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  • Diana @Diana3 The Hyde updated 4 months ago

    Private messages – private or not?

    There's currently a debate about whether one should ever publicize a private message by pasting it into the open forum. This has been caused by one member posting an extremely abusive PM to another. One member has referred to putting a PM in the open forum as being a breach of etiquette, but where is the etiquette in sending vituperative unsolicited PMs?

    My own view is this: I exchange private messages with a few people on here and I wouldn't dream of putting any of them on the public forum, but should a person choose to dump abuse in my PM box they can expect to see that held up to the light. People aiming to be abusive gain power by thinking the recipient will accept the idea of privacy and will not expose their abuse to the public view. Should anyone try it with me, I want to take away that power. I find the idea of someone sending PMs like the one sent to someone yesterday, confident that no one on the public forum will see just how horrible they can be, really nauseating.

    Please could you let us know your policy on this?
    • @Di... I can assure you it is against scooploop policy. It has been confirmed to me by scooploop su..

    • For information of readers of this post:


    • @Mr... you were wrong, it was not policy and there is nothing in writing for any member to see..

    • @De... if it was not against scooploop policy why was it removed?

    • This comment was deleted by its author.

      4 months ago
    • @Ca... I reiterate... I can assure you it is against scooploop policy. It has been confirmed to..

    • @Mr... it was removed because they deemed it unacceptable as there had been complaints.


    • It's interesting that the person expressing the most indignation has engaged in much more serious an..

    • @ma... Don't worry, I'm on the case!

    • I personally wouldn’t do it myself but if someone receives an abusive PM and wishes to do so then I ..

    • @ma... Hello mate long time no see. Where have you been hiding yourself?

    • @Da... official procedure.

    • @Mr... if someone is abusive in private then they deserve to be outed . Like I said I wouldn’t..

    • This comment was deleted by its author.

      4 months ago
    • @Da... it's not fair enough it's against scooploop rules how many times do I have to say it

    • @Ca... I have it on PM by SL I wish you people would read previous comment so I don't have to k..

    • @Mr... scoop can’t just a say it’s against their policy if it isn’t in writing. That’s like su..

    • @Da... Exactly. There is no published policy, it may come, but currently does not exist.

      Not only t..

    • The first question I asked was "please show me where this policy is published"

      There isn't one!

    • @De... if it was a written policy it wouldn’t have been a polite request!

    • @Da... Exactly.

      Nobody, has been able to direct me to the policy, it doesn't exist.

    • they are always polite even when they are suspending people

    • SL would not have removed the post if there was nothing wrong with it.

    • @Mr... they didn't remove it. They asked me to!

      Read properly!

    • @De... Same thing same result.

    • This comment was deleted by its author.

      4 months ago
    • This comment was deleted by its author.

      4 months ago
    • Now I remember why I haven't been visiting Scooploop recently. Pathetic.

    • For the record, to an independent bystander, it seems that @De... has behaved in an entirely approp..

    • @Mr... the only thing I deleted was the screenshot. The post still exists so don't get too exc..

    • @Pe... thanks Peter, bullies should be outed and I will continue to do so.

    • @De... exactly...that was the part that was wrong.

    • @De... @Pe......Yes they should. I disagreed with every word Fran said that is not in dispute.

    • @Mr... wrong to you! Proof to others.

      And proof is always needed one way or another, rather ..

    • @De... as I have said many times it is confirmed in my private messaging service.

      And therefore un..

    • @De... but it should be obvious to you as SL politely asked you to remove the screenshot.

    • They asked me to remove the screen shot. They didn't ask me to remove the text of the IM. That is st..

    • @Mr... you missed the point. What is written in an IM is not against the rules to publish. But..

    • @De... I'm getting bored now are we going to do this all day?

    • @Mr... you are boring and tiresome and full of excuses. Off you go!

    • @De... no you first. let's see who can get the last word in😄

    • @Mr... don't be silly, you can't be a fool forever. Can you?

    • I don't want to fall out with you on this. Concede and let's move on.

    • I think it depends on the content and this is a complicated issue on a social media forum.

      There hav..

    • @Mr... P! '§§ Off. You are annoying me.

    • The screenshot in question was replied to, publicity, on the post by the sender and she was expectin..

