @Ro... I got numerous pms and Insults and kicked out of all aboard for talking to sok so I'm not ju..

    • @Da... well if others hadn’t repeatedly talked about and used that name no one would have thought to..

    • @Ro... I agree 100% but using that name paints a big red target on your head lol

    • @Da... I'd never heard of any of that going on. It's not the sort of thing that would have happened ..

    • @Bl... sorry but it's true.catherine even had a go at me in public saying I was being taken in by ..

    • @Bl... when i first joined All aboard she had a right nasty go at me for not liking rap music, onc..

    • @Da... Oh dear! Sorry to hear it.

    • @Bl... I also know on kahuti Catherine and Brian etc had lots of private groups to slag people off..

    • @Bl... it'd ok they didn't worry me lol I had loads of pms saying she had been out of order as she..

    • @Da... I always got on absolutely fine with Catherine and liked her, so feel unqualified to reply, r..

    • @Bl... it's OK I wouldn't expect you to. I stick by people I like too x

    • @Da... doesn’t sound like the kind of person who was bullied by anyone . Ordering people and telling..

    • @Bo... You, being one of the nicest people on here, and she had a go at you. Says it all really😡

    • Thanks to you all that have come out and confirmed how nasty CatherineS and Brian are and that I was..

    • @Ro... yes but you cannot fault people defending a friend if they haven't seen that side. I'd defen..

    • @Ro... Shame someone didn't do a screenshot of that stuff. It would definitely silence a few!

    • Am I reading right - Catherine is now Mrs Sok of Welling whom I genuinely believed was Mr Sok's bett..

    • @Mr... I wasn't around here when all that was going on. Still no doubt in my mind you're telli..

    • @Se... please never change lol x

    • that's exactly why she created that profile she wanted people to think they were both me to discredi..

    • @Da...

      Told anyone ? NOT the facts she said to me, only Catherine and myself would know those. Mrs...

    • @Se... No, she's not. Mrs Sok appeared some time before Catherine left and had 'jokey' conversation..

    • @Se... his real wife felt almost as bad as Matt Hancock’s. 🤣

      By the way he has resigned (Matt Hanc..

    • @Ry... would it surprise you that I was told you were Peter from MSL "without a shadow of doubt." ?

    • @Se... Think nothing of it...what's your pin number?🤣 (joke)

    • @Un... you are not the first person who has asked that 🤣

    • @Un... Thank you sweetie

    • @Di... yes, l do remember those.

    • @Se... that was to reel him in!

    • @Un... would if I could remember it.

    • @Se... What led you to think that?

    • @Ro... Oh, how I wish it was the other one!

    • @Bl... the staff usually deal

      with the real problems behind the scenes.

    • @Ro... Not in my experience, so far.

    • @Di... is there an error on your profile! It says you have only been on here 3 months and yet you r..

    • @Ro... And probably won't be the last?😉

    • @Ro... No, there isn't an error - I left because I was fed up with this sort of thing on the site, ..

    • Oh dear, it must be the weekend!! All the kids and inmates have been let out of school and the asylu..

    • @Di...

      Means nothing - Mrs.Sok was Catherine's alias when she was running AllAboard and Oasis.

    • @Da...

      In all the forums I have dealt with, they have a Rota where Mods are on duty at weekends.

    • @Se...

      Catherine only raised her alias Mrs.Sok to get up the nose of Mr.Sok - its just one of her ..

    • @Ve... you can laugh. You was just as bad doing all of CatherineS bidding

    • On Kahuti, Brian the menace actually used another members name and avatar, putting a full stop behin..

    • @Ry... can we ban that word ! It appears to indicate a type of venom and bitterness.

    • This thread is now so long and circuitous and the new system of posts jumping in order really confus..

    • Thanks for them. 👍

    • Good evening folks. I see Mick and Montmorency are still at it. As I suggested earlier, I suggest yo..

    • @Ve... Glad they let you out in plenty of time to join in, Vera. The lifers need all the help they c..

    • @Mr... I don't think you are Catherine. I think you are male

    • @Mr... why have you chosen this particular profile alias?

    • @Mr... Pure coincidence Bob. As you can see my surname is different to yours. I come from a lo..

    • @Mr... what a load of BS... anyway I don't care who you are. I'm just glad that people now kn..

    • @Bl... Rob, clearly said "the staff usually deal with the REAL problems behind the scenes ". Which..

    • @ma... Little tip, Mary. I always find if I take all my meds as late as possible in the evening I do..

    • To reiterate, a search back shows that I never start an argument or a fight, only retaliate.

      I am no..

    • @Mr... Your name just invites trouble.

    • @An... anyone with half a brain will see that it's funny and ironic who in their right mind would use..

    • @Mr... I like to think I've got a good sense of humour but I don't find it at all funny and ne..

    • There is no excuse how CatherineS Brian and their side kicks treated me and "others" who have not ag..

    • I'm not complaining I just want to put the record straight and get Mrs sok off my back and glad that..

    • @Mr... I agree with you there.

    • @An... Now this is getting ridiculous, and even more important, disturbing. How on earth can a made u..

    • @Un... Yes I am. Maybe it depends what forum you've been on???

    • Because I wasn't a member of Kahuti and had never heard of it and it's problems I didn't know what I..

    • @Mr... You obviously knew about Sok puppets and knew that they caused trouble so, in my view, ..

    • @An... Apart from Kahuti and Streetlife. I've pretty much been on all the good ones over the past 20y..

    • @Un... I beg to differ but I've said what I think and can't see the point of continuing the co..

    • Apart from nextdoor which is basically local finding plumbers and lost cats. SL is the first forum I..

    • @ma... No problem, @ma.... Thank you for thinking of me x

    • This comment was deleted by its author.

      5 months ago
      Replies (4)
    • @Ca... Are you sure? I've heard that Channel 4 ain't no more 😂

    • @An... maybe they think this groundbreaking documentary will revive them. 😄

    • @Mr... If they think that then they really are in trouble 😂

    • @Ca... Wouldn't you like to see yourself on TV then? Personally I can't wait😉

    • @Mr... the name was talked about on here too lol

    • For SL to allow this off topic thread to develop into a long diatribe of abuse and malicious comment..

    • @Mr... look at it from the outside.. someone joins a forum where 'sock puppets' is a problem s..

    • @Da... I agree "for someone to use that name they must be on here previously under a different name ..

    • @Ry... as I have often thought it may be part of an experiment to see what unmoderated ‘adults’ will..

    • @Ve... if you're referring to me I've never been banned.

    • @Ro... scoop are around so I was thinking are they letting people let off steam in this group to ke..

    • @Ro...

      I only hope the police do not carry out such an experiment - a road to anarchy.

    • @Ry... I think it's because they run a skeleton staff at the weekends. so their stretched.

    • @Ve... ah ut your reply to me makes it seem like that was MY opinion, that is taking my comment out ..

    • BTW - in the picture for the poll it is all men, that's sex discrimination 😁😁

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