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  • Combatting racism on Scooploop

    We hope you are all well and having a great day.

    We would like to take a moment to remind our community that we do not accept racism in any form on this platform. Anything we view as being racist will be removed and the users who have posted such views risk suspension.

    Racism includes name calling, prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism, by individuals towards certain ethnic or racial groups. It also includes derogatory comments aimed at specific groups of people, and stereotyping of people based on their physical appearance.

    We would also like to remind loop moderators that they are responsible for maintaining Scooploop's standards of behaviour within their loops.
    • Scooploop's standards of behaviour are defined in our Terms and Conditions, under 'User Responsibili..

    • @Sc...

      Well done and thank you.

    • @Sc... Would you care to reword the phrase “towards certain ethnic groups” to “towards all et..

    • @Cl...

      A good call, but I felt that as "certain" was unspecified, it meant all that you are not ..

    • @Sc... Thank you for this scoop

    • And the word Nazi in any shape or form in any group, post, comment or reply. Should be an instant su..

    • @De... I don’t agree. It should read “all ethnic and racial groups” It has to be specific or it doe..

    • @Sc... Thank

      You for making this announcement and reminder to members. As the team and membe..

    • Are we not allowed to share cultural jokes? Are they banned too? just so it's clear.

    • @Cl... - This is a kind of 'black lives matter' type of argument isn't it? (Not accusing you of a..

    • @So... jokes are one thing as has been discussed before in the group when Brian attacked a member..

    • Are you saying that there are double standards concerning racism?

    • @Pe... My comments have nothing to do whatsoever with the BLM movement. Why are you trying to scupp..

    • @Ro... Thanks Rob, good to know we can still have a laugh, without having to walk on eggshells.

    • Is this the end of Irish jokes and the like?

    • @So... - don't think so. My point is that trying to use 'all' instead of 'certain' here is akin t..

    • @Cl... totally agree, it needs to be very clear so that action can be taken against racism of any..

    • There was an Englishman, Scotsman, Irishman, Welshman, Indian, Pakistani, Chinaman, etc, etc, etc, w..

    • @So... Please explain “cultural jokes”

    • @Ra... never! Last time that was discussed so many people of Irish descent or with Irish partners s..

    • @Ra... If not it should be.

    • @Ro... So @Sc... point about combatting racism doesn’t mean anything to you?

    • @Cl... - I tried to make it abundantly clear that I was not associating you with the BLM movement..

    • @Ro... Thanks but now it has been raised, certain people will claim it's racist and report it 🤷 I t..

    • @Cl... See above as an example.

    • @So... see any joke

      (Requires a sense of humour) 😂😂

    • @So... That’s not the point and you know it’s not. Any jokes about any ethnicity are totally wron..

    • @So... - that one you would certainly get away with, as it doesn't impose stereotypes on any of t..

    • commented in wrong place! - (nothing to see here....move along please!)

    • The problem with jokes in this regard is that, by definition, they are making fun of someone. Now if..

    • @Pe... that is funnier than Socs joke lol

    • @Pe... should we close all fun groups now then! After all members chose the groups they are in?

    • @Ro... sounds that way doesn't it?

    • @Pe... I wont bother then If I have to worry about what might be appropriate or not, to much hassle..

    • @Da... as it was I removed half the membership! To tidy it up and thought we were moving in the righ..

    • @Ro... - no, I'm not suggesting that. But if you look objectively at humour, someone is almost inev..

    • @Pe... I appreciate the way you are looking at it but as you know as a gentleman of colour I have a..

    • @Ro... Ah, but the point is, do you ever see any jokes on Scooploop about people of colour? No. Me ..

    • @Cl... you are not in my group !

      Do you assume I have no

      Sense of humour 🧐

    • Maybe the word "malicious or aggravated and personal" need to be brought into the joke and humour eq..

    • @Ra... Perfect 👍 and as you know , we would always consider any concerns raised from our members. I..

    • @Ro... You’ve misinterpreted my comment completely haven’t you.

    • If you remove the stereotype element to a cultural joke it just won't work, it won't make sense.

    • @So... I feel as if someone is trying to belittle me due to my ……..

    • my view is this, most people ( including the Englishmen referenced in a million jokes) have great se..

    • @Da... I have it twice as hard. I live in Essex 😂

    • @Ro... oh gosh, how do you cope lol. I can raise your Essex boy with my Gypsy BLOOD!

    • @Ro... 😩 What? You’re now being silly.

    • Quizz: What do you call someone who spends seemingly all day on their device, even when the weather ..

    • @So... There shouldn’t be any jokes with stereotypes of any ethnic groups full stop.

