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    Has anyone heard of this scheme, and/or tried it out?
    Sounds interesting.
    • It sounds like a good idea for anyone who's completely stuck at home, although even a small box (the..

    • They don't deliver to my area, but I am now on the waiting list.

    • @Te... Bother! They don't deliver to mine either. Hopefully in the future - I'll keep my eye on it!..

    • Have heard of it but never tried it.

    • @Le... It appears to be more London-centric (as is often the case with these great initiatives). H..

    • @Bl... There's so many schemes now it's hard to keep up.

    • And more local shops will deliver too now!! Then you can choose exactly what you want and keep a loc..

    • But the more suppliers delivering - almost invariably by van - the more traffic and pollution along ..

    • As a family, we have been self-isolating for quite a while, as we have tested positive for Covid at ..

    • @Di... You`re correct-delveries havea big carbon footprint. Amazon and all online shopping was alre..

    • I don't drive, so that's not an issue for me. I've only ever begged for a lift with a friend to coll..

    • Me too @Di... -I don`t drive-never have. Maybe I`m not such a walker as you. Anything much more tha..

    • I'm no walker at all at present; so little breath while convalescing from a Covid chest infection th..

    • NO but it`s still easier to walk pushing a loaded bike than it is to carry the same load @Di.... I ..

    • @Kr... @Di... - you both need an old-fashioned perambulator. You can get loads in those!


    • I've only just joined this group and seen this post. Funnily enough I signed up to Oddbox this week,..

    • Welcome Lisette.

    • @Bl... No-one living in cities has space to keep an old-fashioned pram any longer! When I was youn..

    • @Di... I was half-joking, Diana! :o/

    • @Bl... I never use emojis but are they feasible on ScoopLoop, to make it easier to show when one's..

    • 😁🤣😍😊 Yes they are feasible @Di.... Right click on ur mouse gets you some and they insert into Scoop..

    • @Di... I don't use emojis -find them a bit irritating. I think most people would have realised I wa..

    • @Kr... Thank you, Krista - it seems I might have to try this. 😒

    • Ooh - it worked 😊

    • @Bl... Nor do I. Have to blame the literal-mindedness on Covid; the foggy brain isn't improving no..

    • It`s also the internet-there`s no body language or facial expression and sometimes little context,es..

    • my Oddbox arrived last Monday despite the snow. Their deliveries arrive over night and are left in a..

    • @Li... All looks good. Have gone on their waiting list. They don’t deliver here currently. I know ..

    • @Li... That's enormously helpful. When - although I'd love to say, "if" - I get housebound again, ..

    • This comment was deleted by its author.

    • @Li... Is £15.99 good value for what you received compared to supermarket prices? I realise there ..

    • @Te... I calculated that buying the equivalent at my local supermarket would save me about £2ish. G..

    • @Li... I get an organic veg box regularly. It isn't cheap but it means I go less often to the supe..

    • Our local veg box system depends on the customer being able to collect their own box from the locked..

Save The Planet

This planet is dying and we are all acting too slowly. Thoughts, debates & suggestions on how we can act FAST and attempt to save the planet. No business postings unrelated to saving the planet will be accepted and posters will be removed from the loop.