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    1. What type of building is the Chateau de Versailles? 2. Jakarta is the capital of what country? 3. The definition of "process in which geographic information is collected" best fits this geography term? 4. What refers to wireless network components? 5. What was the nationality of the gospel singer Mahalia Jackson? 6. Who starred in Funny Girl? 7. "You better watch out, You better not cry" and what? 8. The seven brightest stars of the constellation Ursa Major, or Great Bear, are known as what? 9. Pastora Solers 2012 Spanish entry "Quedate Conmigo" had which subtitle? 10. Which currency, represented by the symbol L$, is used in "Second Life"?
  • Michael B @MichaelB1 Mod Farnborough - updated 3h
    Another week of the Champions League starts tonight. Get your predictions in by 7.30pm for the 8.00pm kick off. Good luck
  • Michael B @MichaelB1 Farnborough - 1d
    Because they tried to push "critical race theory" that all white people are racist. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11271893/Christian-nurse-sues-Tavistock-Portman-NHS-Trust-forcing-racist-ideology-students.html
  • Michael B @MichaelB1 Mod Farnborough - updated 7h
    Today is a quiz about art 1. Which artist was called, "Jack the Dripper"? 2. Aside from his painting, Salvador Dali was known for what recognizable feature? 3. By his career's end, Joan Miro had made 500 sculptures, 5,000 drawings and 2,000 what? 4. Which quick, easily mass-produced art form did Joan Miro create? 5. A lover of color, what type of art did Marc Chagall get into in his later years? 6. Raphael once painted a picture of what major Bible figure giving keys to St. Peter? 7. Which of Diego Velazquez's relatives was the only of his pupils to be a pretty good painter? 8. Which word is used to describe the degree of lightness in a color? 9. Francisco Goya painted the walls of his house with dark visions in a series he called what? 10. Which Renaissance painter is buried in Rome's Pantheon?
  • Michael B @MichaelB1 Mod Farnborough - updated 20h
    It's the battle of the bottom two, the East Midlands derby. Get your predictions in by 7.30pm for the 8.00pm kick off. Good luck
  • Michael B @MichaelB1 Farnborough - updated 2d
    At least 125 football fans have been killed by police firing tear gas at a match in Indonesia. Most of the deaths were caused by fans being crushed at the exit. What is even more tragic is that all 42,000 people packed into the 38,000 capacity stadium were home team supporters. The away supporters were banned from buying tickets to avoid possible trouble. https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2022/10/2/127-killed-after-stampede-at-indonesia-football-match
  • Michael B @MichaelB1 Mod Farnborough - updated 1d
    1. Which aeronautical term is an aircraft that derives its lift from rotating lifting surfaces? 2. Genghis Khan led which people in the 13th century? 3. What is "Dirty Harry's" weapon of choice from the "Dirty Harry" movies? 4. What is browning meat or poultry in liquid or fat, then cooking covered on low heat for a long time? 5. Which European country was gripped by pro-EU protests in 2013? 6. What is the attempt to overthrow a government by force or at least interrupt its activities called? 7. 14th July is National Day in which country? 8. is a repeat of the question about maglev trains. 9. What do we call creatures which have a backbone? 10. What group hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1971 with "Joy to the World"?
  • Michael B @MichaelB1 Mod Farnborough - updated 1d
    Today's Super Sunday match. Get your predictions in by 4.00pm for the 4.30pm kick off. Good luck
  • Michael B @MichaelB1 Mod Farnborough - updated 2d
    The Premier league is back. Get your predictions in by 5.00pm for the 5.30pm kick off. Good luck
  • Michael B @MichaelB1 Mod Farnborough - updated 2d
    1. Which of these cars are made in Italy? a) Fiat b) Ford c) Opel d) Volkswagen 2. Over which city was the first atomic bomb detonated in 1945? 3. Who did Mark David Chapman shoot to death in New York on 8 December 1980? 4. What woman, despite the fact she was blind and deaf, became a world famous speaker? 5. Which film is abouit a Master Builder? 6. Who is chief of the laboratory that produces James Bond's hi-tech gadgets? 7. What force is used to make Maglev trains run along their tracks? 8. Plato was born in which country? 9. Which Russian-born American composer died in 1971? 10. Eruptions of a volcano in which country stopped European air travel in 2010?
