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  • Dawn @Dawns Stoke Poges updated 1 month ago

    Update on Scoops policy re comments

    Good morning Scoop.
    I just thought I would ask for an update after your post a while back regarding racist remarks etc. It seems things are worse than ever with comments being racist or disruptive and no matter how much people report nothing is done. Are there any plans to tackle it?
    • @Da... I am having feelings of deja vu.

      I can recall the death throes of Kahuti being played out by..

    • @Da... Good morning all, thank you for bringing this to our attention. Let me first contact you priv..

    • @Da... Scooploop have been reported to a social media regulator so perhaps they will do something ab..

    • It's not just the Anything loop, @Al.... It's other loops where they are present as well.

      It's not ..

    • The main problem is that what some people think of as racists others see as either just jokes or a d..

    • @Bo... I agree and I also think that the racist card is played a bit too quickly. It only stokes the..

    • I agree with many of the above comments. I have not seen many racist remarks but then I am block, so..

    • @Ve... I agree intimidation is quite a big problem.

    • @Ve... I'd say seeing racist remarks depends on your point of view. If people are on the look-out fo..

    • @An... - I think it is more a case of awareness. Thoughts and comments that used to be considered 'ac..

    • @Pe... I hear what you say and, yes, people can modify what they say but it doesn't stop them think..

    • @An... This 'woke' lark has gone way over the top with some people actively seeking out anything that..

    • I am not 'woke' I do not take offence at jokes or fun or innocent comments. I am talking about real..

    • my whole point in this thread was in response to Scoops tough message a while ago stating that NO of..

    • @Da... your OP has the emphasis on racist remarks.

    • This is not aimed at anyone in particular. it's just a joke.

    • I think the point is that the key culprits link their comments, which some (including me) deem to be..

    • Another snippet on the subject

      The Blackboy statue in Stroud that strikes the town’s clock has bee..

    • @Le... I agree with you about the racist comments on here. However, I'm not so sure about the open..

    • @Da... I agree. If such comments were removed quickly with the explanation "could appear offensive t..

    • @Ve... Quite so and I think it's obvious that nothing is being done otherwise Dawn would never had h..

    • @Bo... ..you say that some of us have"an unquenchable desire to find things to be outraged at!" Real..

    • @Kr... If you read the comment with the photo you will see it was not me that said that but..

    • @Bo... My apologies Boots. You`re right I`m not reading everything well today. I`m a bit under the w..

    • @Kr... this is another problem - deviating from the original post. Does Scoops have a rule ..

    • @Bo... Humour at the expense of someone else's discomfort is not actually humour, though.

    • @Bo... because Scoops original statement concentrated on that

    • @Bo... but this is my point, I don't see that statue as offensive or want it removed. I am not a sno..

    • @Le... 100% agree with everything you say here

    • @Bo... there is humour without racism, some people use humour to disguise their racism. When I see r..

    • @Bo... Yes, however, you thought it worthy of replicating, because perhaps you agree with the Tory M..

    • @An... I think things turn difficult when people make sweeping statements, which aren't helpful, on e..

    • @Da... Being `woke` doesn`t mean we personally are easily offended by things or that we look for thi..

    • @Kr... The Oxford English dictionary originally defined woke as " well-informed" , up-to-da..

    • @Kr... I don't believe there is such a thing as being woke and I don't see myself as that. ..

    • @Da... it's just a label. I don't call myself woke but if someone wants to label me for being aware ..

    • @Da... & @ma.... Agree with you both! It`s just words/semantics -that just happens to be a new one p..

    • I'm not fond of the term 'woke' nowadays, simply because a certain tranche of society have decided t..

    • @ma... - you're right that some of the nastier people like to use 'woke' as a pejorative. And that i..

    • @Ve... - (at the risk of derailing this sub-topic, sorry...) - the beauty of sub-threads is that the..

    • @Pe... very succinctly put. I love James O'Brien.

      And anyone who doesn't acknowledge that there ha..

    • There are some things I strongly disagree with such as removal of historical statues and other thing..

    • @Se... I think @Da... OP was referring to openly racist posts which SL admin appeared to be resolve..

    • I don't think that's racist Selsey but recently I was in a museum that had a splendid statue of Jame..

    • @Se... inagree with you about the statues and history, it's there for us to learn from. I don't cla..

    • @ma... spot on. When scoop announced they wouldn't tolerate any offensive comments I hoped it was tr..

    • @Pe... And sub-threads do make it more like a real conversation. Maybe I`m actually getting used to..

