• Dee F @DeeF Dagenham updated 7 months ago
    I have just watched this on Virgin 40 [Sky 301] it was a joy to watch, sad in places but not a weepie. Cant recommend it enough, brilliant performances from Hugh Bonneville and Keeley Hawes. Really liked it.
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  • Dee F @DeeF Dagenham updated 8 months ago
    i have received an e mail supposedly from above telling me they hold a parcel for me for which I owe £2.95 or they will send it back, pls contact htttp:/royal-accountservice.american/luxurylimosf.com which sounds very suspicious and I have not any parcels pending especially not from the US . anyone else had one of these ?
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  • Dee F @DeeF Dagenham updated 11 months ago
    I need some kind soul to put felt which I have bought on my small shed roof asap, the person who promised has let me down. Usual rate paid. I have other small jobs jobs too if anyone is interested ?
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