• Mary b @Maryb Becontree - updated 1mo
    Bit confusing so many ring door bells to choose, anyone got any recommendation's.
  • Mary b @Maryb Becontree - updated 2mo
    I heard there was a fire over Mayesbrook Park this evening. I did smell smoke couldn't tell where it was coming from.
  • Mary b @Maryb Becontree - updated 2mo
    I cant believe what I'm seeing. Got young lads walking past the house in heavy jeans, and thick hoodies with the hood up. Not just one, but a few of them going about their day. 😂 Not all together in a group but singly. Don't they know they can take them off.
  • Mary b @Maryb Becontree - updated 4mo
    Just got my council tax refund of £150, anyone else got theirs yet
  • Mary b @Maryb Becontree - updated 6mo
    Mum had a paper delivered every day when I was child. When I got married I carried on and had my paper delivered. Today is the last day I will get a delivery, as the local shop cant get any boys who want to deliver anymore. Such a shame as my son and his son both were paperboys for the same shop. Looked forward to getting a paper every morning. And of Course treating the boys at Christmas. 😭
  • Mary b @Maryb Becontree - updated 7mo
    Dew claws. Anyone else have trouble with there dogs dew claws. Once again Maggie has dislodged her dew claw. Cant tell you how many time this has happened when she is in the park chasing squirrels. Then has to go to the vet and get it cut back and injection for pain.
  • Mary b @Maryb Becontree - updated 7mo
    My son in law and 2 grandkids have covid. My daughter text me yesterday to say she had a knock on the door from Havering Council. They were checking to see if her husband was at home and not out spreading covid. I know some of you have had covid, did you get a house call to make sure you were at home. They didn't ask about the kids.
  • Mary b @Maryb Becontree - updated 8mo
    I'm getting no notifications on my little bell. But when I look at post there are lots and lots that haven't shown. I'm on laptop using chrome
  • Mary b @Maryb Becontree - updated 9mo
    Grandaughters hamster this morning
  • Mary b @Maryb Becontree - updated 9mo
    You lot cant get away from me, so here Iam
  • Mary b @Maryb Becontree - updated 10mo
    We don't normally eat doughnuts, but hubby likes a few biscuits of an evening with a cuppa. So thought I'd get a pk of 4 doughnuts on my delivery shop Sunday. Wish I hadn't as this is what come out of the bag. 2 whole doughnuts and 2 half, looked like they had teeth marks in them.
  • Mary b @Maryb Becontree - updated 11mo
    A friend of mine had her third covid jab yesterday. She was given a leaflet to say she had to go back in 28 days time to have the second jab of this vaccine Moderna. . Its bad enough having the third one with out having to have a forth a month later.
  • Mary b @Maryb Becontree - updated 11mo
    My night time visitor. Comes a few times in the night for food. But not happy when he leaves his calling card on the path.

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