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    • Alan P @AlanP3 Ashford - 15d

      Is your marriage in trouble. Don't just make a bee line for the solicitors. They don't have any interest in fixing broken relationships or a marriage, its not what they do, they only have a one way interest to provide you with a very expensive singles ticket to the divorce court.
      Did you know we find 70% of broken relationships and marriages can be fixed, find a new lease of live, with many recovering to be even better then they have ever been. FACT good relationships don't fail or go bad, its one or both of the people within them that fail or go bad, if that be due to anger, stress, anxiety, turning to an add1ction or even an affair to try and find a way to muddle though life's ups and downs. FIX THE PEOPLE and you fix the relationship. If your relationship or marriage is in trouble and before you start to throw £40K + (average price of a divorce legal costs in the UK) at a solicitor to NOT fix your relationship problems or marriage then you owe it to your self to try and fix it with marriage guidance / relationship counselling 1st.
      We are good at what we do, and we will tell it to you straight, if your relationship or marriage is one of the 30% that should not be or should never of been, we will advise you, but at least you will have tried and had professional help to do all you can to fix it before you go down that divorce route.
      For more information on how we can help you: 01784 392449

    • Alan P @AlanP3 Ashford - 6mo

      About Relationship Counselling
      People can feel very stuck or lost when they have tried to make their relationship work and feel that getting through to their partner seems hopeless.

      It’s totally rational for a person in a relationship to feel their love for their partner has died for good. Teaching the couple how to reattach is key to getting the marriage back on track.

      Many relationships can be saved with the right focus, but many individuals in their relationship can feel anxiety and hopeless and give up far too soon.

      At Wise Blue Owl Therapy Centre both therapists, Alan Piper and Kate Hudson-Hall have over 20 years’ experience of working with clients with Relationship problems.

      By dealing with the areas of your life that are connected and helping your mind change these behaviours and reducing these negative feeling completely. For you finally to live your life free from these feeling, stress, and anxiety and move forward without these problems.

    • Alan P @AlanP3 Ashford - 7mo

      Are you looking for help with Anxiety, Fear, Phobia, An Addiction, Stress or have Relationship problems. Then why not come to see us at Wise Blue Owl Therapy, your local trusted and professional therapy centre in Ashford Surrey. Where Kate and Alan are both highly experienced and regard therapists in a range of therapies. We are able to provide the right therapy to help suit you and your issues personally.

    • Alan P @AlanP3 Ashford - 3y

      Counselling, Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy in Surrey

      1 Kate Hudson-Hall – Dip.THP, DipAdvHYP, AFA.Dip
      2 Alan Piper – HPA, DipNLP, GHSC/GHR, DipCMT
      3 Counselling
      4 Hypnotherapy
      4.1 Getting treated with Hypnotherapy
      4.2 How Hypnotherapy Can Help You
      4.3 Why Hypnotherapy
      4.4 When To Consider Hypnotherapy
      5 Psychotherapy
      6 Mindfulness
      7 Anxiety
      8 Anger
      9 Stress
      9.1 Some common triggers for stress include:
      10 Depression
      10.1 Depression and Anxiety
      11 Grief
      12 Panic Attacks
      13 Substance Abuse
      14 Gambling Addiction
      15 Sleep Disorders
      16 Fear & Phobia
      16.1 Avoidance
      17 Shyness & Nervousness
      17.1 Ways to Help Overcome Shyness.
      18 IBS
      18.1 Some of the common symptoms of IBS
      19 Resolve Fear Of Flying
      20 Driving Phobia
      21 Teenage self harming
      21.1 The difference between suicide and deliberate self-harm
      21.2 A sign of emotional distress
      21.3 Definitions of Self-Harm
      21.3.1 There are many types of self-harm but these can include
      22 Eating Disorders
      22.1 Anorexia nervosa
      22.2 Signs and symptoms of anorexia
      22.3 Bulimia
      22.4 Symptoms of bulimia
      23 Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy
      24 Improve Self Confidence
      25 Pain Relief
      26 Weight Loss Hypnosis
      27 Hypnotherapy and Entrepreneurs
      27.1 Eliminates negative thoughts that keep you stuck.
      27.2 It can improve your mental health.
      28 Sport performance
      29 Reviews
      29.1 Excellent … 10 / 10
      29.1.1 See More of our great reviews
      30 Media

    • Alan P @AlanP3 Ashford - 3y

      Gambling Addiction therapy available in Ashord Surrey

      If you need help to resolve a gambling addiction:
      Gambling is one of the most destructive habits in the world. It doesn’t destroy your liver. It won’t give you lung cancer. Even after a real bad run of bad luck. You can be reasonably sure that you won’t be stretchered away, having expired with a mouth full of vomit. No harm done. It’s only money that is the belief

      Experts of addiction point out that problem gamblers are subject to is a mix of messy contributing factors and associative disorders. “We’ve known for along time that problem gambling is not a standalone issue,” says Dr. Rachel Volberg, President of Gemini Research, which conducts gambling-related studies. “Problem gamblers are likely to have other substance abuse issues, usually alcohol and tobacco. Depression and anxiety are also prevalent among problem gamblers.”

      In terms of the gambler’s tendency toward suicide, however, these factors serve only to cloud the issue. The most reliable killer of people with gambling problems can be summed up in a single word: debt. Because once negative equity enters the picture, gambling addiction moves into a category of its own.

