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    • John H @JohnH6 Westcliff-On-Sea - 1mo
    • John H @JohnH6 Westcliff-On-Sea - 1mo
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    • Anonymous @anonymous Monkton Deverill - 1y

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    • Joy @Joy2 Harold Wood - 2y

      Creative Craft Show next weekend ! Roll Up, Roll Up, half price tickets!

    • Alex @Alex4 Heage - 2y

      Arts & Creativity as a Health Benefit

      In a study recently conducted it was found that people who took part in arts and creativity were 73% less likely to develop mild cognitive impairment.

    • Linda @Linda4 Burnham - 2y

      Unique Idea....

      Seen this online and thought it was worth a share.
      Homemade calendar made from paint swatches. Can be collected from any B&Q for free. Then just put it a 16 x 20 frame and your done.
      You can use a whiteboard marker to write in your activities and easily wipe them off if they change. :)

    • Gabi @GabrielaM Balham - 2y

      Art Night is back this Friday. This years festival is taking place not just in London, but around the country and online too! You can see all the programme on the website:

    • Alex @Alex4 Heage - 2y

      Pressed Flower Art


      – Pressed flowers
      – Floral scissors
      – Parchment paper
      – Heavy books or flower Press
      – Glue
      – Shadow box frame (I used an IKEA Ribba frame)
      – Craft foam sheet
      – Colored paper
      – Pins (I used specimen pins, because I love the gold tops and matte black stems)
      – Tweezers

      1. Cut the flowers close to the base. Small, thinner flowers that can lay flat work best for pressing. Line a book with parchment paper and place cut flowers on the page without overlapping. Press for two to four weeks until they are completely dry.

      Tip: Try to press your flowers when they are in full bloom to help get the best shape and colors. The colors will fade, but pressing them in the height of their bloom helps. Make sure they are completely dry, too, or they can mold.

      2. Cut the paper and foam to frame size using the mat as a guide. Adhere foam to the back of the paper and frame.

      3. Compose an arrangement of pressed flowers. Once you decide on your layout, pin flowers in place starting with the bottom layer and working up. Use tweezers to easily pick up the pressed flowers.

      Enjoy your new art piece!

    • Alex @Alex4 Heage - updated 2y

      Beautiful Cocktail glasses ... perfect for Summer BBQ's!

      Glass Coupes (can buy from Ikea)
      Permanent adhesive vinyl (any brand works, just look for the colours you love!)

      Begin by cutting out the vinyl with your scissors into tiny little confetti bits. I like to cut the vinyl into asymmetrical, wavy edged ovals to give them the perfect confetti look.

      Once you have your vinyl pieces cut in various sizes, peel off the backing and stick them on the outside of your clean glasses to form your confetti pattern.

      Repeat until you fill the cup portion of the glass

      Perfect for summer days :)

    • Alex @Alex4 Heage - 2y

      Free London Art Exhibitions

      Really great piece on all of the free exhibitions happening around London over the coming weeks including Rhys Coren & Kate Dunn!

    • Alex @Alex4 Heage - 3y

      Unique Simple Home Decor

      Great idea for anyone looking to add a unique touch to their home. Needing only 3 items:
      Reclaimed wood

      This design is great to add a personal touch at a low cost. Polaroid pictures look great with this design but any type can be used; Boots offer quick printing services and are local to most places.
      Also a great gift for the person that has everything!

    • Alex @Alex4 Heage - updated 3y

      Sheep Painted Rocks - Great to brighten up your garden & for Kids!

      Things you will need:
      Smooth rocks about 2” in diameter; a variety of shapes but mostly full and round
      White paint pen
      Black paint pen
      Satin Acrylic Paint in colors Black Tie, Buff Beige, and Cotton Ball
      Paper towels and mixing cups

      Make sure all rocks are clean and dry.
      Give the rock a washed-out look using a watered down black and white paint mixture.
      Mix a small amount of water with a bit of black paint and paint the surface of the rock.
      Right after, use a clean paper towel and wipe away the excess paint leaving a washed-out appearance.
      Do the same on the other rock or rocks with a watered down white paint mixture. Let paint dry fully before moving onto the next step.
      Using a white paint pen, gently begin drawing spirals all over the black-washed rocks. Avoid pressing on to the paint pen too much, keeping the strokes light and consistent.
      Do the same on the white-washed rocks using a black paint pen.
      On the white sheep, use a fine tip paintbrush to paint a round egg shape on the upper half of the rock in Black Tie. This is to resemble the sheep’s face. Next, paint the ears as well as the sheep hooves.
      On the black sheep, do the same except use Buff Beige paint instead.
      Using a white paint pen, draw two oval-shaped eyes on the face. Once dry, paint the pupils using a black paint pen
      Draw the nose and mouth on the black painted sheep as shown. Repeat for making more painted sheep rocks.