    • @Ve... how many times have I got to say it. I have been told by SL It's against their policy to scre..

    • @Mr... it was not against policy at the time of posting. You have failed to provide proof it w..

    • You may have been told but by reading the comments the rest of us have not and as I said "could this..

    • no it was not a warning to me alone whatever that means. I explained exactly the situation.

    • Hello everyone,

      Whilst posting private messages isn’t specifically breaking any terms and condition..


    • @Sc... does this mean we can not warn other members of unsolicited PM's from new joiners?

    • @Mr... which shows it was not policy at the time, so your inform or remind post was incorrect ..

    • @De... read it properly... "We do deem posting private messages to the public platform as unaccepta..

    • @Ve... you can still warn other members without using screengrabs that's the whole point and then re..

    • Therefore 'Copy and Paste' but no screenshots. 🤣🤣

    • @Mr... but it was not policy at the time and is not currently in their policy.

    • @De... it was and is but they're going to make it clearer read their statement.

    • @Ve... it makes a whole lot of difference to little minds. It's nothing different other than actual ..

    • @Ve... I'm just pointing out SL policy. You can interpret it as you wish.

    • @De... I would rather see the truth rather than an edited c & p amended version.

      What next? No You..

    • @Ve... if you have any concerns or objections take it up with SL

    • @Ve... No, it just means you can't post a screenshot of a PM in a public forum - like Derek did yest..

    • I can't see the need of splashing it all over a Thread just report it to SL and let them deal with i..

    • @De... We are reviewing our policy in light of this situation, as having looked into it we believe ..

    • Disregarding all the comments above - Private messages are PRIVATE !!

      Public posting of any private..

    • That's what I've been saying, the policy doesn't exist currently.

      The problem arose when someone who..

    • @Ve... our friend still cannot see that no policy existed which is especially obvious by the "This i..

    • Well said @Ry...

    • @Mr... 👍

    • @De... @Ve... it did exist but they will make it clearer for certain individuals who had difficulty..

    • However, now that Scooploop are dealing with that we can all look forward to the next lot of complai..

    • @Mr... OK for the last time and to shut me up, show me where it is published?

    • @De... I don't care if you shut up or not I have the proof in my PM. And SL have just confirmed it...

    • Then cut and paste it. That isn't against the rules.

      Besides which Scooploop have not confirmed tha..

    • @Mr...

      Derek R and Vera2 simply do not understand the legal implications applicable to the pu..

    • I know @Ry... but what can you do you can only tell them a certain amount of times.

    • @Mr...

      I any other Forum with adequate discipline they would be warned

    • @De... DerekR The policy obviously does exist... Interesting! There are no legal requirement for an..

    • How odd that someone who officially can't read what I write should be able to comment about me. I kn..

    • 🤣 🤣 now this is an issue management needs to look into 🤣 🤣

    • @Un... that would be interesting if it were true.

      Scooploop do have a policy and it is publis..

    • @Ve... I agree a tad more worrying than highlighting a bully.

    • @Sc... would you please look into how someone who has blocked me can see what I'm writing on ..

    • This comment was deleted by its author.

      4 months ago
    • This is the last time hopefully of repeating the facts...

      SL : This is due to be added to our polic..

    • @Mr...

      Here's one for you from an hour ago, to which you cheered :

      ScooploopSupport @Sc.....

    • @Mr... - read that SL comment again: you will find they do not use the word 'unacceptable', no..

    • Thank you, Derek, that's made it a bit easier for him!

    • @Pe... I doubt it, he appears to be word blind when it comes to common sense. As I believe Alistair..

    • @De... same thing happened to me re blocking, I reported it this morning and scoop said they will l..

    • @Da... they've got mine to look at now. Was it the same person?

    • @De... no it was someone I blocked and I know I hadn’t unblocked them so it has to be a bug.I have ..

    • Ok, let's take a step back from this.

      I think you could draw a parallel between a PM here and a post..

    • @Da... I love it when the Righteous show that they are the Wrongtous!

      Let's hope the twaddle makers..

    • @Pe... I tried to make that point way up the thread, however those who are likely to be a nuisance ..

    • The quote was from SL on "my post" I closed the thread and so it cannot be edited and is their origi..

    • @Ca... what Fran said to Derek in PM was completely out of order and I don't think there would ..