    • Personally I have never blocked anyone but that’s another subject. I can see why someone would consi..

    • @Ro... At least you're not at the stage where you wish someone would block you.

    • @Se... oh I have been there and they have 😂😂

    • @Da... A blonde gypsy woman WOW! Sexy ..... that's my contribution, a double whammy. A racist, sexis..

    • @Cl... PC gone mad. 😵

    • @Mr... Firstly, if you’re alluding to me, check my activity on here. I am an extremely infreq..

    • @So... happens to be the truth so cannot possibly be racist, throw in a wolf whistle and I am hap..

    • My God what a boring person, the fun and jokes group is definitely not for you.

    • @Da... Thank you, you have summed up jokes and humour perfectly.Most Irish jokes are from Irish grou..

    • @Cl... sorry Claire I inadvertently gave you thunder instead of a clap and can't shift it.

      Yes ..

    • @Cl... Wow! A guilty conscience! It was not directed to a particular person, but if the cap fits,..

    • @Ra... we run a group for our Irish residents and boy do they know how to have fun, laugh and mainl..

    • @Da... Good job Dave Allen isn't on here 😂

    • re Irish jokes . As an Irish person I love an Irish joke but the ones that persistently depict the I..

    • @ma... I usually keep my mouth shut on this kind of matters, but this time I want to say that what y..

    • Advocating murdering asylum seekers by taking them back to sea and sinking the boat was possibly the..

    • @To... You are not an outsider as far as most decent people would confirm.

    • @Al... @Al... Surely the Moderator of the Group that comment appeared in should have deleted it imme..

    • @To... could your statement be classed as racism? maybe so!

    • You really are a nasty vindictive man. repeating that vile word, twisting my comment to use it as a ..

    • @To... thank you for having the courage to write that post. Quite often some making the jokes and cr..

    • My brother in law was Irish, from Galway. He used to roar with laughter at Dave Allen and another gu..

    • @To... When Britain declared war on Germany on 3 September 1939 it did so for only one reason - Germ..

    • @ma... There have been endless jokes about blondes and Essex girls but it has never bothered me [ an..

    • @Bo... Being a blonde Essex girl is not a race though . . . Is it?

      That's more sexist (another thin..

    • @Bl... I suppose it' dumbist

    • @To... Not only are such jokes dull, Tomek - they are childish, cheap and have no place in our all-i..

    • @An... probably wrong here so just ignore me - were not a lot of Dave Allen's jokes often more about ..

    • @An... I can understand that to an extent. It's to do with owning something. Hard to explain but if w..

    • @ma... Yes, that's exactly what it is.

    • @Se... oh gosh yes, he got away with things about the church and clergy ( including the Pope) in an..

    • @Se... I can't remember but I know I used to cry with laughing at some of the jokes

    • My daughter is ginger and has been the butt of jokes all her life and it never bothered her. Now at ..

    • Racism has been an inherent ingredient of human behavior ever since Homo Sapiens walked upright. It ..

    • I dont think its inbred at all, and more a case of lazy intellectual thinking and believing those th..

    • My friend is always telling jokes about black people that l would never tell, but he is black and I’..

    • @Al...

      You know absolutely nothing about evolution and natural behavior so i will block you for the..

    • And now there is another thread in the Anything Group stating misinformation, which in turn tends to..

    • @Bl... am curious, how didnyou read it if not in the group?

    • @Da... Because it's not a private group, and anyone can read anything in an open group, even if not ..

    • @Bl... oh yes sorry Blodwen I forget its an open group. Seems odd to me banning anyone from there ..

    • @Da... I know!

    • Or maybe it's odd that people can read it if not a member? Who knows tonight the heats got to me!

    • @Da... - know the feeling, I'm having to read everything twice and still not taking it in.

    • @Se... day after day i am getting more and more lethargic, dreading going out tomorrow and having t..

    • @Bo... we got up at five and worked in the garden until ten. Not ideal, but its probably the only wa..

    • @Al... I got up at 5 ,opened balcony door and window, made tea and then went back to lay on the bed ..

    • @Bl... - did read that post and was appalled (but not surprised) at the language and opinions. I d..

    • @Bl... I only posted the link to Ben and Jerrys statement, and to another website proving they are..

    • I wonder if it's an age thing that is making us all so lethargic. Most of us worked in this heat whe..

    • @Al... that's a new house for you, it's called early enthusiasm!

    • @Mi... - You know that 'woke' means "Aware of the injustice of the social system in which one li..

    • @Pe... I know what Woke means. When it's used in a good way, it never makes the headlines.

    • The only woke I understand is what I do in the morning , this changing of meanings just goes over my..

