• Art Night is back this Friday. This years festival is taking place not just in London, but around the country and online too! You can see all the programme on the website: https://artnight.london/
  • Great opportunity for children on June and July - art classes for children online - "Learn and Create - Famous Artists"! These classes are a wonderful introduction to the life and works of famous artists, in a fun and age accessible format. You can find the classes on the wonderful teaching platform Outschool by searching "Famous Artists - Learn and Create".
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    My sister-in-law asked me to bake a cake for her daughters christening. That was my first trial. What do you think? ;)
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  • Gabi @GabrielaM Balham updated 1 month ago
    Hi! Can you share any proven recipes for a good cake/dessert with strawberries please ? :)
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  • Nice article on Scooploop Times :) https://www.scooploop.com/thread/cooking-tips-and-hacks
  • The Easter Unlocked Holiday Activity and Food programme launches next week. The programme will ensure children on free school meals can enjoy fun and educational activities as well as a free lunch each day from April 5-18. Easter Unlocked is run by the council with funding from the Government. Children aged from four to 19 (up to 25 for young people with SEND), can chose from a list of activities including sport, drama, cooking, dance and arts. Activities are being run in youth clubs and venues across the borough. Due to Covid-19, spaces on activities are limited to ensure social distancing guidelines can be followed. Bookings are on a first come basis. Visit the council’s Thrive website for more details of Easter Unlocked and how to apply. https://thrive.wandsworth.gov.uk/kb5/wandsworth/fsd/service.page?id=pXVTmZY9Vzg
  • If anyone is interested - This workshop is designed to help you help your child to manage the transition back to school, and help them feel capable and confident, not just now but beyond. As we move to some form of normality, it’s vital that as parents you know How to get your children emotionally ready, How to help them continue to be emotionally strong, How to build resilience so that they can cope with the changes, and How to build their confidence. There will be many challenges, from easing back into socialising and re-establishing friendships, to coping with different routines, to settling back to class-based learning. This workshop will introduce you to some core Parent Practice skills which you can put into action straight away, so your children will be emotionally ready and able to problem solve and think for themselves https://the-parent-practice.teachable.com/p/free-webinar-the-big-return-preparing-your-children-for-starting-school-again/?preview=logged_out
  • Gabi @GabrielaM Balham updated 3 months ago
    HI, can you share any recipes for desserts? A pretty easy and quick to make.
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  • Here's your personal invitation to grab your little people and join me this Thursday 4th Feb, 1:15pm, to dance yourself happy for 30 mins!! Aerolateeni has been created just for Kids (and their grown up’s) to rock out to classic dance party songs in (optional) fancy dress and #expressyourself in whichever way you feel you want to! 📚If you're a school- plan this in to a PE lesson! ✏️ Home learning? Perfect excuse to down tools and release your inner strictly dancer 💃🏻🕺 📀Missing those dancing nights out ... this ones for you! 🥳 Register to join to receive the zoom link at bookwhen.com/aerolatinotori It’s free to attend and all for Children's Mental Health Week, to release those feel good endorphins!!! DBS enhance checked ✅ https://bookwhen.com/aerolatinotori#focus=ev-s2ye-20210204100000
  • And thats me ;) and how is your new school year?
  • Welcome our new member from New Zealand Nosarieme @Nosa !
  • Hello, I've started a new cooking group and everyone is invited to join. I won't be posting anything too fancy, so don't be scared to join and post whatever you like to cook or bake (or fry or roast...). I wrote my first post about pizza so there you go ;) https://www.scooploop.com/groups/whats-cooking
  • This is my recipe for a tasty pizza with mushrooms. We make a similar one with pepperoni so if you prefer that or any other pizza topping it's almost up to you. Almost, because you have to make sure the topping doesn't contain much water. Otherwise you may ruin the pizza dough. 1. Prepare the mushrooms.You need around 300-400g of them. Gently fry them on low-temperature oil for around 10-15 minutes. Make sure to remove any excess of water. Add some salt. You can add a bit of chopped onion if you like. 2. Prepare the yeast. You need around 25g of dry or 50g of fresh yeast. We always use the fresh one but it may not always be available. Mix it with a few teaspoons of milk and some sugar (see the pictures for rough amounts). 3. Make pizza dough. Put around 400g of a good quality wheat flour in a bowl. Add several bigger pinches of salt (around a teaspoon of it), add some pepper. Add a tablespoon of oil. Now the important part: get a glass of boiling water and leave it cool off for a minute or two. Add the yeast mixture, stir the flour and then add the water. Stir all the ingredients again till it becomes one gluey blob. 4. Pizza dough - phase 2. Put a bit of flour on the cake board so the dough doesn't stick to it. Now knead the dough for a couple of minutes. Add more flour to it till it's dry but still easy to knead. Roll the dough and see if it doesn't fall apart. If it does try kneading it again with a bit of water or even more oil. 5. Prepare the trey. Put a little bit of flour all over the metal try. Some people put oil instead - not a good idea though. Gently place the dough on the trey. 6. Prepare the sauce. It's actually a very simple: take one or two teaspoons of tomato paste and mix it with a bit of ketchup. Add some warm water and stir it up. No extra spices needed. Place the sauce on the dough evenly. 7. The toppings Grate some cheese all over the pizza, probably Gouda works the best. We don't put too much of it to keep it lighter. Now, we add the secret ingredient, you can see it on the picture - I'm hoping you can guess it in comments? Place the mushrooms evenly, bigger chunks might block the dough from growing. Add some spices as well, like pepper again, basil or some other herbs you like. We like our pizza hot so we add plenty of red pepper flakes, but you have to be used to that, so not recommended. 8. Baking This is the most important part in fact. Many people claim the secret of a good pizza is the right dough. It's only a half-truth. The oven temperature is as important. You need to heat it up at least to 200 C degrees. Once heated, place the pizza and keep it there for 12-14 minutes, not longer. You also know it's ready when pizza edges are reddish/burnt a bit. Bon appetit! Please try to guess the secret ingredient!
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    Hi, I've just set my new cooking group, everyone is welcome to join! https://www.scooploop.com/groups/whats-cooking
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    Andd....that's me. And how's your weekend?
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  • Gabi @GabrielaM Balham updated 6 months ago
    Online meeting with Santa? A bit sad idea for me to be honest... What do you think? So glad that my children are still small enough so they can't recognize their granddad in Santa costium xD http://www.santaathomeofficial.com/
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  • Come and join a parenting workshop on Zoom at 10 am tomorrow morning. The main topic will be an importance of all emotions and how they impact our children's lives. The cost is £20 ahead and you can book your place via the website: https://www.lululuckock.com/how-it-works.html
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  • Hope you're having a great one!

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