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  • Tomek @Tomas Rotherhithe updated 5 days ago

    YouTube removing dislikes

    It was a tricky decision to remove down votes by us, but it seems YT followed a similar path now, based on similar premises.

    • @To... I think it’s a good move by YouTube

    • Never watch You Tube

    • i didn't even realise there was voting on there

    • @Bo... yes there are upvotes and downvotes on each video and the downvotes are often used by trolls ..

    • @Bo... You can see them below the video.

    • @Jo... thank you

    • Where Scooploop leads.... 😂

      Nearly always the downvotes I saw were in a tiny minority, and often at..

    • @Pe... dare I suggest we are hardly YouTube! 🤗

    • @Ma... - it's an amazing resource. Granted there's a percentage of rubbish, but it's a fantastic too..

    • @Pe... this one had a few

    • @Se... - you say that, but I've just seen that Facebook are now awarding badges for contributors to..

    • @Da... - why has it got 15 million views? (And only 130k likes)

      Doesn't do anything for me, but I ..

    • @Pe... most people view but choose to neither up or down vote. It did nothing for me either so I wo..

    • @To... You may have removed the marginal form of downvote but retained the thumbs down response, whi..

    • @Di... there is a difference though. The original downvoting was anonymous , the thumbs down respon..

    • @Ro... exactly that!

    • @Ro... I can't see who's used any of the emoticon responses. Can you?

    • @Di... Click on reactions, it shows you who has reacted in which way.

    • @Di... yes I can and Thank you

    • @Bo... That's what I did, before asking about this apparent parallel. Nothing emerged then, or since..

    • @Di... well you managed to give Robert a thumbs up, did he deserve it or was that whilst you were h..

    • @Di... I am wondering if you need to ask the team to look at your account . It may have faults on i..

    • IMO thumb up shows at least some people read your comment No reaction and we all would soon stop pos..

    • @Lo... but you can see who gave you a thumbs up?

    • @Ro... I didn't say that I couldn't bypass a thread by marking it as read; you're mistaking what I ..

    • @Di... I do apologise I hadn’t realised that my polite comment trying to assist would be read by yo..

    • @Da... It implied that I'm technologically incompetent, which is both unfair and unkind - very like ..

    • @Di... you feel it implied. I always treat others how I like to be treated until they treat me with..

    • @Da... The same to you. Have a nice day at least for a change the sun is shining here.

    • @Da... don’t worry. Some people read things into comments that really are not there. A little sad wh..

    • @Ro... No, I reacted so badly to Danni's comment yesterday because what she'd done to me the day be..

    • @Di... so is following me and others around and giving us thumbs downs for no reason other than som..

    • @Di... if being called a spoilsport distressed you then I think you are on the wrong forum !

    • @Di... I have noticed that lots of things I put on or comment on you either question it's authentic..

    • @Ro... who is following you around to give you thumbs down?

    • @Da... no one now I have blocked the spoilsport !

    • @Ro... Just for clarification. I sometimes give thumbs down but only I do not agree with the topic ..

    • @Lo... of course, we all do. As most of us are fair and don’t act like spoilt children.

    • @Da... the same person that done it to me. It’s called harassment and yet she is distressed. Now I k..

    • @Ro... how did you get so famous as to warrant having a stalker?

    • @Da... I myself saw nothing horrible about your posts to her

    • @Da... I believe it’s all about perception 😌

    • @Da... there’s more than one - I put it down to my stunning 🤩 good looks 🧔🏽‍♂️, intellect and wit. O..

    • @Bo... I've asked for the source of lots of items that have been posted without attribution. I was b..

    • @Di... believe me I have had a lot worse thrown at me on here! I know exactly how it feels to be a ..

    • @Di... I must admit I do derail a conversation sometimes but do not mean to be nasty just to keep t..

    • @Lo... That's not what I meant, so don't worry about it. Diverging onto an initially related subj..

    • @Da... What a good thing that your personal view of what is or isn't abusive isn't the appropriate s..

    • @Di... I totally agree that no abuse is acceptable. I, However, struggled to see anyone even remote..

    • @Da... The point is that your personal opinion isn't critical to whether or not something is abusive..

    • @Di... but we aren't dealing with the law. We are dealing with a public forum where I am perfectly ..

    • @Di... I have to disagree with you there. Whilst feelings / the subjective element may be considere..

    • @Ka... Then we'll all have to agree to disagree. I value how the law judges abuse much more highly th..

    • @Di... nobody is judging how you 'should' feel - simply making the point that just because someone ..

    • @Da... for someone to feel intimidated after getting a downvote is pathetic. Its as if they can't ta..

    • @li... I agree with you

      but there are some on here that say they were distressed by an innocent co..

    • @Ka... The lay people are the non-lawyers, whose lack of legal training and experience make them much..

    • @Di... I'm very well aware of these definitions. I was asking who you felt were the lay people here..

    • @Ro... people shouldn't be so sensitive then

    • @Ro... It's essential to distinguish between disagreeing with what someone has said (ie criticising..

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