• Just a warning - 1. I have had 2 emails purporting to be from my local council, asking me to click on a link to enable a council tax reduction. All very realistic - but as it is automatically adjusted by DD they have the details already and so don't need to ask for them 2. and another email thanking me for subscribing to something (I haven't)and saying £90.00 subscription will be taken off my credit card - I have pasted this one below but irritating - and worrying for some people Greetings from TOP CASH BACK UK LLC You are ready to begin getting the best cashback in the whole world by TOP CASH BACK UK LLC. Total for order #TB200633994: £90.00 Attention: Your credit card will be charged £90.00 after the 7 days trial period. After the probation period, your premium plan will begin at £90.00 plus any tax). To cancel your account get in touch with us at +44X20t45/772584 and our customer support will lead you through the account termination process. You should do that before the end of the trial period and you won't be invoiced. Afterwards, your subscription will automatically renew each month until canceled. It is an automated email, so we will not answer to any replies that might be sent to it. Thanks, TOP CASH BACK UK LLC crew
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  • I didn't save the rather nice poster about bees that someone posted - and not sure which group it was in - I'd be grateful if someone could find it again for me.
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  • I am not sure whether this idea is any use to others ...I buy various cleaning liquids in bulk (washing up, washing, toilet cleaner, etc), and used to recycle the large plastic containers. However, I find them very useful for storgae of opened or small food packets which otherwise get jumbled up on a shelf. I cut off the top with the handle, and use it like that - or cut a handhold space in the side, so I can hitch it down from a high shelf. I use one, for example, for pkts of nuts and seeds, another for pastas, etc. I am now much tidier .. and spillages are contained.
  • Elizabeth S @LizS3 Ramsden Heath updated 2 months ago
    I have, for some years, put bits of ginger and tumeric root in the freezer - they are so much easier to grate. But I recently thought I would try freezing squeezed lemon skins, as sometimes the lemons are too flexible for zesting successfully. It works a treat - lots of easily grated lemon zest!
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  • Elizabeth S @LizS3 Ramsden Heath updated 3 months ago
    A couple of days ago, I got out some shoes I hadn't worn for a while - have had them some years, but no occasion to wear them in the last 18 months. Sadly, the moulded "rubber" - synthetic? - soles fell to pieces as I wore them. I asked about repairs but, as I thought, they can't be repaired. But I was told that, kept in the dark, shoes with these soles do this. It's happened to a couple of other pairs, but after about 15 years of heavy wear, and the uppers were going. Can anyone throw light on this?
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  • Not sure if this is the right place for this: check the expiry date on your driving licence. We did, and panicked, as both of ours had expired. We had had no reminder from the DVLA. Then, on the DVLA site, it said licences had been extended for 11 months from the date of expiry. So that's a relief, as we largely shielding and I don't fancy one of those photo booths at the moment.
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  • Elizabeth S @LizS3 Ramsden Heath updated 5 months ago
    Had an invitation in the post this morning inviting me to join a parish nextdoor group via a website address with a code which expires in 7 days. Wasn't nextdoor the group that took over streelife and wasn't particularly careful with data? The note says 100% free and private and just for neighbours in the parish. I must admit, am tempted, as though I appreciate Scooplloop very much, a very local group with local business, lost pets, relevant local parish info, would be very useful. How do I find out if this doesn't have strings attached? Any thoughts?
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  • Elizabeth S @LizS3 Ramsden Heath updated 5 months ago
    I was using zoom quite happily until I updated Windows a while ago. Now, frustratingly, I can only hear what people say, but have to use headphones, because there's feedback otherwise, but they can't hear me. When I troubleshoot, I am informed that my microphone isn't recognised, or is being used by another app, which I can't identify. My laptop choice offered in audio settings is microphone or computer, it doesn't allow both. I have also tried uninstalling, turning lap top off and then switching on and reinstalling and turning laptop off and on again. So, I am now trying to use chat to contribute to a meeting. But no send button!! 1. Can you tell me how to send chat? 2. Is there a way of being heard? 3. Can I download zoom to my tablet (6 month old Samsung). The only hesitation that I have with that is that a warning came up when I contemplated that, that downloading zoom may damage the tablet. I am a frequent but very basic IT user. Thanks for advice in advance.
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  • Elizabeth S @LizS3 Ramsden Heath updated 5 months ago
    I am in category 3 and my friends in category 4 had been vaccinated and given an appointment for their second vaccination. I was dutifully waiting to be contacted, as we are all instructed, but just a bit concerned as it was the trust, not the surgery, who contacted my husband in category 1. He had his first vaccination on December 31st but was not given a second date. My son persuaded me to ring the surgery to check I was on the list I was a bit reluctant, as I have had two run-ins with the practice manager, recently ((the first time, she criticised a dr who had been incredibly helpful on the phone, saying the dr had given me the wrong advice, and she was going to make an official complaint and insist the dr apologise to me! I said I didn't need an apology, that the paramedics present and the dr on the phone had been helpful - in fact, I was so concerned about this lovely, new doctor I wrote her a personal letter of thanks, without mentioning the practice manager's involvement. The second time, I was told I shouldn't be with the practice as I was the wrong postcode - and why hadn't I changed dr when we moved house. I explained we registered 40 years ago when we moved to Essex. She said I shouldn't be with them, and would have to change, eventually. I was upset and cross but decided to ignore it) Anyway, I plucked up courage this morning, got through and explained, and asked if it was possible to check if I was on the list. The receptionist just checked name and date of birth and offered me an appointment at 8.15 on Sunday morning at a heath clinic in the town. I was just expecting to be told I was or wasn't on the list. But basically we are told not to ask ...... Also, wondering whether to complain nicely about practice manager as if it has made me reluctant to phone, and I am fairly resilient, and have worked for an NHS Deanery in the past, then how do people feel who are less confidant than I am - it becomes a matter of health and safety if people are put off contacting their gp practice. Apologies for lengthy post, but any thoughts?
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  • Elizabeth S @LizS3 Ramsden Heath updated 7 months ago
    Is this normal? I was surprised to receive this one from the community group as I checked and i really have not joined this group.
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  • Elizabeth S @LizS3 Ramsden Heath updated 10 months ago
    At least, they haven't disappeared, but are blank, and the icons have lost their names. I updated my avast (not upgraded), as requested in an avast pop up and this is what happened. Docs in my drop box are similarly blank. Is there an easy solution or do I need expert help?
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  • Elizabeth S @LizS3 Ramsden Heath updated 11 months ago
    Have just had a call purporting to be from microsoft: Caller: "I am calling from microsoft. Am I speaking to the owner of the computer?" ME: "there is nothing wrong with my computer - thank you for calling" - I put phone down. Phone rings again - I check number - it's different, so I answer. Caller: "I am blocking your computer as you have been so rude" ME: " I wasn't rude - there is nothing wrong with my computer; thank you, Goodbye" I put the phone down. Phone rings again - same number so I don't answer. i am ok about this except irritated - but this is so nasty for more vulnerable people - is there anything that can be done?
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