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    Robert @RobRoy Lee Chapel updated 3 months ago

    If you ever have to fill a form in online but do not want to give your phone number but the form will not be accepted without one try this.
    Type in 0333 8888 888
    Its called True Call and when the person phones it they will get a message to say that you do not want them to contact you by phone and to use your email address.
    Ring it now to listen to the message it gives out. Hope this helps someone.

    • @Ro... - just tried it and it works, thanks (sometimes they won't even accept that I don't have a m..

    • I tried it and it just says ' this number is not accepting calls at the moment, please try later' - ..

    • Must be overwhelmed by Scooploopers ringing. Just tried again and had the bit about emails.

    • Got it this time

    • @Ro... Thanks for tip. Tried and worked. Made a note of number.

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