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    Selsey @Selsey Hayes updated 12 days ago

    Another silly tip.
    I ordered some vinyl samples which came about 6" square and have been using since as little mug mats. Ages ago had some delivered with a bit left over and was fed up with moving the roll so today I had a bright idea and covered the metal shelves of a baker's rack with it (in the porch with plants on) and I'm delighted. Intend doing other shelving tomorrow - and all I needed was a pair of scissors (no men needed). Every thing now just needs a wipe over with a damp cloth. Would even work as place mats on the table. I'm smitten.

    • Not at all silly Selsey, that's a great tip, wish I'd kept the off cuts of my vinyl flooring in the ..

    • @Sh... I kept mine from our downstairs bathroom and covered the door step in our utility room as ..

    • Good for lining saucepan shelves too. Never got any leftovers from my flooring. Shame,should have as..

    • @Vi... if I ever manage to get the kitchen floor renewed, I'll save some for you!

    • Great tip thanks

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