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  • What is a good first family dog?

    Katie @Katie4 Spitalfields updated 10 days ago

    We would like to buy out first dog. I didn't grow up with dogs and neither did my husband so we are coming to this a bit blind. We need it to be good with children. I did some research in the internet the main breeds that seem to get suggested most often are king charles spaniels, cavapoos and cockerpoos. Could you give me some opinions of these breeds? Or any others that you would suggest as a better first family dog?
    We live in a typical London terrace house.

    • @Ka... I have had many dogs from Alsations, Collies and what were known then as mongrels, but my al..

    • Cute. A neighbour of mine rescued three King Charles. Had a lot of skin problems as I recall. Spring..

    • @Ka... be so nice if you could get a rescue. In the press today, puppies thrown out after lockdown...

    • Don't get a lurcher! Agree with Sandie, Springers do need a great deal of exercise. Get a dog with a..

    • @Sa...08 I think they are looking for a smaller dog! .Only problems I had with my five cavaliers we..

    • I have been studying what type of dog would suit me Cavalier Spaniels seem a good bet. I like Jack R..

    • @Ja... You are never too old for a dog, mind you a puppy can be a handful for quite a few months, I..

    • I would recommend any poodle or bichon fraise cross.

    • @Al... - the (rescue) poodle I had was mad! Still had him for 15 years though ....

    • @Ja... it's a fallacy that whippets and greyhounds need a lot of exercise, they are actually quite ..

    • Whippets seem to be the new 'In' dog round the local park, so elegant, especially the Italian ones -..

    • Didn't know whippets were fashionable. Don't see them my way. It's all cockapoos and sausage dogs.

    • Sausage dogs taking over for the trend 2 years back of the French Bulldogs "all the fashion" . Befor..

    • We have two French Bulldogs down the road and one schnauzer. Across the road a bichon which actually..

    • @Ja... got a Yorkie and Bichon next door, always yapping. Don't get on very well together either. T..

    • I say a rescue dog everytime so many needing homes.

    • Thank you all for your responses... after long thoughts I think we are the closest to go for cavalie..

    • @Ka... Yes most certainly for any breed of puppy, might I suggest that if your going to leave them ..

    • @Ka... Yes that is a common problem for the King Charles breed, my auntie had this breed he was a g..

    • @Ka... my friend got 3 rescue Cavaliers from Many Tears rescue. The first two she rescued had been ..

    • I'd choose a rescue over a puppy (had both) - especially one that's past the toilet training and tee..

    • @Ka... I wouldn't dream of getting a dog if it was to be left alone for all those hours. A small do..

    • Hardly a good statistic but I've only ever known one Cavalier that a friend had - but my goodness, d..

    • Neighbours won't appreciate a yappy dog - especially if it's alone for 4 hours, yapping away!

    • I didn't realise that mine barked when I was out (I worked part time) - until an irate neighbour thr..

    • Very sincerely suggest your family visit Battersea Dogs Home ,not far away from you?You will get exc..

    • Forgot to mention, that the most beautiful, worthy, wonderful, child-loving dog is there...waiting t..

    • @Jo... thats not that far from us, thank you for suggestion!

    • As I said - I have no experience with dogs, that's why wasn't even sure if 4 hours is a log time for..

    • and it doesn't have to be a puppy - I have to visit a place Joss mentioned. I work only 3 days per w..

    • Got my first Greyhound from Battersea Windsor. George, a champion racer, thrown out after his glory ..

    • @Ha... and then it barked there, and their neighbour threatened to “shoot.........”.😅😂🤣

    • @Ka... - Hello, hope you are well. Besides the type of breed, adopting a pet is a commitment of its..

    • Neighbours here look after guide dogs in training (those that don't settle in kennels). They live wi..

    • I don't know why but I feel sorry for guide dogs as they are trained and living with a family from w..

    • @Sa...08 Personally, I believe they are subjected to rather harsh training - and tend to be underfe..

    • Same as some police dogs, underfed and harshly trained, no affection, but still so loyal.@Ha...

    • THe main trouble with cavaliers is that they have heart problems and usually die rather young....swe..

    • The advantage of having a rescue dog is that it's character is formed and it should be known. The sw..

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