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    Sheep Painted Rocks - Great to brighten up your garden & for Kids!

    Things you will need:
    Smooth rocks about 2” in diameter; a variety of shapes but mostly full and round
    White paint pen
    Black paint pen
    Satin Acrylic Paint in colors Black Tie, Buff Beige, and Cotton Ball
    Paper towels and mixing cups

    Make sure all rocks are clean and dry.
    Give the rock a washed-out look using a watered down black and white paint mixture.
    Mix a small amount of water with a bit of black paint and paint the surface of the rock.
    Right after, use a clean paper towel and wipe away the excess paint leaving a washed-out appearance.
    Do the same on the other rock or rocks with a watered down white paint mixture. Let paint dry fully before moving onto the next step.
    Using a white paint pen, gently begin drawing spirals all over the black-washed rocks. Avoid pressing on to the paint pen too much, keeping the strokes light and consistent.
    Do the same on the white-washed rocks using a black paint pen.
    On the white sheep, use a fine tip paintbrush to paint a round egg shape on the upper half of the rock in Black Tie. This is to resemble the sheep’s face. Next, paint the ears as well as the sheep hooves.
    On the black sheep, do the same except use Buff Beige paint instead.
    Using a white paint pen, draw two oval-shaped eyes on the face. Once dry, paint the pupils using a black paint pen
    Draw the nose and mouth on the black painted sheep as shown. Repeat for making more painted sheep rocks.


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