    • @Ra... - there's far more to it than any of us realise, probably. The term is older than we thought..

    • @Pe... I stand by my previous statement, the new woke is not in my vocabulary.

    • @Da... Maybe another glitch aye?😉

    • @Un... no, was my fault for forgetting it was an open group and people who are kicked out can ..

    • @Al... I've never liked the heat but when younger had to work in it.

    • @Ry... Spot on you have explained the situation perfectly. 👍👏👏👏

    • @Ry... I have tried to explain this on a number of occasions myself. 👍

    • Members need to remember there are a number of criminal offences which could be prosecuted according..

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      3 months ago
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        3 months ago
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        3 months ago
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        3 months ago
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        3 months ago
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        3 months ago
    • I considered taking legal action against someone who told blatant lies about me. I was told by a sol..

    • @ma... the problem with stating any opinions that could be considered political is that you instantl..

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      3 months ago
    • @To... The way you worded the last part of your post comes over to me you are being disrespectful of..

    • @Al... the police, government and CPS website guidance are very good as a starting point.

      I know ac..

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      3 months ago
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      3 months ago
    • @To... Well @Un... beat me to it. See his reply as my view too. I would also reiterate that I ..

    • @Ra... But as a moderator Ray you should perhaps consider how it's being used in an attacking way t..

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      3 months ago
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      3 months ago
    • @Le... I have rules that my group members agree to, and from what I can gather covers everything y..

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      3 months ago
    • @Un...

      Just to clarify this off-topic issue. We never gave Poland one iota of aid when German..

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      3 months ago
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      3 months ago
    • @Ve... do you actually believe the police will do anything about some posts on social media? really?..

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      3 months ago
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      3 months ago
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      3 months ago
    • @Ra... It's not 'my' woke word - it's not a word I use - but it is consistently being used in SL to..

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      3 months ago
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      3 months ago
    • @Le... Trying to find the middle ground, l looked up woke with its new meaning. Apparently it ente..

    • @An... - If you look at my link to Wikipedia, above, you can learn a lot more about the origin of th..

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      3 months ago
    • I don't regard myself as 'woke'. I do like to think that I will stand up against racism or discrimin..

    • @Pe... I totally agree with the ethos of the word but l won’t use the word itself especially if it ..

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      3 months ago
    • Just a reminder to all to please keep comments relevant to the discussion. Thank you.

      ScoopLoop Sup..

    • @Mi... Actually - you also said that the company (Ben & Jerry's) being Jewish is another reason ..

    • @Da... As this thread was opened for SL to make a statement on racism and the rules regardin..

    • @An... The purpose of starting the thread was to announce they are combatting racism. Which was a gr..

    • @Da...

      Yes Daisy, it is long past its Sell-by-Date.

    • @An... Absolutely agree. After the statement it should have been closed, no need for discussions on o..

    • @An... It seems perfectly natural to me that some posters will query what constitutes racism, and wha..

    • Again confused , ulterior motive for what, please, please close the whole discussion ( disagreement)..

    • @An... You tell me why it was and remains open.

    • @ Daisy

      Its coming to life again Daisy, pull the plug quick.

    • @So... why it was what??

    • @Ry... I would dearly love to get into this one with you but going by the vast amount of posts that ..

    • @Ry... Sorry...there are many missing parts that you have overlooked in your appraisal of the situat..

    • @Un...

      I would remind "all those" that WW2 was 100% racist globally, like it or not.

    • @So...

      I am well aware of all the missing parts and have overlooked nothing, but this is only a ..

    • @Ry... You have given your views on why racism earlier in this post.

    • @Ry... that's the whole point it's not adequate enough it's giving a one sided wrong impression. Any..

    • @Ry... As much as I'd dearly love to, I only make the very occasional comments in forums such as thi..

    • @So...

      Look Soc - if you don't like my posts then don't read them. I don't post to inspire argum..

    • @Un...

      Forums are not the Yellow-brick-road to the Wizard of Oz - they can lead to trouble an..

    • @Ry... Very good, Ryan. Your contribution was taken directly off the Internets fact or fiction pages..

    • @Un...

      ALL knowledge is NOT our own !!! We are not born with knowledge - don't be stupid MATE..

    • You don't need two hands to count the names of those who invariably wreck posts, par for the course ..

    • @Ry... Speak for yourself, Ryan. I was!

    • @Un...

      OK Albert as you say my posts are total rubbish - I will deposit you in my blocked lis..

    • @Ry... you say if I don't like your post don't read them, but I can't just walk past when there are ..

    • @So...

