• For all donations of goods I regularly take to car boot sales for fund raising to help with my many rescued kitties. Selling is slow as so many sellers and buyers are far from generous One 2/3 years old was finally put to sleep on Sunday after one year of trying to make her healthier. Sadly her time had come. She was a feral kitty who ended up trusting me and did not want to leave the room she was in. Rehoming is rather slow as some of the cats have special needs and need very understanding and caring homes. Some would be happy in a garden with comfi shelter and good food. But most people prefer kittens who are kittens only for a few months. Rarely a day when not asked to help a cat in need left behind by irresponsible owners or born in gardens or allotments. Too many cats everywhere. All rescues are full.
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  • Once again thank you to those of you who help me help cats in need. Many people have recently acquired new pets. Sadly only a small fraction will be kept as family members for the rest of their life with their initial adopters. Therefore more cats dumped and unwanted. Often with health issues... Just got a call right now of help wanted with another one. Rarely a day without call for help with poor cats. Better go and help
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  • Two kind fosterers with quiet homes needed for shy cats. All necessary accessories and food and litter provided. No other pets or young children.
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  • Big thank you to those of you who have offered cat food donations. Always much appreciated. A few boxes of flea products also collected to go to dog rescue. My friendly 2 year old Mario has an issue with keeping food down. Would have been rehomed if did not have such problem. Tests have not revealed the nature of the problem. Single protein food has helped so he is keeping to either tins of Thrive chicken or tins of Mjamjam Kangaroo meat. He can only eat small amounts which is not enough for him. Very sad as he is so friendly and deserves to move to a kind loving home. Not many keen on a cat occasionally sick. Donations from £1 a month very welcome as Suzy P still kindly dealing with fundraising. No more fundraising via car boot sales till probably year 3000 yet stock waiting to be sold. Hoping you all are safe and well. Thanks again for helping me help cats in need. Going to try to catch more this afternoon let down by private tenants...
  • Very sad and worrying to see staff and customers wearing a mask below their nose or mouth... yet they are wearing a mask! Avoiding supermarkets big time such as N14 Asda where even the security man amongst others wear a mask below the nose. Some people feel the need to turn up with someone else when they should go by themselves. At the mini Tesco Hampden Square N14 the manager also thinks best to wear his mask below his nose. I had a word with him and now if he sees me he pulls it up over his nose. Customers without masks can shop there no problem. Receiving parcels and mail is far from safe either as all would have been handled by several people. And with all this danger around I have been told (not asked) to attend jury service for a minimum of two weeks when one is told to stay safe and stay at home. The option is a heavy fine following a court appearance... I did respond mentioning that I run a cat rescue by myself so I do not have the time nor the energy but I was told this is no excuse. At all times I am worn out and never have enough time to get in with all my tasks so this jury service is not going to help. I don’t want to use public transport or taxi for obvious reasons and there will be nowhere to park. I don’t want to be in a room with other people at present. Nothing but grief in this sad world!
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  • Not bothered myself but feeling sad for others. Always try to ignore Xmas but not so easy not to celebrate. When I see what happens to the poor turkeys prior to ending up on celebration tables I find it extremely upsetting. Don’t know why some cruelty is legal. I am still not religious, still don’t believe in father Xmas, still don’t have children and still don’t eat turkeys so ideally would rather not celebrate it. Some time back I would go and help out at disabled people’s home in Edgware and get them to have some fun. Now no time for that as the cats are the priority. Hope all those of you who have helped me help cats in need will have under present circumstances a good Xmas but mostly a safe one. When 2021 comes it will be more appropriate to wish people a safe New Year than a happy one I guess. Will not be happy for many. Hope not too many people think bringing children to this world is a good idea... too much of a challenge. Too much sadness!!! All the best to everyone
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  • Can anyone recommend comfortable and efficient earplugs used for sleeping please? It is urgent. So many to chose from but some useless
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  • Just had a call from an old lady whose 17 year old cat urgently needs a serious dental. As the rspca clinic she is registered with is closed she got a quote from a private vet. The cost is ridiculously high and no way can she afford it. She asked me to help her cat but I cannot as I have vet fees of my own to pay on regular basis. No luck with PDSA or BLUE CROSS as they are too busy or closed. Already I am caring for my cats and many strays and feral with the compliments of equity release I cannot afford paying for an old lady’s vet fees as much as I would like to. In the meantime the poor cat is suffering!
