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  • Windows 10 Feature Update 1903 May 2019

    Ryan T @Tony7 Bernards Heath updated 1 year ago

    Microsoft are phasing this update in offering it to users.
    It is being kept separate from normal updates as a "when you are ready" item. Many users have not yet received it.

    So far 1903 has had a mixed bag of reception, varying from catastrophe to no problems.
    It is a lengthy update and takes around 1 hour in the best of cases to many hours in the worst.

    I have decided to let it rest on ice for 2 - 3 months to allow 1903 to become stabilised with time.

    What is your experience, have you installed it, if so did you have problems either on installation or thereafter ?

    • Whilst my Windows 10 version 1809 is working perfectly,I will observe the golden rule of "If it 'ain..

    • I love the feature of automatically preserved notes left unsaved inside notepad after Windows reboot..

    • I'm still on 1803 !Dimitriy, Notepad++ has been doing that for years!

    • Oops, didn’t know that

    • 1903 was a bit ragged when first released in April/May.

      Since then progressive cleansing has been ca..

    • 1903 was a bit ragged when first released in April/May.

      Since then progressive cleansing has been ca..

    • Version 1903 is still giving problems to some users. best wait another month before considering inst..

    • A guy on another Forum who is very PC experienced has just upgraded his Windows 1803 to 1903.It took..

    • There are many complaints that 1903 is much slower than 1803.

    • That guy must still be using an HDD...

    • It took my pc about 45 minutes

    • STILL using HDD ?? HDD is a highly popular and marketed PC drive. Nothing bad about HDD. Many other ..

    • Of course, but HDD is the biggest impactor on equal CPU and RAM basis.

    • I came across this info earlier today -- For Peter who is still on 1803! ..... "If you are still run..

    • I don't remember being offered the option of updating, or not, only the recommendation that you shou..

    • Oh!... I got mine a couple of months back and all went well with 1809 update.

    • I was offered the 1903 update and took it and have had a few minor hiccups since then so I am not su..

    • I don't recall being offered the 1809 update -- that was the one that went catastrophically wrong!Lo..

    • It would be of assistance if users who have updated

      to 1903 post the total time taken for the update..

    • Mine is HDD and took less than 45 minutes to download. I admit that I have noticed my laptop appears..

    • Just done my older desktop....HDD about 90 mins in total downloading, preparing and installation......

    • I have an unjustified gut feel that providing the user has not messed up Windows 10 or their setting..

    • My laptop is relatively new. Less than six months and it took a lot less than that. So perhaps its d..

    • Microsoft's 6 monthly Windows Feature Updates are like playing Russian Roulette with your PC.


    • To my uncontrollable pleasure I received a cumulative update plus one other for my version 1809. It ..

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