    • @Da... interesting that the main protagonists , who I assume technically can't see this thread , sho..

    • @ma... yes I have a block list

    • I wish that SL Admin could keep a particularly keen eye on those posters who have been repeatedly re..

    • Good morning

      We receive all reports directly and although it is up to the moderator in the first in..

    • @Sc... Thank you for your response, SL.

      However, it doesn't really seem to be having a grea..

    • @Sc...

      I would like to draw your attention, as an example, of a comment which has just appea..

    • @Bl... But that comment was only referring to the terrorists coming in, not all Afghans

    • @Bo... I don't think so - it specifically says 1000s - which indicated all Afghanis. What would make..

    • @Bl... the whole thread was about terrorists coming in among the refugees and considering we have ..

    • @Bo... I disagree with you, Boots - I think that particular poster is an extreme right-winger.


    • @Bl... I agree. These trolls and their alter egos seem to deliberately and relentlessly jump in or..

    • @Bl... @ma... I completely agree that particular troll and his alter ego reek of EDL and the like...

    • @Ka... I was hesitant to use the title but I think you're absolutely spot on

    • @Bl... I saw one post where immigrants were referred to as 'locusts', which reminded me of the Naz..

    • @Di... Oh my goodness, that is utterly shocking, to say the least.

      I wonder if it was made by one..

    • @Bl... Yes, of course it was one of the usual! You've got a point about avoiding that group, but d..

    • @Bl... Don't you think it out of order that you should comment on here and report things from anot..

    • @Di... It is just such a shame that such bigotry is dissuading people from either joining, or stayi..

    • @Bo... No - as I do not want to see racism accepted on the site as a whole. This is Scooploop Commun..

    • @Bo... Furthermore, it is an Open Group, so anyone is free to read those comments, even if one is no..

    • @Bo... it's not really out of order. This is a community loop and the OP refers to what many hoped w..

    • @Bl... my partner was so disgusted by some of racist comments that go unpunished she deleted her S..

    • @Bl... This loop is also an open one and called 'community' yet some people have been blocked from..

    • @Bo... I'm not sure what that has to do with any of my comments. If SL Community has blocked anyone ..

    • @Al... If that happens, Alan, I will be very sorry to see you go!

    • @Bo... how can anyone be banned from this Community Loop? It is here to support us all.

      Surely if t..

    • @Ve... I think possibly the OP has people blocked, but it wouldn't be the Group Admin themselves. In..

    • @Ve... It was the Op that blocked certain people so they cannot comment.

    • @Bo... But with you as their spokesperson, they have nothing to worry about.

    • @Al... no way should you leave completely as that is why they have been goading you. Don't let them ..

    • @Bo... perhaps the OP has good reason to block certain people. And maybe it's the last resort for so..

    • I don't think scoop would block anyone from this Loop as it is their own?

    • @Da... of course they wouldn't.

    • As the OP I can categorically say that I didn't block ANYONE for the reason to stop them commenting ..

    • @Bl... Oh I understand now - only people who agree with you are allowed representation.

    • Sounds like a few trouble making PMs are flying about or how would they know about this post? If the..

    • I don't think anyone has been adversely named here. If people can recognize those who are under disc..

    • All I have to say about those that are on my blocked list and people's opinion of it... MY Scooploop..

    • @Bo... With respect, that is a bit of a silly comment. Anyone is allowed representation, as far as I..

    • This is strange. None of the people that have blocked me have posted on this thread. I wonder why?

    • @Al... they don't have direct access to the thread as they are blocked by the OP for previous reason..

    • @De... I think Alan knows that, Derek, hence my upvote and 'laughing' reaction (agreeing with him)...

    • @Bl... Oops I missed that! 😂

    • @Al... simply put, I have found that blocking some members is the only way to have a half decent con..

    • @Da... you can be almost sure they'll have sight of this and they'll be gagging to wade in to add th..

    • And voila almost on cue 😅😉

    • Well, I blocked one of them long ago and now I've done a @Da... and wiped the other two out. (Not th..

    • @Di... https://youtu.be/n03g8nsaBro

    • @De... Eeeh, that fair took me back to grey fuzzy telly in an unheated house and bottle-green schoo..

    • Looks like I've now been blocked by one of them - so, hopefully, I too will now enjoy some of that g..

    • @Di... made me laugh that .. "done a dawns "... have I got a scoop action named after me? 😅😁

    • And I don't have to do 'a dawn' because you've done it for me! I have never blocked people but it is..

    • @Da... I think you have now! There's a pleasing ring to 'done a Dawn' - that's someone firmly hoofed..

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