• Jane D @JaneD2 Romford - updated 24d
    This film is now on Amazon Prime. It stars Lady Gaga. I really enjoyed it.
  • Jane D @JaneD2 Romford - updated 22d
    Has anyone tried Guinness and lemonade? This makes a very pleasant drink. Also, my god daughter tells me that non alcoholic Guinness is also very good.
  • Jane D @JaneD2 Romford - updated 4mo
    Name what annoys you with modern life at the moment. Only two things at a time. I'll start. Cyclists and electric scooters being ridden on the pavement, really irritates me. Being left hanging on the phone because "We are experiencing high levels of calls" winds me up.
  • Jane D @JaneD2 Romford - updated 10mo
    This programme was on Channel 4 about two weeks ago. There doesn't appear to be any following episodes. It was the usual things like buy supermarket own brands, batch cook and make your own cleaners out of white wine vinegar and lemon juice but there was one tip that I had not heard of. Instead of buying expensive products to clean your washing machine just pop in a dish washer tablet and put your washing machine on a long boil wash. I did this and it worked a treat. My washing machine smelt nice and fresh. To clean my dish washer I often put some thin bleach in the bottom and put it on on a 70 degree wash.

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