      You are beginning to annoy me Soc - I do NOT post errors

      THE END

    • @Da... the police are extremely busy and short staffed at the present time. All things reported to t..

    • @Ve... what has all that to do with me saying police wont do anything? Your comment I responded to w..

    • @Bl... Well, it has been queried and, as far as I can see, there's no answer forthcoming so what i..

    • A bit of double standards being applied here. How come your post has been allowed to remain and mine..

    • @Ry... It's a zombie thread, won't lay down and die 💀

    • @To... I would like to thank you for your contribution to this discussion.

      My apologies for findin..

    • I wish SL would close his down, just come home and since 12.45 there are over 50 new things to read,..

    • @Bo... So don't read it. You can turn off notifications, if you're no longer interested.

    • @Bl... Boots is one of the very few decent, nice people around here. No need for you to use that p..

    • @Un... Did i give any indication at all that Boots is not a nice person? No patronising tone -..

    • @Bl... I see that a few other people have said it should go now.

    • And how long before Sok pops up . . . . . 3-2-1 >

    • @Bo... And that's their opinion.

      Again, they don't have to read any further comments if they don't ..

    • And there he is, the Sok, right on cue, reacting within seconds with a Clap. So predictable.

    • Attitudes and acceptable behaviour has greatly changed in the last couple of decade.

      It is no longe..

    • @Bl... - I have to agree with you on that! 😀

    • @De... you read my mind. Yes, my little input here and the backlash I got made me realize several i..

    • @To... we, the users have very little option than to tolerate/block/ignore.

      A little help from SL m..

    • @To... totally agree with you. If your opinion doesn't match others then you are told off, if you de..

    • @De... I don't know either, I honestly feel it comes down to needing more than one mod in a group, ..

    • What I find the biggest turn off is not the disagreements - that's just part of life - but it's the ..

    • @Un... can't send a cheque - do you do credit terms ?

    • @To... and @Le... I completely agree with you. Disagreement on a subject is fine but it seems ther..

    • @Bo... Always be free to you luv❤

    • @Ka... So many of you spend an awful lot of your time discussing the so called disruptive ones on her..

    • I won't shy away. If people on here dislike me for defending my country so be it. What I detest more..

    • @Un... be good to have the chance to find out.

    • @So...

      Let it drop Sok - Racism and Religion are tabboo subjects - they drive the multitude into..

    • @Ry... You're absolutely right. I'm just waiting for this thread to be closed and I'm damned if I kn..

    • @So...

      Modern Western culture is to consider anybody who is a racist or anti-religious an anti-s..

    • @So... Apparently some people still find it interesting

    • @Bo...

      Of course it is interesting so long as people don't throw a PC tantrum.

    • @Bo... Apparently😄 But I suspect the real motive behind keeping this mystery thread open is to lay a..

    • Whilst I applaud the @Sc... for reminding all member on the T & C's on racism. I would have l..

    • That's the thing, we are having to learn not only new ways of thinking but also new ways of speaking..

    • @Bo... I think the difference is between malicious intent, and making a mistake. Mistakes can be for..

    • @Bl... Yes and that is what makes it so much more difficult to interpret in writing as opposed to ..

    • @Ve... I don't think the problem is words and phrases, I think it is more voicing racist thoughts an..

    • @Bo... But when writing, you can think more about what you are about to write. So the example of the..

    • @Bl... Not sure about that, how many times do people say things like' he gets on my nerves I could..

    • @Bo... What you're saying is absolutely correct. Personally, I'm not changing anything to please som..

    • @Bo... That is a well-known expression though, with no particular malintent. And not racist. (I coul..

    • @Un... Ah yes, the usual bleating about 'PC gone mad' when someone racist is challenged.

    • @Bl... All Muslims are terrorists - we've got enough here, don't want any more in our country"


    • @Bo... I didn't say that's what you said, Boots. How did you understand that? I was giving various e..

    • @Bl... okay my mistake, it was because of my similar comment being removed after reports

    • @Bo... yes your dead right

    • It's amazing how these people keep criticising about writing things to provoke.... and yet in the ne..

    • @Bl... I was naturally blonde and was infuriated by men (it was always men) making jokes about dum..

    • @Di... Agree - hopefully sexism (and homophobism) will be the next to be tackled by SL. Because aga..

    • This comment has been hidden by a moderator.

      3 months ago
    • @Ra... 'Certain people'

      Could you please explain? Do you mean people who oppose racism? Sounds ra..

    • @Bl... The comment appertained to Irish jokes!

      By "certain people" I mean the members of scooplo..

    • @Ra... Ah, okay. Thanks

      Must be hard to know the difference between a 'genuine' complaint and a non..

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