• Elizabeth S @LizS3 Billericay - updated 25d
    My hubbie and I want to watch different things tonight - and I don't think Emma is going to be on iplayer - how do I find out? Have googled but it's not clear! Anyone know?
  • Elizabeth S @LizS3 Billericay - updated 2mo
    Can anyone enlighten me on equivalents for gas marks and electric fan ovens? I have looked at the conversion charts but I have one recipe from the 60s (madeira cake, Philip Harben) which says gas mark 3 (my conversion chart says 170 so I have set fan oven at 160). A recent recipe for something else (chocolate and beetroot brownies) has gas mark 5, fan oven 170 in the actual instructions - I bake these regularly. Dilemma!!!! I used to bake the madeira regularly but haven't for years and certainly not since I have had a fan oven. Did the gas marks change at some time with North Sea Gas????
  • Elizabeth S @LizS3 Billericay - updated 3mo
    Just alerting people to a scam email purporting to be from DVLA, saying there's a problem with incomplete info and I stand to lose my licence. Have deleted it - address is not dvla's Would have checked independently directly with DVLA anyway if address looked genuine
  • Elizabeth S @LizS3 Billericay - updated 4mo
    I thought others might like to know this. I have just successfully ordered a free pack of 7 lfts The info on accessing these has been a bit elusive as a gov website said packs would automatically be sent to those eligible. (Incl over 75s) but no sign of that - you'd think that they would have been up and ready for April 1st, esp as some chemists had run out of them before then ( as people have been buying them up - no rationing, I think - unsuccessful management of activity in a brewery comes to mind!!!) You can access them through the NHS app, and it's dead easy - well, the order has been acknowledged anyway - remains to be seen when they arrive. Apparently you can order every 3 days.
  • Elizabeth S @LizS3 Billericay - updated 4mo
    We had our boosters yesterday. We were encouraged to accept Moderna - but I chose to continue with Pfizer. It is just as well I did, as in my husband's Moderna information leaflet it stated that it contained macrogol, which I am allergic to. The on line proformas you are asked to fill in ask about any allergic reactions to your last Covid 19 vacvinations, but don't ask about other allergies. Also, although the leaflet says read before having the vaccination, everyone was given it after receiving the vaccination! Needs to be organised differently - most people were waiting a bit - they could be given the information and directed to the section on contents of the medicine. Or people could be given the on line link to the information leaflets when they receive confirmation of the booking. If I had accepted the Moderna I could have ended up in A and E. So if anyone knows they have allergies it would be a good idea to look up the leaflet on line beforehand or ask to read it before the procedure.
  • Elizabeth S @LizS3 Billericay - updated 7mo
    I have just seen that the UK has now had more than 150,000 covid deaths, and that's the most in Europe, but 7th after the US, Brazil, India, Russia, Mexico and Peru. As all those countries, except Peru, have populations of millions more than the UK, doesn't the percentage make our numbers of deaths even more shocking? I don't know we we stand in Europe in terms of percentage of deaths per population - and I don't know at what point the named countries reached 150,000 deaths, or what the totals for those countries are now. Some journalist somewhere needs to "do the math" as it were. But comparative percentages are more indicative of seriousness of the outcomes, and therefore some analysis of the success or failures of various protections taken or not taken.
  • Elizabeth S @LizS3 Billericay - updated 9mo
    Idea for alternative "green" Christmas wrapping: 1. I use scarves I like from charity shops to wrap presents sometimes - recipient can wear the wrapping if they like it! 2. The India Shop sells recycled newspaper bags with jute handles - different sizes. I have used these and just added a bright ribbon to tie up the top. Buying these supports a street family that makes them. Always a talking point!!
  • Elizabeth S @LizS3 Billericay - updated 10mo
    Another really nasty email scam - looking very genuine from gov.uk - the give away for me was that you had to respond in 24 hours, and I knew of no reason why there would be a time limit. Anyway, I googled it - it's a scam which goes on to ask for bank details, apparently. The real covid pass is available from the genuine nhs app with no charge - so I have just done that, though I do have the little cards giving date of innoculations and booster, and thought that was enough. But I should shortly be receiving a letter which will be my covid pass. How long it will be valid for is not clear.
  • Elizabeth S @LizS3 Billericay - updated 11mo
    I have just received an email purporting to be from NHS, offering me (addressed to my email address) a covid travel certificate. If I don't respond in the next 12 hours it will be offered to the "next in line". There is an accept or decline button to click on. The way this was addressed and the "next in line" phrase alerted me and I checked on Google - it's a scam, that, if you accept, goes on to ask for bank details A genuine covid certificate is, in fact, available free on line from the nhs for anyone eligible who applies for it - you can use the nhs app to do this ( not the test and trace app). Another nasty scam which looks convincing!

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