• We hope you are all well and having a great day. We would like to take a moment to remind our community that we do not accept racism in any form on this platform. Anything we view as being racist will be removed and the users who have posted such views risk suspension. Racism includes name calling, prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism, by individuals towards certain ethnic or racial groups. It also includes derogatory comments aimed at specific groups of people, and stereotyping of people based on their physical appearance. We would also like to remind loop moderators that they are responsible for maintaining Scooploop's standards of behaviour within their loops.
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  • Good afternoon everyone! As we keep getting multiple requests from users about more strict moderation on our loops - we have decided to appoint an additional moderator to Scooploop Tech Support and Scooploop Community Support loops. This person will be in charge to keep discussions on the right track and (especially on weekends) react to violation of the rules. We hope that this will help to keep the friendly atmosphere on our forum.
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  • Hard to believe, but it's already a month since we introduced replies to comments. We know some of you found it a bit tricky to get your head round at first. We also know that it has sometimes been a bit difficult following conversations in a busy post, from notifications, but hopefully the new 'new' indicator has made this a bit easier. Maybe? So, this weekend's poser, how are you getting on with replies and the new way of using Scooploop?
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  • Scooploop has granted an exceptional request to change the handle for user @MrSokPupitt to @Socrates. Requests from other users in future will be declined. On sign-up, a new user is asked to enter their name, and also to select a 'handle' (shown as @handle), a personal ID which is unique to them. A user may change their display name if they wish; however, they cannot change their handle. The handle is the name that absolutely and uniquely identifies a user through their time on Scooploop and ensures that, whatever the display name, other users will always be able to identify the user.
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  • As requested by you.. just for fun; A poll to determine the average age of our users here on Scooploop.
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  • With the new age limit for vaccines in the UK being dropped to 23 years and over, how many of us in this community are now fully vaccinated? And which vaccine did we opt for?
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  • Good morning everyone We have had an issue this morning with publishing comments and posts in groups. Apologies for this and any inconvenience it may have caused. This issue is now resolved. Have a great day The Scooploop Team
  • Good morning everyone Unfortunately we have identified an issue with commenting on groups. We are working on this now and it is our top priority. Have a great day The Scooploop Team
  • Hi all, We have shared this post in community support already but would like to share it here also to ensure everyone is informed. https://www.scooploop.com/thread/scooploop-changes-2
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  • Hi all, As previously mentioned you will notice some changes happening to Scooploop over the next few weeks and months. Do not panic; this will in no way affect how/what you currently use Scooploop for. The first change you will notice is us renaming our groups as 'loops'. But this is not a cosmetic tweaking. We will be homing in on the 'loop' part of our name and branding Scooploop as the platform to 'Live in loops'. Everything happening on Scooploop will happen in 'loops' as a core functionality. There will also be a strong emphasis on the local section with local loops coming into play a little bit further down the road. Some other changes relating to making loops the base for Scooploop are detailed below. - Users will be able to quickly set up as many loops as they want. - There will be private loops - for close friends to interact. - Loop moderators will gain many more configuration settings: · Deciding what their members can and cannot do (e.g. closing a thread) · Settings for admitting new users (e.g. requiring users to agree to T&C or allowing only sms-verified users) · Deciding how blocking works per loop basis · The ability to decide which extra widgets their given loop will have (e.g. events section, Q & A forms, etc) · Boosting posts (also to other loops) and many more features - Loops will also gain instant chat widgets - Users will gain plenty of new notification and visibility settings. During this process we will also be discontinuing certain features that are not in the spirit of loops. Such as Pages, or other features. Pages for example will still exist but will become a type of Loop, just with users having no ability to post things in these 'page loops'. Those changes sound like a lot of work and they are. However the goal is to activate users by allowing moderators to brand their loops and therefore allowing users to pick and choose the most suitable loops for them.
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  • Hello everyone We hope you are all well. To avoid unnecessary confusion, the first person to create a post on technical support about an issue will receive the bug hunter badge; regardless of the reports sent by messenger. We do still encourage you to use messenger to report issues or to ask us any questions. However, to ensure we have a procedure in place for the bug hunter badges; the first person to post the issue on technical support will receive the badge. Have a great day The Scooploop Team
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  • Hello everyone As recently mentioned we have introduced the Local Reporter badge; this badge stands as a sign that users awarded it post genuine content compared to low value local advert posts that have been circulating. We would like to remind all users that anyone can adjust their settings to receive any local post notifications if you wish to. We also encourage you to let us know if you believe anyone is deserving of our ‘local Reporter’ badge. Have a great day The Scooploop Team
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  • We hope you are all well. As part of the changes coming up we will be removing the ‘Title’ bar when posting. Moving forwards, when posting, you will have just one area in which to write your text and will not have to ‘Title’ your post. We hope you enjoy the changes. Have a great day The Scooploop Team
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  • Hello everyone, We hope you're all doing well. We wanted to let you know that we have a number of new and exciting changes coming to Scooploop over the next few months. These changes, once implemented, will enhance many areas such as; local communities, privacy settings, moderation settings and more. We are busy working on these at the moment and can't wait to share these with you once they're ready. Have a great day, The Scooploop Team.
