• Hi all! Unfortunately, my time in Scooploop has come to an end. I would like to thank everyone who helped developing this website. I've met tons of great people in here, especially users who I could often rely on, day or night, assisting me when investigating bugs or other issues. I wish you all the best and I apologize to anyone who felt wronged or misunderstood by me in any way. This effectively means I won't be able to assist you anymore via messenger, but I will try to stay in touch as regular user. Have a good day.
  • I've noticed many of our users use gmail as the mailing service. I've also had the impression not everyone is familiar with message filtering tool available on there. So here's a quick guide how to organize/filter messages so they don't flood your mailbox. 1. Select an email message that you want to filer (or alike), let's say it's from Paypal (screen 1). Click on the 3-dotted options and click "Filter messages like this". 2. You will see a popup with some options (screen 2). You have several options to filter the messages by, but in most cases the "From" parameter is all you need. Hit "Create filter" button. 3. On the next popup you will see another set of options (screen 3). Select what you want to do accordingly. 4. I usually select the options you can see on screen 4. Remember to add a new label if you want to do the similar filtering. Then remember to hit "Create filter" again. 5. All message from given source will now reside under its own category menu (screen 5). Hope this helps. Happy to answer questions if something is not clear.
  • It was a tricky decision to remove down votes by us, but it seems YT followed a similar path now, based on similar premises. https://www.bbc.com/news/newsbeat-59264070
  • https://www.secretsofuniverse.in/space-debris/
  • Hi all, as you have probably noticed, we've updated the website with couple of changes. To list a few: - as mentioned in other post, there is no more local section navigation link at the top. Instead, all the posts are merged in one, main feed, but you can choose to see Local Only posts from the dropdown menu. This change was mostly based on feedback we got from different people and how having 2 feed lists was confusing for them, it might still be improved - there is also a button called "Show suggested content" that stays toggled till you log out. When on, it will show you all the suggested loop posts, if off, only posts from your loops will be shown - you can now easier contact the loop moderators using a widget on right hand side on a loop page (that was a suggestion from a user) - we've added a support for Tiktok links in your posts - those should now preview the video in a nicer way - there are some ongoing design changes - nothing drastic though. It's all to give the website a more contemporary looks Any feedback is welcome. Have a good weekend
  • Hi, I just wanted to give you all a little heads-up about titles in loop posts. As it stands, a loop moderator can make them mandatory or optional. The management has decided to remove the user's ability to choose whether to give their post a title. Now it is down to the moderator to select whether all posts are required to have a title, or no posts have a title. Luckily, most of the "daily" loops has switched to mandatory titles anyway, so that should not be considered a major change.
  • Hi all, to deal with this issue of the influx of annoying adverts we are working on some changes. Some of them have been introduced just now: - members can choose not to receive the top bar notifications about new posts (called Bell indicator). This was requested by one of our users too. - moderators can set all members as trusted and therefore easily review new ones - also for moderators - when you suspend a user or mark them as trusted - the order of the page is kept - also some annoying bug people were complaining about
  • Hi all, the website was just updated and as promised, now it's up to loop moderators for the posts to have mandatory titles. Have a good day.
  • Hi, did I miss it or the next book hasn't been announced yet?
  • Hi all, last couple of weeks we've been mostly busy working on some backstage fixes and upgrades - nothing really visible for end users. Nonetheless, we've updated the website just now with some new settings available for moderators. These are for them to choose and decide - but I'm attaching a screenshot for anyone to know what cards they have up their sleeves. Speaking of attaching images, in case you missed it, you can now drag and drop images in the form / post box. Have a good weekend.
  • Has anyone seen it? Any thoughts? I saw it on Sunday, having read some good reviews, but I got fooled again. I don't want to offend anyone as I understand James Bond is next to the queen in terms of national gems ;) But, it's not a good movie, I'm sorry. I mean, of course some nice visual effects, in theory some intriguing story - but that's about that. The same potato salad only this time a little bit extra fat, or less salt - effectively it's just the same potato salad we ate like 100 times already. I wish for once they changed the format a bit more... Maybe not another creepy villain this time? Maybe more dynamic characters? Maybe a bit more complex story? Maybe more humour? FFS, think a little bit outside of the box, producers! The only Bond movie I liked was Casino Royale (with Craig), as it actually differed a lot from this same old used format.
  • Hi, this post is meant mostly for loop moderators. We've just introduced a long awaited page under you loop's settings box: Preferences. There are two options for now, but to be extended to many more. It's a brand new piece of work (beta phase) and it's still being tested, also on the apps. These changes are part of the plan to make Scooploop focused on Loops and related features, many more to come. Any issues and error reports are welcome as per usual.
  • Hi all, we've just updated the website and the app with many changes related to notification system. The page itself gained a new look, but there are also a couple of important logical changes, i.e. ability to control email and push (app) notification separately, and a few others. The changes have been applied both to general user notifications and to loop notifications. Any feedback and bug reports are welcome!