    • @Mr... my quote is on this thread and was made an hour or so ago.

      It was cheered by you, but ..

    • @De... love that wrongtous word!

    • @Un... what a stupid comment!

    • @Da... I'll let you use it free of charge. Ha ha ha!

    • @De... well us locals have to stick together 🤣

    • This comment was deleted by its author.

      4 months ago
    • @Ca... oh dear, is he attacking others? He's usually banned by now. I wonder how he's surviving..

    • I am going to unfollow this anti-social thread and let all the members who think that publishing a p..

    • This comment was deleted by its author.

      4 months ago
    • @Pe... it's against scooploop policy regardless of what the implications are elsewhere

    • @Ca...

      It is YOU who needs to grow up and understand the laws on publishing private details. N..

    • Brilliant comment @Un... in a nutshell. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    • SL.. just to inform you that @Ca... thinks your addition of emojis and The lightning bolt speci..

    • @Mr... is that correct?

      So you send pile of excrement pictures to everyone do you?

    • @Mr... - it is not (yet), remember? This has been covered several times in this thread.

    • Well, what you are stating is that if I do something once I will repeat. Or have I missed the point?..

    • This comment was deleted by its author.

      4 months ago
    • @Ca... Alistaire always shouted. That's how he convinces people not to argue with him.

    • This comment was deleted by its author.

      4 months ago
    • I'm going to have my dinner now, but... "I'll be back" Sorry is that plagiarism @De...

    • @Pe... unfortunately he cannot grasp the tense of the situation. He cannot see the past, only the f..

    • @Mr... no, twattishness

    • @De... I'll leave you with this...In case you haven't heard Breaking News, Portugal has been put on..

    • @Mr... You will never know how much I defended you this evening.

      When they knew you had gone ..

    • Completely understand why @De... showed the abusive PM. I'd probably have done the same, as would o..

    • @Ka...

      Thank you for that Kay.

      As you have seen, one of the major trolls has made enough fuss to pr..

    • All forms of abuse and bullying need to be shown to all members. This way we can decide for ourselve..

    • Indeed @De.... I think it's also about being able to weigh up potentially opposing principles and d..

    • @Ka... If anyone has a problem with SL's code of conduct policy best take it up with them. When Derek..

    • @Un... you still don't get it do you? The rule does not exist, therefore could not be broken. ..

    • I couldn't have put it better myself... in a nutshell @Un... 👍

    • I'm going to put an end to this and publish the the PM I got from SL and be damned

    • @De... the one above that you are referring to has been edited for some unknown reason. In its orig..

    • @Mr... I'm waiting with bated breath.

    • The most recent communication from them is as stated above.

      That is their position as it stands.


    • I have just relooked at SLs above comment...

      "As having looked into it we believe our current T's we..

    • @Un... I have no problem with SL's code of conduct policy. If any such rule existed re posting..

    • @Mr... Why do you not understand English?

      Their current terms were not clear enough because t..

    • @Ka... you are missing the point again he could have quite easily told us what Fran had said, without..

    • @Mr... you really are sounding like someone who doesn't understand English.

      You can see from..

    • @Mr... The problem with your suggestion is that anyone could then claim that someone had sent ..

    • @Ka... it's only the guilty who fear being exposed.

    • @Ka... I agree, what is the problem? If you don't abuse or bully by PM you have no reason to worry.

    • @De... You're obviously a little on the slow side grasping the nettle so I will try again just for ..

    • I'm not arguing with you on your point @Ka.... I'm just telling you what SL told me that it was again..

    • @Mr... you are still avoiding the excrement question.

      It looks as though we'll have to let S..

    • @De... "No rule existed, no rule currently does exist". So the admin are lying then? Fair enough.

    • No one has come up with an answer as to how to stop this kind of abuse and to me banning screenshots..

    • @Ve... if you don't agree with the policy bring it up with a SL. maybe they can have one of their po..

    • @Ve... If the admin permit the use of Screen grabs for the purpose of advising other members of a pr..

    • @Un... Of course any policy has to be in writing. How else would anyone know what a policy is?..

    • If you choose your friends wisely, blackmail etc is very unlikely to be an issue. People who are the..

    • If there is a rule or policy "NO screenshot / screengrab allowed", how come management have not remo..