    • Joy @Joy2 Harold Wood - 3y

      Cake International

      If cakes are your thing -

    • Joy @Joy2 Harold Wood - 3y

      All in one price, craft sessions

      Another chance to be crafty -

      The Creative Craft Show - Access All Areas
      ​​​​​​​available until 31.12.20

      Here's what you need to know in a nutshell:
      ☆ The event took place on Facebook on 07.11.20 but is available to watch back until the end of the year ☆
      ☆ Tickets are £6 - ALL of the content below is included ☆
      ☆ Your ticket will give you access to 10 workshop areas ☆
      ☆ This means more than 30 hours of crafty tutorials and talks ☆
      ☆You can buy most of the corresponding craft kits on our website (FREE P&P)☆

      What are the workshop areas? * = shop online (see below for details)

      Felting Den
      Sponsored by: The Makerss
      Bex Raven – Wet Felting with Rust *

      The Makerss – Needle Felted Dog’s Head *

      Woolly Felters – Beginners Guide to Needle Felting – Needle Felted Hare*

      Sewing Den Sponsored by: native lighting

      Debbie Shore – Sew an Oriental Clasp Bag*

      Jenniffer Taylor – Perfect Pockets Masterclass

      Clair Heal, Emporia Patterns – Make a Frida Dress in Viscose Crepe*

      Quilting Den Sponsored by: PCS books

      Pat Archibald - Sparkling Christmas Poinsettia *

      Sara Kear Smith, White Gecko Lounge - Introduction to Manx Quilting *

      Gillian Cooper - Puffin Appliqué Notebook *

      Embroidery Den Sponsored by: Searchpress

      Helen McCook, RSN – Starry Night Hand Embroidery*

      Wendy Dolan – Machine Embroidered Seascape *

      Tina Francis – Bargello Stitch Pincushion*

      Papercraft Den Sponsored by: Crafters Companion

      Lisa Cornwall, Crunchie Crafts – Mini Memory Folio

      Jason Wilkes, Bert & Gerts - Art Journaling using Stencils and Distress Inks*

      Lynette Jasper - Cute Little ATC Journal

      Jewellery Den

      Tracey Spurgin, Craftworx - Sunshine Heart Silver Clay Pendant *

      Fleur Hastings, Rocks n Chains – Byzantine & Roses Sterling Silver Bracelet*

      Debbie Bulford - Mix and Match Polymer Clay Jewellery *

      Yarn Den

      Laura Blacktop, Chipmunk Crafts – Finger Knitted and Crochet Jewellery *

      Debbie Munro, Lace Knittery – Beginners Dye Class*

      Catherine Arnfield, Knit2Felt – Knitted and Felted Owl *

      What else do I get?
      CCS LIVE - Festive Makes

      Keith Edwards, Fantastic Ribbons – Christmas Ribbon Wreath*
      Lechlade Craft Barn – Lavish Fabric Baubles *

      Mandy Shaw, Dandelion Designs – Angel Clementine*

      Kerrie Padmore, Living in Loveliness – Christmas Tree Garland *

      The Makerss – Needlefelted Santa *

      Artcuts - Christmas Crafting with Wooden Shapes*
      Annette Smyth - Nordic Tomte Gnome with Tealights

      Meet the Artist - Seminars

      Pat Archibald – A Middle Eastern Journey

      Bex Raven – Making Time with the Queen of Rust

      Wendy Dolan - The World Around Us - Inspiration for Textiles

      The Pattern Pages – Introducing the Pattern Pages & Sew Your Style Winners!
      Lorna Bateman - Embroidered Country Gardens

      Jen Hogg*, Janet Poole, Mercedes Ferrari and Mark Francis
      The Great British Sewing Bees Across the Series: Sewing, Filming and Beyond

      Shopping on Screen
      Shop the products from our demonstrations all in one place - with free postage!

      With even more to be announced!

      Book Your Ticket

      See the Showguide

    • Deena @Deena Earlsfield - 3y

      Nothing can stop

      Nothing can stop these young people from making what they love!

    • Joy @Joy2 Harold Wood - 3y

      Week long, free, on line sewing courses

    • Joy @Joy2 Harold Wood - 3y

      Online Craft Weekend

      This may be of interest, held online instead of a live weekend. Starts at 10am today -

    • TerryS @TerryS Purbrook - updated 4y

      Grayson's Art Club

      This may give you some inspiration.

      Six week series starts this Thursday 16th April on Channel 4 at 8.00pm.

      Every week Grayson will host the show from his studio - taking the country with him as he creates new art works. Grayson will talk to other famous artists, creatives and celebrity guests about how they are spending their time in isolation and host masterclasses to help teach us all how to create art.

      The first episode concentrates on portraits.

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