  • Michael B @MichaelB1 Mod Farnborough - updated 3d
    Football is back with a match from the Championship. Get your predictions in by 7.30pm for the 8.00pm kick off Good luck
  • Michael B @MichaelB1 Mod Farnborough - updated 4d
    Today is a 1950's song quiz 1. Who sang this song, "Walkin My Baby Back Home"? 2. Who sang this song, "I Only Have Eyes For You"? 3. Who sang this song, "Love is a Many Splendored Thing" ? 4. Who sang this song, "Slow Poke"? 5. Who sang this song, "No Not Much" ? 6. Who sang this song, "Bony Maronie"? 7. Who sang this song, "Honky Tonk"? 8. Who sang this song, "Hard To Get"? 9. Who sang this song, "Dance With Me Henry" ? 10. Who sang this song, "The Poor People of Paris"?
  • Michael B @MichaelB1 Mod Farnborough - updated 4d
    1. Which kingdom has organisms with cell walls, stems, and leaves? 2. What is the NFL team from Jacksonville called? 3. What colour is the rabbit Alice meets in Wonderland? 4. Who wrote the Sherlock Holmes books? 5. In which direction does the sun set? 6. Which scientific project was responsible for the development of nuclear weapons? 7. What is the distance around a shape called? 8. What is the term used to describe the ovum producing organ in a female reproductive system? 9. On what day was Jesus crucified? 10. Prosecco wine was originally made in which country?
  • Michael B @MichaelB1 Farnborough - updated 6d
    Firstly, this is not a new printer I'm trying to connect for the first time. It has been working perfectly well for quite a few years. But the last two times I've needed to print something I've not been able to. When I turn the printer on certain buttons have flashing lights which become solid when ready. But the button that shows Wi-fi has connected either has no light at all or constantly flashes but never goes solid. Normaly it would flash about 10 times only. The wi-fi is working as this laptop and a few phones all connect ok. HP's help tools are not much help as they can't find the printer due to no connection. Bit of a catch-22 situation. Only thing I can think is to unplug the router and start it again.
  • Michael B @MichaelB1 Mod Farnborough - updated 6d
    1. Which two Japanese cities were bombed by atomic bombs in World War II? 2. Which of these continents has the highest tornado count? a) Africa b) America c) Australia d) Europe 3. In television technology, what was introduced in 1971 and is represented by the acronym VCR? 4. Canada expelled three workers accused of spying from the embassy of which country in 1980? 5. Simon Cowell originates from which country? 6. Which actor is also the father of Angelina Jolie? 7. What is the capital of Uganda? 8. no question. 9. In the popular meme, "that escalated...." What? 10. Which word did we remove from this proverbial phrase? " ***** makes right."
  • Michael B @MichaelB1 Mod Farnborough - updated 7d
    Can England end their bad run of results? Get your predictions in by 7.15pm for the 7.45pm kick off Good luck
  • Michael B @MichaelB1 Mod Farnborough - updated 8d
    This quiz is for anyone over 60, apparently. 1. John Lennon has an airport named after him in which English city? 2. What is the capital of Kuwait? 3. Which of these cities is the capital of New Mexico? a) Gallup b) Roswell c) Santa Fe d) Taos 4. missing this question 5. FIS Alpine world ski championship medal winner Marc Girardelli began skiing at what age? 6. River Phoenix, who passed away in 1993, was the actor brother of whom? 7. Britney Spears shared an on stage kiss at the 2003 VMAs with which other singer? 8. Which of these is an alternate spelling of jail? a) Gaol b) Gayle c) Gail d) Gayol 9. Which Norwegian explorer died during a rescue mission? 10. In 1966, oil was pumped out of the North Sea by which European company?
  • Michael B @MichaelB1 Farnborough - updated 9d
  • Michael B @MichaelB1 Farnborough - updated 4d
    I've had my nephews kids here all day, so I had the Cbeebies tv channel on. One of the programmes is called Bing. Starring Bing the bunny rabbit and Pondo the panda. In todays episode Pondo has a new skateboard and he lets Bing have a go, but Bing falls off. At the end of the programme Bing recaps the show. This is what he said. "Today Pondo had a new skateboard and he let me have a go. You have to bend your knees, hold your arms out and push with one foot. When I started to go down the hill I got scared and falled off" I was like, it's fell off not falled. You're teaching kids wrong English. Next week the story of the Three Blind Mouses.
