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    TV shows that you rewatch over and over again

    There are four TV shows that keep rewatching years after years. These are:

    1. Friends - I'm not gonna lie this is the number one for me. The reason is that all episodes are almost equally good, so no matter which one you pick it will be fun to watch. All the actors are brilliant, almost no favourites. Maybe except Ross, my alter ego ;)

    2. The Office (US) - there are plenty of episodes that are by far much better than any Friends ones, but the show is uneven at times. You will love the real feel of mockumentary with no background laughs, though!

    3. The IT Crowd - that would be my number one in terms of actors, the humour and the fact it's about IT guys in London. But it's only 24 episodes I think so not enough to binge-watch. Every episode is a masterpiece though, every little details matters and everything always nicely wraps up at the end.

    4. How I met your mother - resemblance to Friends is obvious. Most the episodes are funny or very funny, but can be pretentious.

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