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  • Tomek @Tomas Rotherhithe updated 2 months ago

    Can turn on a sixpence

    What does this expression mean?
    I've looked it up and it does seem to mean "turn around quickly" - but does it have just that general meaning? Or does it have a specific meaning too, like "change your mind quickly"? I couldn't establish that really.
    • @To... I would never use it regarding a thought or idea. I would also say that you can park on a six..

    • Yes, I agree with Charlotte. My very first car, the one I learned to drive in, was an ancient Mini C..

    • @Ch... ok thank you. Google seems to think the same, but I did hear that expression used in psy..

    • @Bl... thank you as well, so it does seem mean only that. Ok, but if I said something like this: "..

    • @To... It would sound a bit strange, would usually say 'he can change like the wind' or 'at the drop..

    • @To... maybe you could say he done or tends to do a full 180! (Meaning degrees turn) Which can mean ..

    • @Ch... or ' he did a complete u turn', now we are thinking it seems there are many ways of expr..

    • OK fully clear now. BTW, I didn't know those idioms either!

    • @To... If you said it in that context, you would be understood OK even though it wouldn't be the bes..

    • @Ch... ok gotcha. But it wasn't me who used it, I didn't know this expression at all till yesterday..

    • @To... Black taxis were known to 'turn on a sixpence'. See this.....tells you ALL about it. Sorry it..

    • @Ch... - fascinating article. It's not a phrase I've used very often. Learn something new every day..

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