  • Michael B @MichaelB1 Mod Farnborough - updated 10d
    Today is a 1970s music quiz 1. 1972 was the year that this The Carpenters song was on the hit lists? 2. Which of these songs did Queen have a hit with in 1979? a) Grease b) I Love The Nightlife c) Take a Chance on Me d) We are The Champion 3. Which of these songs did Olivia Newton-John have a hit with in 1979? a) Don't it Make My Brown Eyes Blue b) Hopelessly Devoted To You c) Love Is Like Oxygen d) Miss You 4. Do you remember which song Glen Campbell had a hit with in 1970? 5. Which of these songs did Dolly Parton have a hit with in 1979? a) (love is) Thicker Than Water b) Boogie Oogie Oogie c) Get Off d) Here You Come Again 6. Which of these songs did The Bee Gees have a hit with in 1979? a) Always and Forever b) Boogie Oogie Oogie c) Grease d) Night Fever 7. Do you remember which song Stevie Wonder had a hit with in 1970? 8. Which of these songs did Debby Boone have a hit with in 1979? a) Hey Deanie b) Sweet Talking Woman c) The Groove Line d) You Light Up My Life 9. 1972 was the year this Andy Williams song was on the hit list? 10. Even if you did not live in 1977, you probably heard about this song from David Bowie?
  • Michael B @MichaelB1 Mod Farnborough - updated 8d
    We are back with some international football from the Nations League. Live on Channel 4 tonight. Get your predictions in by 7.15pm for the 7.45pm kick off Good luck
  • Michael B @MichaelB1 Farnborough - updated 5d
    Andrew Doyle, who is openly gay, has told how he was called out for saying he was gay. He replied to someone on social media with the opening phrase, " As a gay man...blah blah". He was immediately called oiut and told he was offending people, and that he should be saying, "As a member of the LGBTQ+ community...." Another example of trans activists bullying normal gay people.
  • Michael B @MichaelB1 Mod Farnborough - updated 11d
    Today is a history quiz. 1. During which military conflict did the Three Battles of Bull Run take place? 2. Which of these civilisations is famous for using heiroglyphs? a) Anciant Greek b) Ancient Egyptian c) Persian d) Roman 3. What is another name for a big battleship? 4. Beginning in 1609 was a period of peace known as what? 5. In the 1950's there was a huge rise in the production of what after World War II? 6. A 1979 gas explosion in Warsaw in which country killed 49? 7. During which civil war did the second Battle of Fort Fisher take place? 8. Which company created its Doughboy mascot in 1965? 9. The 1960's design of Canada's flag was which colour with white? 10. Which of these is a catchphrase from Barack Obama's 2008 Primary campaign? a) Change we can see b) Change we can believe in c) Change we can avoid d) Change we can criticize
  • Michael B @MichaelB1 Mod Farnborough - updated 12d
    Today is a geography quiz 1. Which of the following does not release carbon dioxide a) Burning fossil fuels b) Deforestation c) Driving d) Fishing 2. Sorrento is a small coastal town and popular tourist destination in what country? 3. Which of these countries has a population of over 100 million people? a) Angola b) Bangladesh c) Syria d) Zambia 4. Red Square is a landmark in which country's capital? 5. Which London railway station would you arrive at if you were travelling from York? 6. Which is the largest country by population in the world? 7. What made London's Carnaby Street famous? 8. The Little Mermaid is a famous landmark in which city? 9. Which country has the highest population? 10. As the crow flies which of these city pairs are closest to each other? a) Durham-Derby b) London-Oxford c) Manchester - Glasgow d) Norwich - Coventry
  • Michael B @MichaelB1 Farnborough - updated 12d
    Had an email from my dentist that my annual check up is due. Clicked on the link to book online expecting to choose a day this week or next. But the earliest free appointment is................... 18 November.