      There is now plenty of research that shows more scientific evidence for hypnotherapy than any other complementary therapy by using hypnosis. Enough studies have now accumulated to suggest that the inclusion of hypnotic procedures may be beneficial in the management and treatment of a wide range of conditions and problems encountered in the practice of medicine, psychiatry and psychotherapy.

    • Lucy @Lucy Ashford - 3y

      Revoke Article 50 Petition

      If you are horrified by the way Brexit is going and just want it to stop then if you haven’t already done so jhplease sign this and get your friends and family to do so.

      It is the biggest petition in history and has become a powerful voice for those who have stayed quiet as the UK descended into chaos. Richmond has over 26000 signatures, the 9th highest constituency in the UK but there must be many who don’t know about the petition. Please help spread the word.

    • h. g @Hg1 Ashford - updated 3y

      energy healing/reiki

      Date: 04.04.2019. Time: 13:15

      Location: united reform church eden st,kingston(0pp post office)

      we are there every thurs. pm except last thurs. in the month, till 4 pm. We are qualified therapists for a registered charity and work by donation ...
    • h. g @Hg1 Ashford - 3y

      Mystery tree.

      In Ham Street, by the Palm Centre, opposite Cut-throat Alley, is a tree protected by an old iron fence. The original tree rotted and was replaced some years ago.
      Does anyone know why this tree is so strongly protected? While I am inquiring, Cut-throat alley leads on to Melancholy Walk. Is there a connection?
      Aubrey Green

    • Sylvie @Sylvie Ashford - 4y

      Visit Richmond Furniture Scheme - fab place to rummage

      A wonderful charity based in the midst of Twickenham. A warehouse full of furniture for the community to buy at reasonable prices. They currently have a sale at 50% discount for their chairs. It's an interesting place to visit. Take a look at their website:

    • Sylvie @Sylvie Ashford - 4y

      Boilers - Breaking Down

      If you boiler has stopped, it could be that your condense pipe has frozen.

      Take a look at this video showing us what to do:

    • Sylvie @Sylvie Ashford - 4y
    • Sylvie @Sylvie Ashford - 4y

      Knit and Chat - Group Leader Wanted

      If you know how to knit and would like to teach others, why not set up a Knit and Chat group? We have a facility to hold these sessions, which is based in Twickenham. Let us know!

    • Sylvie @Sylvie Ashford - 4y
    • Alan P @AlanP3 Ashford - updated 4y

      Hypnosis for unwanted habits

      Habits are behaviour that are repeated regularly and tend to occur subconsciously.

      Habits like, nail biting and teeth grinding are generally considered ‘bad habits’ because we have fallen into behaviour patterns which don’t serve us positive way.

      But often these habits make us feel uncomfortable, lacking in control or embarrassed at times.

      For more information on how we can help you resolve and kick old bad habits, Just call us 01784392449

    • Sylvie @Sylvie Ashford - 5y
    • Sylvie @Sylvie Ashford - updated 5y

      Rememberance Sunday

      I'll be silently thinking of those at 11 a.m. today, who fought and suffered greatly for our freedom. Thank you.

    • Sylvie @Sylvie Ashford - updated 5y

      Posts Disappearing before Posting

      Dear Scooploo team,

      I typed two posts and before posting them, they disappeared into the ether. Thought I'd let you know that there is a teething problem there. I couldn't find a help option so sending a post to you. Thank you.

    • Sylvie @Sylvie Ashford - 5y

      Richmond Furniture Scheme - Twickenham

      I can recommend The Richmond Furniture Scheme, a small charity based in Twickenham. They accept unwanted furniture in good condition and either upcycle or sell them onto the general public at affordable prices. They also welcome volunteers. Check them out.

    • Sylvie @Sylvie Ashford - 5y

      SMART WATER - Neighbourhood Watch

      Am interested in belonging to a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme. I understand that there isn't one covering Twickenham. Other than wishing to belong to a network connected to the Metropolitan Police, am keen to source SMART WATER which you mark your valuables with and which can be traced back to you if lost of stolen. Anyone out there who can help? Thank you.

    • Sylvie @Sylvie Ashford - 5y

      WordPress - Web training

      WORDPRESS - Web Design
      I'm trying to find my way around WordPress. Currently, helping a charity inputting data onto their website. Anyone out there near Twickenham, Richmond (TW2) who can spend some time showing me around WordPress. Thank you.

    • JOHN S @JOHNS Ashford - 5y

      Hi everyone!

      Hi, my name is John and I live on Sandells Avenue in Ashford. I just wanted to introduce myself and my company All Hands On Tech - a friendly, affordable, technical support service for people in and around Ashford.

      Do you need help with your computer? Is it running slow or full of viruses? Has it run out of disk drive space and in need of a spring clean? Whatever it is you need, All Hands On Tech are experts in computer maintenance and troubleshooting, so be sure to get in touch if we can be of assistance.

      Have you just bought a new piece of technology and need help setting it up? All Hands On Tech offer a speedy Home Installation service to help get your latest piece of tech up and running in no time at all. Get in touch for more information.

      Have you just bought a new phone and need help transferring all of your data from your old phone to your new phone? All Hands On Tech offer a speedy and secure Tech Transfer service to make this process stress and hassle free.

      To find out more about all of the services that we offer and for pricing, please visit our site

      and feel free to get in touch with any Tech related inquiries


    • AlanP @AlanP Ashford - 5y

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