• Linda @Linda4 Slough updated 19 days ago
    Has anyone tried this online quiz? Found when looking for tours but cant seem to get the link to work? https://www.webrew.co.uk/events/
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  • Seen this online and thought it was worth a share. Homemade calendar made from paint swatches. Can be collected from any B&Q for free. Then just put it a 16 x 20 frame and your done. You can use a whiteboard marker to write in your activities and easily wipe them off if they change. :)
  • Linda @Linda4 Slough updated 1 month ago
    Has anyone been to see the new Cruella film? Taking the little ones over the weekend. I am not usually into the remakes, I just don't find they ever compare to the originals, but I have seen some good reviews on this one.
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