  • Michael B @MichaelB1 Mod Farnborough - updated 13d
    Regarding the use of Google. It's more fair for everyone if you don't use it initially, but if a question hasn't been answered after a few hours, then it's ok to use it. Today is a quiz about "sayings" 1. ****** is better than wealth 2. What type of creature do you drink like if you drink a lot? 3. Which word is removed from this common saying, "**** of the dog that bit you" 4. ********** is clearer when you're in love 5. What is said to be the mother of invention? 6. How many stitches does a stitch in time save? 7. What word is removed from this common saying, "As fit as a ********* dog" 8. Hope is passion for what is ******** 9. Which word is removed from this common saying, "Oh, they have slain the Earl of Moray and Lady ********** 10. Which word is removed from this common saying, "*********** Day poems and sayings"
  • Michael B @MichaelB1 Mod Farnborough - updated 14d
    1. Who played the main character in Fortress? 2. The suffix quad denotes how many? 3. A chukka is a period of play in which sport? 4. Clorox co has which ticker symbol? 5. Which bird takes it's name from the Portuguese word meaning "ostrich"? 6. Which of these foods are deemed high in cholesterol? a) Bread b) Egg yolks c) Oatmeal d) Pasta 7. Which of these snakes is the longest? a} Anaconda b) Burmese Python c) Common Garden snake d) Corn snake 8. Guano is sought after by humans. What is guano? 9. Who painted Sunflowers and Starry Nights? 10. What can a red giant star become?
  • Michael B @MichaelB1 Mod Farnborough - updated 16d
    Super Sunday soccer. Get your predictions in by 1.45pm for the 2.15pm kick off. Good luck
  • Michael B @MichaelB1 Mod Farnborough - updated 15d
    Today is a technology quiz 1. Use of the internet for criminal activity is called? 2. Where would you normally find a SIM card? 3. Which is the app where you build professional connections and network with others? 4. Who was the man affectionately known as Mr Apple? 5. What is another term for technical specifications? 6. What do the letters VHS stand for? 7. Hotmail was a type of what? 8. Ask.com used to be called what? 9. On Apple products what is face time? 10. A great way to promote your online presence is to create a Facebook what?
  • Michael B @MichaelB1 Mod Farnborough - updated 16d
    Saturday night football. Get your predictions in by 5.00pm for the 5.30pm kick off. Good luck
  • Michael B @MichaelB1 Farnborough - updated 16d
    No comments needed https://dailynewsera.com/2022/09/16/man-tackled-to-floor-after-trying-to-pull-flag-from-queens-coffin/
  • Michael B @MichaelB1 Mod Farnborough - updated 17d
    1. As in a domain name, what does .org stand for? 2. Which of these is a baked sweet of pastry layers with a fruit filling? a) Sauerkraut b) Schnitzel c) Spatzle d) Strudel 3. From what country does sangria originate? 4. Jacqueline Bouvier was married to which US president? 5. Which film studio made Dumbo and Aladdin? 6. What is the official office of the President of the United States called? 7. Which country produces Galliano liquor? 8. How many adjectives are there in the sentence. "The mad, old dog bit the timid boy" ? 9. In 1913, socialite Mary Phelps Jacob patented which undergarment? 10. What hungry creature is in the title of a childrens book by Eric Carle?
  • Michael B @MichaelB1 Mod Farnborough - updated 17d
    Premier League on a Friday night. Get your predictions in by 7.30pm for the 8.00pm kick off. Good luck
  • Michael B @MichaelB1 Mod Farnborough - updated 18d
    1. Which ceramic artist born in Stoke-on-Trent in 1899 is well known for her designs called Bizarre and Crocus? 2. The name of what creamy sauce, made prinipally from egg yolks and butter, and served with fish or vegetables comes from the French word for "Dutch"? 3. Which is the only Australian state capital not named after a person? 4. In 14AD who succeeded his stepfather Augustus to become the 2nd Roman emperor? 5. The BCG vaccine is given to protect against which infectious disease? 6. In August 2021 Sharon Graham was elected to succeed Len McCluskey as the General Secretary of which trade union, one of the largest in the UK? 7. Jelly made from which soft fruit is one of the principal ingredients of a Cumberland sauce? 8. Which singer, born Mary O'Brien, had success in the 60s with songs, "You Don't Have to Say You Love Me" and "Son of a Preacher Man"? 9. Which island, the second largest in the Caribbean, is divided into the Republic of Haiti in the West and the Dominican Republic in the East? 10. What is the name of the author and illustrator best known for her creations Charlie and Lola , Clarice Bean and Ruby Redfort, who was childrens laureate from 2017 to 2019?
