• This Saturday morning, 20 February, the Southbank Centre is hosting a Kaleidoscope Concert for babies aged 3 – 18 months and their grown-ups, so you can fill your little one’s world with colour at an online musical experience.In an experience inspired by research into how a baby’s sense of sight develops, a multi-coloured kaleidoscope is brought to life for you and your baby. Adapted from the original theatre production, Kaleidoscope Concert brings together sounds from live musicians, visuals and sensory activities to allow parents and babies to explore colour together. The 30-minute live concert is facilitated by a member of Filskit Theatre and features musicians playing live for you and your baby. For more information and to book tickets:https://www.southbankcentre.co.uk/whats-on/family-young-people/kaleidoscope-concert?eventId=864866
  • Katie @Katie4 Wapping updated 10 months ago
    Recently, I couldn't find my car keys again. I know that there are special devices that help you find a lost thing. But I can't find anything about them. You use such life facilitators? Do they work, what do you recommend?
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  • Katie @Katie4 Wapping updated 10 months ago
    We would like to buy out first dog. I didn't grow up with dogs and neither did my husband so we are coming to this a bit blind. We need it to be good with children. I did some research in the internet the main breeds that seem to get suggested most often are king charles spaniels, cavapoos and cockerpoos. Could you give me some opinions of these breeds? Or any others that you would suggest as a better first family dog? We live in a typical London terrace house.
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