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    Yesterday (Netflix)

    I think I mentioned that one in a comment somewhere already. Anyway, I really enjoyed the movie, if anyone is after a light and funny movie for a Sunday afternoon, "Yesterday" is your answer. I've watched it like 3 times already ;)

    The story goes:
    A failed songwriter/singer is hit by a bus. When he recovers the world he knew is bit different now - an alternative history seems to have happened (i'm guessing the Mandela Effect was the inspiration?). People are not familiar with many things (i.e. Coca-cola) or bands for that matter, like The Beatles. And he knows all their songs.

    IMDB rating is bit low - probably not enough car chases? But for me it was fun to watch each time. Really liked Himesh Patel performance BTW, they should cast him left and right - laid-back yet intriguing . Lily James as his first manager is super charming IMO.

    Needless to say, you will hear plenty of the Beatles songs on the way.

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