  • Michael B @MichaelB1 Mod Farnborough - updated 18d
    It's Thursday so it must Europa Conference night. Get your predictions in by 7.30pm for the 8.00pm kick off Good luck
  • Michael B @MichaelB1 Mod Farnborough - updated 19d
    I will give you the name of a football team, you have to name their opponent in a local derby. Starting with the easy ones, maybe a couple of hard ones near the end. 1. Everton 2. Aston Villa 3. Port Vale 4. Celtic 5. Hearts 6. Espanyol 7. Real Betis 8. Lazio 9. Sampdoria 10. Juventus 11. Boca Juniors 12. Corinthians
  • Michael B @MichaelB1 Mod Farnborough - updated 19d
    Tonight's Champions League group match is Graham Potter's first as Chelsea manager. Get your predictions in by 7.30pm for the 8.00pm kick off. Good luck
  • Michael B @MichaelB1 Mod Farnborough - updated 20d
    1. Which town near Cannes is a renowned centre for the production of fragrances for the perfume industry and of flavourings for food manufacturers? 2. Which French coutouriers designs include the A-line , the H-line and the Y-line introduced in the 50s? 3. What is the common name of the trees of the genus Quercus? 4. Which Olympic event was orginally known as Aquatic Football? 5. The Unesco World Heritage site Leptis Magna which contains some of the finest Roman architectural remains in the world, is in which North African country? 6. The hormones insulin and glucogon are produced in which organ of the human body? 7. Which romantic poet married the heiress Anne Isabella Millbanke in 1815 , the couple's daughter being the mathematician Ada Lovelace? 8, In South Asian cuisine a dish with the word "palak" in it's name contains which vegetable? 9. The words of the Christmas carol "Silent Night" were orginally written in what language? 10. Who became the first singer in the history of the UK singles chart to have two songs at number one for nine or more weeks with "One Dance" in 2016 and "Gods Plan" in 2018?
  • Michael B @MichaelB1 Mod Farnborough - updated 20d
    We're back with the Champions League. Normal service is resumed. Get your predictions in by 7.30pm for the 8.00pm kick off. Good luck
  • Michael B @MichaelB1 Farnborough - updated 18d
    CNN reporter was so disrespectful at Windsor . He said, "and there's Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan. and also with them are two other royals". Disrespectful American tosser, those two other royals are the more important ones, Prince and Princess of Wales. Also Christiane Amanpour who used to be a top journalist, droning on about will King Charles deal with colonialism and pay slavery reperations. Because the British people are demanding justice. Are we? I don't even know who we would pay, as anyone connected to trans atlantic slavery is dead.
  • Michael B @MichaelB1 Mod Farnborough - updated 21d
    1. Which Mediterranean island country is the smallest member of the European Union by both size and population? 2. What is the stage name of the singer who won the 2021 Mercury prize at the age of just 21, for her debut studio album Collapsed in Sunbeams? 3. The mineral "galena" is a sulphide of which metal and is also its commonest ore? 4. Which actor plays the former Liberal party leader Jeremy Thorpe in the 2018 television drama series A Very English Scandal? 5. The impressionist art movement took its name from the 1872 painting impression Sunrise by which French artist? 6. The carambola fruit has what alternative name , a reference to its shape when it's cut into slices? 7. The Naked and The Dead published in 1948, was the debut novel of which American author, who based it partly on is experiences of serving with the army in the Pacific during the Second World War? 8. What word, referring to great size, is used in astromony as a measure of the brightness of a star or other celestial body? 9. In the 2018 television series Bodyguard, which actress plays the Home Secretary Julia Montague, whose actions make her a terrorist target as she gains public notoreity? 10. Jewellery made from which precious metal , with the chemical symbol "pd", has required a hallmark since 2010?
