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    Assisted dying - the new Parliamentary bill

    Dignity in Dying believes that 84% of us support the right to assistance in achieving a dignified death, when desperate to end one's own suffering. How large a proportion of SL users agrees, I wonder?
    Those who do (of whom I'm one) might want to sign this letter to the PM, seeking adequate Parliamentary time for discussion of the new bill in the House of Commons: https://action.dignityindying.org.uk/page/92231/petition/1?ea.tracking.id=fb_share_source=fb_share=IwAR3a-4zclYV6OYxWnntSAYmD5yfPQkAn_ttSi64br6vjYSHI-oIxU37ZG2w
    • My only criteria , would be that you have the right but it to be signed off by "independent " source..

    • @Su... The bill apparently requires not only that the decision be signed off by two independ..

    • Signed. I think it's terrible that people have to travel abroad to die on their terms with dignity

    • I saw the story of the poor lady that decided to save up pills to try to end her own life with digni..

    • @Ro... I didn't see that fortunately but I'm sure that's a tempting thing to do in those circumstan..

    • I feel really conflicted about this - so am thinking it through at the moment.

    • @Li... was discussed on Any Answers Radio 4 this afternoon, very sad cases.

    • I have been by the bedside of my mother and sister as they died, and I am still unsure.

    • Signed

    • I am very conflicted. I think it could be a slippery slope. I don't have strong feelings against it ..

    • @Li... That sounds really hard for you, as well as for them.

      Do you think that either would have fo..

    • On radio some were saying with the best will in the world, some had days of extreme pain that could ..

    • I can honestly say that that is not unknown but it is quite unusual if someone has hospice care. It ..

    • My cousins died in pain in a hospice a few months ago.was terrible to see.

      If I had a progressive il..

    • In such cases, could it not be considered as part of switching off life support which in some cases ..

    • I have known of people that have not been able to get palliative care soon enough and have suffered ..

    • That's very sad.

    • Most hospices get about 30% -50%. NHS funding, the rest coming from a variety of sources. Most patie..

    • @Di...

      No, I know that neither of them would have wanted it - they were both positive until the la..

    • Signed

      For me the point would come if e.g. I had dementia, stroke or just lying in bed waiting for t..

    • @Le... There simply aren't enough hospice places available. There are only around 200 hospices in ..

    • @Se..., most people aren't on life support, though.

    • @Ha... I often think that, it's animal cruelty to let a pet be in such pain yet we are expected to see..

    • @Ha... no, I appreciate that, what I'm saying is in extreme circumstances, what is the difference in s..

    • To put this in a different context, but one that is very relevant?

      Over 40 years ago my wife agreed..

    • It would be great if everyone who has signed also wrote to their MP encouraging them to support bett..

    • And I'd also suggest people read all these articles. I don't think I'm very good at expressing my co..

    • Surely better palliative care will not assist those in constant pain for maybe months or even years...

    • Better palliative care will certainly improve life for people in that position, especially with pain..

    • Euthanasia is a concept that any human has the right to die.

      In many countries this individual fr..

    • @Lo... Unfortunately this would not apply to people with dementia, as the patient has to be of so..

    • @Le... Did your doctor friend publish his comparative research, which sounds very helpful? The mor..

    • @El... I know but in this case your choice made earlier should not be ignored also it should be..

    • @Ry... this law if agreed will not allow greedy relatives to side step responsibility. It will be Do..

    • @Ry... Agree with you. There should be a panel of legal structure for Euthanasia where one goes to m..

    • @Lo... that is why this law is so important , it will stop any possible abuse and assist those wh..

    • @Lo... I honestly don't mind going 'earlier' - as I won't be missing much!

    • The trouble is - it's all behind closed doors.

      (What I've seen with my own eyes):

      1970, as an awkwa..

    • @Ha... Could be avoided if we handled the situation a different way. A right to die when you want or s..

    • @Ha... yes I would rather be zonked out on drugs and in a world of my own than running about screaming..

    • @Lo... When my sister in law was in a coma the doctors asked her husband and son to give permissi..

    • @Lo...

      It would be better to keep lawyers out of this process altogether?Any law should make thi..

    • No need to worry about greedy relatives...make a will now.

    • @Bo... They should have decided in the first place.

    • @Jo... I'm not worried - as I've given them most of my money already. There's absolutely no point in ..

    • I can remember when I was little and most of my aunts and uncles lived in the same road. My aunt Mar..

    • Yes is was common years ago

      for people to say when you get older you go through a second childhood. ..

    • @Jo... could have the opposite effect. A relative knows they are in your Will and encourages you to e..

    • Only the well off can afford Dignitas. I have heard that it is very expensive. So better off people ..

    • @Ro...

      Sad to know people have such venal relatives.

    • With experience of three suicides in my family circle, it needn't be expensive...don't let that worr..

    • I've heard that Dignitas is expensive from someone whose grandmother went there. My cousin committed..

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