• Jane D @JaneD2 Little Heath updated 12 days ago
    Thought I would let you know that their summer sale starts tomorrow. Thursday.
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  • Jane D @JaneD2 Little Heath updated 23 days ago
    Received belated flowers for my birthday at the weekend. Does anyone know what the big pink bloom is?
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  • Jane D @JaneD2 Little Heath updated 7 months ago
    I never get any notifications on my local site. Three months ago I posted something about mask wearing on buses but I never get any notifications myself.
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  • Jane D @JaneD2 Little Heath updated 11 months ago
    On Saturday I got the bus home from Romford. This was only the second time I have used public transport. People were all spaced out and two seats behind the driver on each isle were taped off. People wore masks and had the seat to themselves. After a few stops an Irish woman got on and sat next to me. I said I don't think you should sit next to me and told her there were seats at the back of the bus. Apologising, the woman stood up and held on to one of the support poles. Other people joined in telling me to stand my ground. After a couple of stops the woman got off. This explains why she didn't want to sit towards the back. A man wearing a mask with a young child then got on. He kept removing his mask to drink Red Bull. In fact, he kept the mask off, using it to wipe his mouth every time he had a swig of his drink. When I got off the bus I told the bus driver and she said there was little she could do. I was relating all this to a friend today and she said this is exactly what was happening when she came back from France on Eurostar. People kept removing masks to sip water. During the journey people sipped water like babies. Apparently to eat or drink you can remove your mask.
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