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  • Found at a mosque with very thick glue over her lower back this beautiful pussycat was in serious need of help. The area of her fur covered in glue has now been shaved off and the vet prescribed drops and tablets for her ear infection. Had flea and worm treatment. She is supposed to be 4or 5 years old. Rather sad to see this abuse. Isabelle was not microchipped and was definitely owned at some stage as she is friendly. She would benefit from a very kind fosterer. Nasty rescue who previously created various grief may not apply. They know who they are. They are the rescue who recently got reported as having rehomed a young cat full of fleas, not neutered and unwell, etc... Isabelle needs a five star forever home once she is fit and well and vaccinated.
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  • Lately unfortunately my anger level had reached the top of the scale with the compliments of people proud of themselves hiding behind screens... they know who they are So my killing instincts helped shrink that level down. I do not care about cruelty and do not eat animals or fish for that reason. Yet I take great pleasure in using The Executioner gadget to kill flies and mosquitoes. It takes practise to achieve a result and improve one’s technique. The latest machines would be best for anger relief if one could add the name of the culprit responsible for negative state of mind onto it. As the poor insect gets zapped that name would flash up having named it after the culprits. Better still an option of adding a picture of the culprits would create so much satisfaction as the insect gets zapped and the pic flashes prior to disappearing following a report as “dead”..
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  • Best mates close to each other being safe and loved and spoiled!
  • Doing your very best for a small disabled kitten! Such a happy little chap! He deserved a chance of getting better...
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  • And today as I was on top of a ladder against a brick wall part of the day observing and waiting for small feral kittens to get into the trap I was fascinated by the tall blackberry bush adjoining me. All various stages of growth from flowers to ripe fruit made me once again admire and try to understand nature. Why wasn’t it all at the same stage? No pics as I did not want to move even one finger...
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  • Were collected this afternoon and evening from where I was attacked last year by idiots who had managed to grab the trap from me to release a feral cat. The kittens are not healthy nor are most of the adults. Back there early in the morning to carry on hopefully before a woman with mental health issues who lives nearby turns up to cause grief.
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  • Wants to thank those of you who helped with the costs of his three operations. He now lives with a new family and is very much loved and spoiled. This lovely pussycat has become very confident and is not bothered having now only one eye. His fosterer did a great job taking care of him and he is now with his kind forever home. Some of you had commented earlier pictures of when he was found were not very clear. It was true as he was camera shy I suppose. Thank you also to those of you who enquired how he is doing.
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  • To those of you who enquired about how my beautiful Melissa is doing after her adventure. She is now out of the vet’s who did their best for her. She had suffered a bad trauma to her mouth. She is now minus 13 teeth. She weighs only 3kgs when a month ago she weighed over 5kgs. She is a little confused. She is eating well and enjoying her food. I did not know I loved her that much till she went missing... Love surely hurts.
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  • With ongoing screen stalking around me I also have had the pleasure of street stalking. Two different cars and female drivers on two different days were seen parked opposite my house offering unnecessary nasty looks and checking out the car I was going to. Registration numbers were taken and reported. The neighbours have been asked to make notes and take pictures of any more. The police takes very seriously such matters and to my surprise also screen stalking. What next? Is someone after abusing my cats, my property or me? More security cameras must be fitted not to let the culprits get away with such invasion of privacy as my address was recently acquired by people who were desperate to find it. The police want reports of any new developments. I would rather spend my money on helping cats in need than on having to add more security to the house! I also prefer to spend all my time helping cats than dealing with rif raf people with no understanding of kindness and doing one’s best for all pets and people.
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