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  • Hello everyone! We would like to announce that we are closing this group, due to recent lack of activity. We do have a very active book club, detailed below that we would love to invite you to join. Enjoy! https://www.scooploop.com/groups/book-club
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  • Hello everyone! We hope you’re all having a great day. As our users, and therefore the most important part of Scooploop, your views are very important to us. Therefore we would like to ask you all if you could leave us some feedback please on sitejabber: https://www.sitejabber.com/reviews/scooploop.com We would love to receive your honest thoughts and reviews. We areopen to any ideas and are constantly looking to make improvements based on your recommendations. Have a great day! The Scooploop Team
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  • Afternoon everyone. We are looking to put together some changes to make Scooploop more user friendly, interactive and fun. As always, we would love your input and thoughts please. Currently when a user creates a post you have three options, you can: 1. Comment 2. 'Upvote' 3. 'Click Helpful' We are looking to change this up a little, to make this process more interactive and fun for everyone here in the community. What are your thoughts on the current system? Is the 'helpful' helpful? Could emojis offer a more varied reaction to a users post than an 'upvote'? We cant wait to hear all your suggestions. Be as innovative and creative as you like, we're open to every idea; the more fun and individual the better!
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  • Good morning everyone, we hope you are all doing well. We would like to announce the launch of our new games page 'Scoopedia'. A fun and interactive page, Scoopedia is a collection of user-defined terms along with their definitions. Where you can get creative and design the smartest or funniest words for the rest of the community to use. We look forward to seeing you over there ... https://www.scooploop.com/scoopedia/ Have a great day The Scooploop Team
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  • Hi all! It was brought to our attention that some users are using multiple accounts to disrupt discussions on Scooploop. We would like to remind everyone that these types of activities are unwelcome on scooploop as they destroy the purpose of a legitimate discussion. Moving forwards, if we suspect an account to be an alias to an existing user account we will take action to suspend without warning (temporarily or indefinitely).
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  • When a user creates a post in a group and then wants to remove it - what should happen?
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  • As this year draws to a close we wanted to take this opportunity to wish you a safe and happy Christmas. We thank you for your continued support and hope that 2021 brings brighter times for us all. All the best, Team Scooploop
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  • Morning all. Is anyone in this group who would like to become moderator?
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  • Hi group, a very random question - does anyone have a nice picture of Slough? A free to use too :)
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  • This group is meant to hold discussions about non-technical issues related to Scooploop. It doesn't mean anyone can personally attack other users in here - it's not a place to blow off some steam. Feel free to complain about moderation or support issues, you can also suggest any features you think might be useful for everyone. Please direct any critism you have towards us, not other members of our little community. Also please try to avoid any sarcasm or refer to someone's comments from the past - simply stick to the matter of the issue.
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  • Everyone is invited to join our newly-created group for non-technical issues. https://www.scooploop.com/groups/scooploop-community-support
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  • Hi All, we would like to remind everyone Scooploop encourages a positive, upbeat and helpful community. Lately we've been observing a lot of negativity towards other members of the website, esp. within groups. This is something we cannot allow to happen. We want Scooploop to become a platform where users can feel comfortable and not threatened by anyone. We want to send nothing but positive message towards newcomers, as well. Therefore, we will be imposing stricter rules and monitoring the situation more actively, especially in OPEN groups. There will be introduced a 3-strike system for violating Scooploop policies, including expelling users for good. More on this to come in upcoming weeks. We want also to bring up the matter of users creating multiple accounts (so called aliases). Although aliases can be harmless at times, it is obviously not a good practice - we will be looking more closely on how to deal with this problem. Nonetheless, any obvious aliases with be removed instantly, with no warning. Moderators are reminded they are in charge to dealing with negative comments more actively. In case the issue persists, they will face loosing their moderator status, the group might be taken over by us or by a respected member of our community or the group might be downgraded from open to closed. Have a good day! Scooploop Team
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  • Hi All, We would kindly ask you all to update and change your passwords on Scooploop. It is important to make your password as strong as possible, including some of the following: numbers, upper/lower case, extra characters, symbols etc. Having some of the above in your password will ensure that your password is stronger. Thank you. The Scooploop Team
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  • Hi All, As it stands, when a user creates their profile on Scooploop and inserts their name, for example, 'John Smith', what we display is 'John S'. We've been getting a lot feedback suggesting to change this feature, as many people would like to be found on Scooploop by their real name. We've decided that the current feature needs to go as it's very archaic. We therefore will leave it to users, to decide what is displayed, by simply adjusting NAME field in account settings. However, we do not want any real surnames to be exposed unwillingly, that is why all displayed names will become the actual names in your settings. It is a users decision if they would like to show their full name or not, we understand that some users may not be happy with this showing. To clarify, we just want to let you know that: - No real surnames will be exposed - If you want to add your real, full name on your profile, please visit account settings and change it, as it will not automatically be changed, you will have to do this yourself. Thank you, The Scooploop Team.
  • Hi All, As some of you are aware, there has been a lot of activity going on in some of the groups, and we are aware that some of this has been a lot of negativity towards other users. We appreciate that not everyone will get along on social media platforms but we are a site that wants to promote a positive and community feel for all. As you can appreciate, Scooploop is a small team so we are working hard to ensure that we continue to improve the site and listen too all feedback and try to see what we can do to implement any changes. We are now going to allow all moderators to see who sends in reports on comments, so that the moderator will have more understanding of what and how they can help keep the group they have created a positive and happy one. We also want to remind moderators they can suspend users without needing to remove them from group. The suspension is only known to moderators and that suspended user. As a reminder, any moderator that shares a report that a user has sent with another user or publicly on Scooploop, will be going against Scooploop policy and will be removed as moderator, this is something we are taking very seriously, and we do not want moderators taking advantage of this. We realise that tension can happen in groups and not all agree with each others view points on subjects. However, if you do not feel that the group you are part of is something you no longer enjoy, we also suggest it could be great to start a fresh new group that you can create about a subject more to your choosing. We appreciate all your feedback on helping to improve Scooploop and we want to ensure it is a positive site for all. We ask you all kindly to be respectful and kind to one another. Thank you, The Scooploop Team.
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