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    I noticed it is written at the top that I belong to 13 loops but only 12 come up. I am confused by the missing loop?
  • AnnaX @AnnaX Thames Ditton - updated 4mo
    I do find it hard to read unpleasantness and personal insults . Many of my friends have left or no longer post. I wonder how long Scooploop will last as a friendly forum.
  • AnnaX @AnnaX Thames Ditton - updated 5mo
    Travelling isn’t fun anymore. My friends were going to Italy today from Stansted to meet their future daughter in law’s parents. They drove up to Stansted leaving at 3.30 a.m for a very early flight which was cancelled. We’re meant to be going to Spain with my son next week but our return flight was cancelled today. I tried to change it but nothing available and we can’t stay longer because my husband has an oncology appointment. Managed to shorten our trip and hope to return on British Airways although they’ve been cancelling flights too. Then there is the car hire! Incredible prices we could buy a car for the amount they’re charging. I know we’re lucky to have the luxury of travelling at all but with family in Europe it is sad not to be able to see each other.
  • AnnaX @AnnaX Thames Ditton - updated 6mo
    We went to Gran Canaria for a bit of sun and relaxation. However we were quite busy. Not where I wanted to go but didn’t want to wear a mask for 12 hours on a plane also no preCovid test needed for Spain. There are 22 microclimates on the island we were told. We wanted to see the capital Las Palmas which was a lovely city but was 11 degrees colder than the south where all the resorts are. The resorts are mainly very commercialised, we stayed in Playa Taurito which wasn’t too bad and near Puerto Mogan. The inland town of Mogan was quite nice . If you can hire a car and go inland it is fairly interesting but harder to find bars and restaurants. Serious walking ( climbing) and cycling were on offer. I came back fitter than I went. Personally I would avoid all the main coastal areas which are very built up and full of tourists eating and drinking to excess, sorry if that sounds unkind but we all want different things from our hols. I like my food and we ate well, all in all it was an inexpensive sunshine holiday and we were very happy there, however we want to explore new places next time.
  • AnnaX @AnnaX Thames Ditton - 7mo
    Jeremy C @JeremyC Wimbledon Park (6.8 miles) - updated 2h Handel's Messiah is coming to Fairfield Halls Croydon on March 19th. Don't miss it! Wimbledon Choral, the Florilegium orchestra and professional soloists will be raising the roof of Fairfield Halls on Sat, March 19th with Handel's Messiah. Don't miss it - there may not be a Second Coming!! For NHS workers and students tickets are only £5. fairfield.co.uk/events/wimbledon-chor... Wimbledon Choral - Handel's Messiah | Fairfield Halls | Croydon Join Wimbledon Choral Society for a performance of Handel’s glorious oratorio, Messiah. This masterpiece is one of the best knoWn
  • AnnaX @AnnaX Thames Ditton - updated 7mo
    Not wanting to lose control of Europe's main grain, Stalin in1932, took refuge in one of the most disgusting forms of terror against one nation. In the process of nationalization, he kidnapped Ukrainian peasants a grain of land, but also all its yields, creating such an artificial hunger. The goal was to "teach Ukrainians to mind" so that they would no longer oppose the official Moscow. That's how the people that produced the most wheat in Europe are left without bread crumb. The peak of the Holodomor was in the spring of 1933. 17 people died of starvation every minute in Ukraine, more than 1000 every hour, and almost 24500 every day! People were literally starving to death in the streets.
  • AnnaX @AnnaX Thames Ditton - updated 7mo
    From my Ukrainian friend Dear friends in London, I need your help for my country and its brave people. We are collecting urgently needed supplies for refugees and those affected by the war in Ukraine. if you have any of the items listed and don't need them or can share, please donate. They will be delivered to Ukraine by volunteers in a few days, quicker than Red Cross or other large NGOs can get there. There are several addresses below that take donations URGENTLY NEEDED - power banks (for charging phones) - large and medium size backpacks - male socks - camping mats - sleeping bags - protein bars / energy bars - painkillers (e.g. ibuprofen) - anti-flu medicine(Lemsips etc)) - wound dressing materials - first aid kit - warm blankets - thermals/base layers - hot water bottles - insulated flasks - baby food - nappies - feminine sanitary products Note: we are not collecting clothes as there is sufficient supply at this stage Many thanks for your kindness in these dark hours Collection points: HOLLAND PARK: Ukrainian House 154 Holland Park Avenue W11 4UH TWICKENHAM: Prosperity Restaurant 59 York Street, TW1 3LP 07853514567 Tuesday: 11am - 6pm Wednesday-Saturday: 11am - 9pm Sunday 12am - 9pm STRATFORD: Restaurant XIX 369 Hight Street E15 4QZ Daily 9am - 22pm Maria - 07561322029 LEYTONSTONE: Former Ussr Retail Shop 679-691 High Road Leyton, E10 6RA Ask for Vadim HOUNSLOW: Former Ussr Retail Shop 79-83 High Street Hounslow, TW3 1RB Ask for Valeriy BARKING: Ussr Barking Warehouse Unit 8 Banksidepark Industrial Estate, 28 Thames Road, Essex, IG11 0HZ (less)
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  • AnnaX @AnnaX Thames Ditton - updated 8mo
    I read a post then go to look in another group and instead of moving smoothly from one to another, I get asked to login again or I get 404 page not found. I think I’ll have to leave it for a while, it is very annoying as I can’t always remember my password.
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  • AnnaX @AnnaX Thames Ditton - updated 8mo
    Has anyone booked anything abroad this year or are you waiting to see what happens. We have a house booked in Spain for my son’s 40th in August. He and his family live in Spain and my other son and family plus the two of us will hopefully get there. It is only for a few nights and we haven’t been together as a family for over 2 years. No flights booked yet.
  • AnnaX @AnnaX Thames Ditton - 9mo
    Can anyone recommend someone to help with a problem with water coming in to my house when it rains. We have had a damp specialist, a good roofer and a general builder all come and supposedly fix the problem at great expense but it has just worsened.
  • AnnaX @AnnaX Thames Ditton - updated 10mo
    This is for anyone on their own for Christmas Day in Wimbledon or who can manage to get themselves to The Alexandra in Wimbledon. They have been running this for a few years now and everyone really enjoys themselves - so why have Christmas Day alone if you don't need to: Event: Christmas Lunch at The Alexandra Start Date: 25.12.2021. Start Time: 12:00 Location: The Alexandra Pub, Wimbledon If you, or someone you know, looks set to spend December 25 alone, then why not send them in The Alexandra instead :) The Alexandra pub in Wimbledon is holding a free Christmas Day dinner with all the trimmings, cake, cheese and a tipple for anyone without the family and other acquaintances to enjoy at Christmas, between 12-3pm. peoplefirstinfo.org.uk/events/christm... Spread the word ! Christmas Lunch at The Alexandra - People First Christmas Lunch at The Alexandra - People First

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