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  • Windows 10 Clipboard

    In all my 14 years of computer activity I have never used the clipboard.
    Just to see what it is all about I enabled it.
    Normal copying and pasting is by using CTRL+C and CTRL+V without the need for clipboard or anything else.

    Disaster ! My copies were then shown on the clipboard using CTRL+C - a tiny panel with tiny printing, simply recording copied texts in series.
    The mind boggles as to why anybody would want to store everything they copied. Utterly pointless.

    My routine is to use the Notepad icon on my taskbar, a large panel (I use half screen) with the usual control features listed in the menu bar, when constructing a texting composed of part pasted elements. I use this method for most long texts.

    The final text is then promptly dealt with under "Edit" - Select all">Copy. The copied text can then be transferred to anywhere I wish using CTRL+V.

    Windows Notepad -
    Click Start>Windows Accessories>Notepad
    Right click Notepad>More>Pin to taskbar>use as needed
    Notepad is a superb facility for composing texts.

    Windows clipboard - rubbish.
    • Never used notepad always used clipboard. No troubles at all. We all like our own ways of doing thin..

    • @Ry...

      You assume that everybody works th eway you do.

      I often want to be able to copy multiple bit..

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