• PeterJ @PeterJ Slough updated 4 months ago
    Summary: notification takes you to incomplete thread. Today I followed an Android notification to a comment on a group thread I had previously contributed to. I immediately replied to that comment, but on refreshing, discovered that about five further comments had been made in the meantime. (I don't mean added while I was writing, they had already been posted, but were not displayed.) Following another Android notification to the same thread, I found the same problem. The comment to which the notification applied appeared as the last comment in the thread, with subsequent comments (such as the one I had just written) hidden from view. The behaviour I expect is to be taken to the specific comment, but viewed within the entire thread -- ie I should be able to see any comments posted subsequently so that I know the discussion has moved on. [Update: appears to happen on iPhone app too (see comment below). Don't know about website.]
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  • PeterJ @PeterJ Slough updated 11 months ago
    I think it is a hotel for bees, etc, but I don't know, as my late mum bought it years ago. When I moved in, I left it where it was, until late last year when I was doing some garden tidying and realised that it was intended to be hung on the brick wall, not lying at the foot of it, and that the sloping side was a roof! Several years of lying on the ground have meant the snails have decimated whatever was supposed to be in there -- you can just see it looks like giant corrugated card. So, I am hoping members of this group can confirm what it is and what should best go inside it, so I can hang it back on the wall for use. Ideas, please?
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  • PeterJ @PeterJ Slough 12 months ago
    From android app, from all notifications list, accessing the first new post notification for a group marks ALL new post notifications for that group as read, even though you haven't opened them. There is another bug that when you access a new thread from a different route, the new post notification is not marked as read, even though the following comment notifications are. Don't have time to flesh this out now, but both these bugs have been present for many months.

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