  • Michael B @MichaelB1 Farnborough - updated 16d
    I think for such an historic event, all shops should be made to close all day, even supermarkets. We are getting plenty of warning, so we can buy our food on Sunday.
  • Michael B @MichaelB1 Mod Farnborough - updated 21d
    One more Serie A match. English football is back tomorrow. Get yiour predictions in by 7.15pm for the 7.45pm kick off. Good Luck
  • Michael B @MichaelB1 Farnborough - updated 22d
    On all coins and notes the Queens head is turned to her left. When coins and notes start being produced with King Charles head, he will be turning to the right. Then when William becomes King, his head on coins and notes will be turned to his left.
  • Michael B @MichaelB1 Mod Farnborough - updated 22d
    1. The painting Salvator Mundi, which was sold at auction for a record $450m in 2017, is believed to be by which artist? 2. In October 2021, which band had their ninth UK number one album with Music of the Spheres? 3. Which capital city stands on the Southern side of the Gulf of Finland, opposite Helsinki? 4. What word, from the Greek for "leaf", is used for an extremely thin pastry often prepared by layering several sheets together with melted butter? 5. Nicholson is the surname of a Singapore born violinist known generally by what first names? 6. What breed of dog named after an Adriatic coastal region was once used as an escort and guard for horse-drawn carriages? 7. Which planet has a prominent oval-shaped storm system in its clouds called the Great Red Spot? 8. For what 1993 film did the 11 year old New Zealander Anna Paquin win a Best Supporting Actress Oscar? 9. The peppery-tasting leaves of which plant, whose name comes from the Latin for "nose twister" are often added to salads? 10. In 1987, which golfer became the first British woman to win the US Open?
  • Michael B @MichaelB1 Mod Farnborough - updated 22d
    Serie A was lucky for me, so here's another match. Get your predictions in by 7.15pm for the 7.45pm kick off. Good luck
  • Michael B @MichaelB1 Farnborough - updated 23d
    Some sports have decided to stop this weekend. Football, Golf, Racing and Boxing. Some sports are carrying on as normal. Cricket, and Rugby. Who has got it right? I originally thought football got it right by postponing every match, but now I think they should have played matches but held a minutes silence followed by the National Anthem at every match.
  • Michael B @MichaelB1 Mod Farnborough - updated 23d
    I've come across a list of 50 really testing questions, so here we go for the next 5 days, or maybe more. 1. Which American blues singer, who died in 1939, was portrayed by Viola Davis in a 2020 film adaptation of a play by August Wilson? 2. What is the name of the British astronaut whose 2017 autobiography is entitled, Ask an Astronout: My Guide to Life in Space? 3. In a traditional pack of English playing cards, the King of Diamonds holds what weapon in his right hand? 4. Kadeena Cox, who was made an MBE for services to athletics in 2017, won two gold medals at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics in which other sport? 5. Which author wrote the novel, The Invisible Man, first publised in 1897, about a scientist who stumbles across the secret of invisibilty with dire consequences? 6. In which cathedral in Eastern England were Catherine of Aragon and Mary, Queen of Scots buried, although Mary's body was later moved to Westminster Abbey? 7. What corrosive acid was formerly known as Oil of Vitriol? 8. What name is given to a parallelogram where all four sides are of equal length but do not meet at right angles? 9. What military disaster of 1854 was commanded by James Brudenell, the 7th Earl of Cardigan? 10. The "Great Spotted" the "Lesser Spotted" and the "Green" are species of what bird that is resident in the British Isles and is noted for probing for insects in tree bark?
  • Michael B @MichaelB1 Mod Farnborough - updated 23d
    So many games to choose from today. From another French match to Germany, Portugal, Spain, even the US. But I've chosen the later of two Italian Serie A games. Get your predictions in by 7.15pm for the 7.45pm kick off. Good luck
  • Michael B @MichaelB1 Mod Farnborough - updated 24d
    In this quiz a word has been removed from the name of a 1950's band 1. The El ******* 2. The **** Keys 3. Randy & The ******** 4. The Delta ****** Boys 5. The ******** Brothers 6. The Five ****** 7. The **** Five 8. The Four ***** 9. Norman Fox & The ******** 10. The Four ****** each * represents a letter.

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