• lizb59 @lizb59 Shirley - updated 8mo
    Would it be possible for notification emails about posts to threads to be grouped by topic rather than at the moment with different topics jumbled up together in the same email?
  • lizb59 @lizb59 Shirley - updated 8mo
    I was added to a BTC discussion group on WhatsApp by an admin of the group who I don't think is in my contacts which I didn't think was meant to happen. On looking on google it appears to be connected to Bitcoin. On checking google it appears to be a scam and in my opinion Bitcoin is a scam too but I maybe wrong. Has anyone else been added to this group and does anyone know how its possible to be added to a group without an invite. I was in a couple of groups during the fuel crisis and a mutual aid group for Covid but I left these groups and am not in any other big groups.
  • lizb59 @lizb59 Shirley - updated 9mo
    Has anyone had messages or seen posts by @Garydave? I received a friend request and it looked a bit dodgy to me. Has anyone else had any interactions or thoughts about this?

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