• Mary b @Maryb Becontree updated 1 month ago
    A firm are going to charge £1 for putting your bins out. Its to help forgetful customers. I need someone to help find my bin and bring it back. Some weeks its up the road, other weeks next door.
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  • Mary b @Maryb Becontree updated 2 months ago
    Hubby just back from the park with the dog. Said a group of teenagers boys and girls were playing football. Along comes my dog and decides to join in, without asking. Starts dribbling the ball away from them with her nose. Going round and round them in circles. The kids all thought it was great, ended up having a game with the dog. Maggie does love a ball, and plays with my grandchildren so thought she could play with these children.
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  • Mary b @Maryb Becontree updated 5 months ago
    On new years eve, as my dog is very stressed with the fire works, I had three pet remedy plug ins working in the room she was in. They didn't work for my dog, she was just as stressed and agitated with them on. Has anyone else used them and found they work for their dog. Next year I'm going to see if the vet can give her an injection, as don't like to see her so stressed out. She seems to be getting worse with age.
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  • Mary b @Maryb Becontree updated 5 months ago
    My poor dog is in the emergency vets right now. She was very quite yesterday, hardly moved all day and was limping a bit. This morning cant put it down at all, walking on three legs. Now in the vets with hubby, so fingers crossed its not too bad.
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  • Mary b @Maryb Becontree updated 10 months ago
    Maggie on her back with the fan blowing on her belly. So hot today she don't know what to do with herself. Put pool out for her, she don't get in it.
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