  • What does this expression mean? I've looked it up and it does seem to mean "turn around quickly" - but does it have just that general meaning? Or does it have a specific meaning too, like "change your mind quickly"? I couldn't establish that really.
  • Hi, we've just updated the website with several bug fixes and upgrades. One of them is the way how removed content is handled now. If a moderator removes your post or comment (perish the thought!) you will be able to see the reason for this on the page rather via email only. To be added to user app as well shortly. Please let us know if this works as expected. Have a good weekend.
  • Hi, we've just updated the website and introduced a "new" label that can be seen on a thread page next to new comments and new replies (under 3-dotted menu). This feature should help you spot them easily, having received plenty of notifications originated in the same thread. As usual, any feedback is appreciated.
  • Hi, several changes have been made to the website: 1. There were cases when blocked person could see the blocker's content - that should have been fixed now. Please let us know if you still find any issues. 2. Several users were complaining they couldn't find their own comments after posting them, so now submitting a comment/reply from the feed redirects to that comment. Let's see if everyone is happy with that. 3. Also as per several users' complaints - viewing comment notification does not clear other comment notifications belonging to the same thread. All the best, Tomek
  • I cancelled my Netflix subscription but then I bumped into this documentary, I watched it yesterday and I can quite recommend it. There are two stories: one is about how they managed to produce the first image of a black hole. The other is about a team of 3 theoretical scientists trying to solve the information paradox along with late Stephen Hawking. They should have said more about details of both issues, i.e. how they designed the plan to solve both problems - that would have been super captivating. They focused more on people (as per usual Netflix approach) and their feelings.. anyway, still very good to watch on Sunday afternoon.
  • Hi, we have just made some important changes and fixes to the site. Hopefully, making it less confusing to use the `reply` facility. Those are: 1. On feed view comments and replies are shown in a different manner, similar to the detailed view. 2. On detailed view we added a "bulb" button (example attached) that would highlight comments made only by self. Many users were complaining they cannot find their comments anymore, this should help in such cases. 3. There was a major bug - comments with images were not shown.
  • Hi, the new update for the app should be now available on play store, android only. IOS should be available by tomorrow the latest. This update includes some important fixes to replying feature, still more to come in upcoming days. Any feedback is welcome. p.s. Poland vs. Sweden just started and it's already 0:1..
  • I like binge-watching same old sitcoms over and over again. I particularly love Friends, The Office, IT Crowds, HIMYM, Flight of the Conchords (even been to a gig at O2 once) and they all have brilliant episodes at times. The winner for me though is 4.17 episode of New Girl: Spider Hunt. Just watched it yesterday again and it left me in tears as per usual. The chat between Nick and Jess is a pure masterpiece of comedy. If you don't know "New Girl" but have access to it, you can easily watch that one episode straight-on. The only background you need to have is that Jess and Nick used to go out and Cici is Jess's best friend - that should suffice.
  • Hi, hope all of you are well. Little heads-up: most probably tomorrow we'll be introducing replies to comments. Meaning, if a user replies to a comment that comment would be shown in its own sub-thread (reply to a reply would still sit in the same sub-thread). As mentioned in several previous posts, it's bit of a challenge to transition from one state to another, so I'm asking for your understanding. The app is also ready for production release with this feature, but before everyone updates their apps, some comments might look bit confusing. Ultimately, long threads should be much easier to follow, maybe even with an option to mute certain sub-threads? We'll see how this feature evolves. Happy to answer any questions on this.
  • We've prepared a little page with current badges we have - for anyone interested. One new coming up tomorrow and I think I already know the winner :-) Have a nice and sunny weekend! https://www.scooploop.com/badges
  • Aliens most probably exist, but something doesn't quite add up there. Trump knew and didn't say a word ;) https://www.nbcnews.com/news/weird-news/former-israeli-space-security-chief-says-extraterrestrials-exist-trump-knows-n1250333
  • I think I mentioned that one in a comment somewhere already. Anyway, I really enjoyed the movie, if anyone is after a light and funny movie for a Sunday afternoon, "Yesterday" is your answer. I've watched it like 3 times already ;) The story goes: A failed songwriter/singer is hit by a bus. When he recovers the world he knew is bit different now - an alternative history seems to have happened (i'm guessing the Mandela Effect was the inspiration?). People are not familiar with many things (i.e. Coca-cola) or bands for that matter, like The Beatles. And he knows all their songs. IMDB rating is bit low - probably not enough car chases? But for me it was fun to watch each time. Really liked Himesh Patel performance BTW, they should cast him left and right - laid-back yet intriguing . Lily James as his first manager is super charming IMO. Needless to say, you will hear plenty of the Beatles songs on the way.

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