    • This comment was deleted by its author.

      4 months ago
    • (Oh dear, sorry - I've just inadvertently reacted to one of my comments above. I've tried taking it ..

    • This comment was deleted by its author.

      4 months ago
    • @Ka... All Derek needed do is forward the offending message to the admin in whatever format he wishes..

    • @Un... As I explained earlier, I have done that myself previously, but no action was taken. So..

    • @Bl... You may find my statement "Silly", but legally accurate. Don't blame me, blame the lawyers ..

    • @Un... I can see the difference. The latter is proof, the former could be disputed.

    • @Un... A policy for any company cannot possibly be legally accurate if it is not in writing.

    • @Di... Maybe I didn't make myself clear. By all means forward a screengrab of the offending PM to t..

    • @Un... Which law is that?

    • @Bl... I suggest you check it out for yourself.

    • @Un... I don't really need to check it out - I worked for international Corporate lawyers for ..

    • Question on @Qu...: Is it illegal to post screenshots of a private conversation between you and some..

    • Further up the thread, I notice SL said this in a post:

      "Whilst posting private messages isn’t speci..

    • @Bl... Exactly!

    • I may be dumb but I don't see the difference between quoting what a private abusive message says or ..

    • This comment was deleted by its author.

      4 months ago
    • @Da... as Diana said, there is no difference other than one is proof, the other hearsay.

    • @De... What is the point of that post?

    • @De... thats what I mean, I see no reason why someone says it is ok to type the abuse not show it

    • @Bl... I knew a few people years ago who worked for a law firm. They made the tea.

    • @Da... but look at the comment above yours. Still too thick to understand the difference and still h..

    • @De... oh I cant, I blocked 'em lol

    • @Un... Fascinatingly inconsequential!

    • @Da... ha ha ha!

      That's the reason for his comment!

    • @Ve... keep up we are talking about screenshots of "private messaging" only.

    • @Da... if you don't agree with the policy take it up with the SL

      I'm getting tired of saying the sa..

    • @Ca... I asked them to close it last night and they still haven't done it.

      it's getting ridicu..

    • @Ca... any malicious PMs. forward them onto SL and they will deal with it no need for them to b..

    • @Ka... In real life I would agree with you. Trusting people you meet online is not a wise move. Don't..

    • @Ka... choose your friends wisely? do you know what the divorce rate is in the UK? 😄

    • @De... That's what I like about you, Derek. Nothing gets past you does it😉

    • @De... oh well lol it is peaceful on this side 😁

    • @Mr... I cannot disagree with a policy that did not exist🤣

    • Hmm! What's the difference between passed and past?

      I must remember to look it up when I get bored.

    • This comment was deleted by its author.

      4 months ago
    • @Ca... oh my - is that legal??? 🤣

    • @De... Thanks for the correction. Just taken my meds😉

    • As promised earlier...the PM I received from SL dated 3 June...

      Me. "please advise is it against po..

    • Hopefully this will clarify things and we can all move on.

    • This comment was deleted by its author.

      4 months ago
    • This comment was deleted by its author.

      4 months ago
      Replies (5)
      • This comment was deleted by its author.

        4 months ago
    • @Ca... do you mean this one?

    • I still don't know how to do a screen shot so cannot break the rules anyway.

    • @Ca... this was my one.

    • @Ca... A bit dramatic isn't it..."quell the unrest"🤣We're just having a nice, polite, friendly ..

    • @Mr... The Instant message response you received was a knee jerk response by someone who was n..

    • This comment was deleted by its author.

      4 months ago
    • @Ca... you wouldn't add something which already exists. Therefore it did not exist.

    • @Ca... as I've previously stated, some people haven't a clue how to read English!

    • @Un... I don't quite see where Derek has committed any error of his ways. Most of us on the th..

    • @Ca... Well said!

    • To summarise

      SL are saying it has been and is against their policy but will improve the wording. quo..

    • @Mr... Must try harder. Off you go little boy. If you still haven't understood, you never will..

    • How do you know it was a knee jerk reaction? or are you just cherry picking and distorting the answe..

    • @Mr... if only ignorant people resort to insults, do I assume your excrement campaign is over?..

    • @De... I'm going to be honest with you I've got no idea what you're talking about 💩

    • @De... Not forgetting of course, a YouTube music video campaign that he had going against another m..

    • You will, when I'm ready. And yes the description fits, it's better than you putting a signature.

    • I tell you what I propose for the sake of everyone. I am prepared to call a truce with you and let's..

    • @Mr... you don't get off the hook sunshine - you've had 2 days to be contrite.

      Now is not the..

    • @Bl... can you message me what details you have please.

    • I have to admit to finding it quite astonishing that SL themselves have commented hardly at all on t..

    • @Bl... I feel they are watching to guage reaction, or at least hope that's what is happening.


    • @Mr... That Seems fair enough to me mate!

    • @De... fair enough mate. I want it on record that I tried to extend the hand of friendship with a t..

    • @Bl... In fairness to the admin, they have posted not one, but two responses to this issue. What m..

    • @Un... I can see only one definitive response from SL (23 hours ago) on this thread. They have..

    • @Bl... Please be assured there were two. In the last one, they changed their wording. If and when ..

    • Looks very much like all the aliases have come out the woodwork now the voting is in full swing. Tha..

    • @Un... How strange - Uncle Albert accusing people of being aliases because the voting is not g..

    • @Un... this could be a good opportunity for management to spot all the multiple accounts as th..

    • Blodwhine I see you still have me on block why don't you remove it so we can have a little chat you ..

    • @Un... whilst I really am not in the mood to discuss anything with you, your comments are tota..

    • @Ve... Absolutely right Vera. Then let us see who runs for the hills.

    • @Ve... @Un... if only it was that easy. Unfortunately not. Each alias/member has their own ema..

    • @Bl... yes I've noticed that little double act. One pops up straight after the other. Funny that 😉..

    • @Bl... There are quite a few people on here I like, and MrSok is one of them. I'm the type who wil..

    • @Un... No matter how badly they behave?

    • I’ve never had so many notifications on here! People definitely care as everyone is talking about it..

    • @Di... I haven't yet seen anyone I like behave "badly".

    • Thanks @Un... likewise. Us gooduns stick together. 👍

    • @Un... don't listen to her she's just a sour puss

    • Specsavers would probably be worth mentioning here!

    • @ma... are you talking about you and Blodwhine. 😉😄

    • @Mr... There's clearly the odd few on here who know nothing about loyalty. If they did they wo..

    • @Un... certainly don't turn your back on this lot the knives will be out before you know it.

    • @De... If you hurry they're still open.

    • @Un... he won't be able to get there unless he's got a guide dog 🤣

    • United by ignorance. What a sad thing to be joyous about!

    • I offered you the hand of friendship and a truce but you rejected it @De... . what can I say

    • You had a chance yesterday, but blew it. @Mr...

    • @De... scroll back as far as you want to go you have never offered a truce.

    • MrSokPupitt The Derek's, Blodwen's of this world are everywhere. Seriously not a problem in any shap..

    • @Mr... I offered you a chance to accept the facts - you rejected it.

      There is nothing else to..

    • I think it might be worth just repeating my offer to you Derek to remind the good members following ..

    • I wonder why you refer to me in a comment to Sok. He is (supposedly) not able to see my comments, as..

    • When you rejected my offer I replied with this.

      @De... fair enough mate. I want it on record that ..

    • @Bl... they certainly operate in tandem!

      I'm also. Wondering why they think that you are my poss..

    • @Bl... Don't be so stupid. All anyone has to do is read the comments and will know your are here w..

    • This is the type of person we are dealing with this is what is stopping a friendly harmonious place ..

    • @Un... blocked by Dawn? Well done @Da...

    • @De... I had a few blocks that unblocked lol and yes he was one !

    • @Un... Crikey - that's rather rude and insulting, isn't it? Personal insults being thrown arou..

    • @De... You can do the same Derek. You're of no use in my world. Already have a car cleaner and teab..

    • @Bl... Not at all. Just stated the obvious knowing you're a bit slow on the uptake😉

    • @Da... one of the ignorant twins is saying that he can work out what you are saying from your commen..

    • @Mr... You tried to do the adult honorable thing more than once. I seriously wouldn't bother w..

    • @Un... 🤣👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    • On a serious note @Un... be cautious when making friends on here some of them are too faced an..

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