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  • Ryan T @RyanT St Albans updated 1 month ago

    Tracking Cookies

    The SL site has two tracking cookies -
    1 - Google and 1 - Facebook analytics.
    Both of which my Avast Online Security and DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials extensions block.
    • I'm not sure the Google one is what you think it is. Google Analytics is a mechanism for the site ow..

    • 'Facebook Connect' is the name of the other cookie. I don't have any more info on that at the moment..

    • Having read the Wikipedia article about it, I'm not sure whether I should be concerned or not. I don..

    • Non-tech general comment.

      All these ways of tracking us purport to be helpful;that`s a moot point! ..

    • @Kr... - been there too. You could try using DuckDuckGo as a search engine -- it's included..

    • Regardless of purpose, IMO tracking cookies are a deliberate invasion of a persons privacy and I use..

    • @Pe... @Ry... Maybe time to clear my cookies?! Might try DuckDuck Go Peter.

    • @Kr...

      I dumped Google a few years ago and have used DuckDuckGo as my search engine ever s..

    • I didn't find DuckDuckGo good for me, still trying to get rid of it - but I am totally non-technical..

    • @Ry... - I think I regard them as an inevitable result of the web's evolution. Having said that, by ..

    • @Pe... I'll give DuckDuck Go a go

    • @Se... What didn`t you like Selsey?

    • @Kr... - said various sites were not safe (i.e. Wilco) so had to come out then try again wi..

    • This is what my DuckDuckGo tracker-blocker finds.

    • @Se... - well, it is a search engine, so it's likely to show the results page rather than jump stra..

    • I don't want to confuse the issue but I've Ghostery which seems to do much the same? Recommended on ..

    • Yes, @Se... , I use Ghostery and have probably recommended it. As has been noted on the Wikipedia p..

    • @Pe...

      Ghostery ? Is it a tracker ? see -


    • Generally are cookies a bad thing? Can there be a sinister reason for them or just for targeted adve..

    • @So...

      Who knows ? Best to block trackers and be on the safe side.

      I do not like anybody trackin..

    • @Ry... you know when you go on a site now they ask you do you accept all cookies or there's an optio..

    • @So...

      I say YES for their site and let my blockers contradict it by blocking them, which they d..

    • @So...

      Many sites display a panel saying about my ad-blocker and if I do not disable it for them..

    • @Ry... - someone has to pay for the web, so if you can somehow improve advertising so that it pays, ..

    • @Pe... I still can't quite understand the problem that people have with tracking and cookies or am ..

    • @So... I really have no problem with them, ads pop up all over the place but I just ignore them.

    • @So...

      You don't recognise the anti-privacy and anti-social indications of tracking peoples acti..

    • @So... - cookies are an essential part of everyday web experience. Many sites will use them in so..

    • I tend to do the same as Ryan, allowing 'essential' cookies only. I never bother going through the l..

    • @Pe...

      Nobody with any knowledge of computer's would dispute the necessary presence of harmless co..

    • @Bo... No I don't either. I'm just trying to find out if cookies and tracking is just for adverts if..

    • @Ry... you still haven't answered my question is it just for advertising

    • @So...

      Tracking cookies are ad-intensive, but if you don't care about countless global sites inc..

    • @So... - mainly targeted advertising, yes, but the data collected can be used to build a picture ..

    • @Ry... To be honest I don't care who knows what sites I go on, it's not as if they are going to blac..

    • Tracking cookies can detect your email address. I used to get countless dozens of scam emails on my ..

    • @Pe... well I'm not on Facebook..... But all political campaigns manipulate the voter to suit their..

    • @So...

      Each to his own mate, if you don't care who knows what about your browsing habits - then ..

    • @Ry... I'm a curious bugger, I want to travel to the end of the yellow brick road and see what's beh..

    • @So...

      Like I said - good luck. I would rather know what is behind the curtain before I get ther..

    • @So... Assuming you don`t care they are kinda following you.... one of the problems is they keep ..

    • @Kr... I don't seem to have problems with that maybe it's because I delete all my data dail..

    • @So... How do you get that ?

    • @Bo... this is on my smartphone. but you can do it on your laptop from your browser. click on histor..

    • @So... - trouble is, the info about where you've been is stored in the cloud, so clearing your br..

    • @So... Done but now I have to log in to every site again

    • @So...

      After the horse has bolted !

      The trackers got all your details while you were live on the..

    • @So... won't be doing that again, took me ages to get everything back to normal - good job all my..

    • @Bo... I did it earlier - and same problem. Had to sign in to everything again so won't be doing it ..

    • @Ry... I'm honestly not saying this just to argue with you, but I don't get spam and if cookies a tr..

    • @Se... @Bo... Sorry ladies..... I have the remembered sign in option takes seconds.

    • @Bo... and @Se...

      VERY IMPORTANT - when using any cleaning program, in your browser or otherwise, ..

    • @Ry... that wasn't on the options list

    • @Bo... no, it wasn't, agree with you.

    • @Bo... I should have told you to uncheck the password box. This is from my laptop...

    • @So... The passwords option wasn't on mine, nor the autofill bit.

    • @So... Found it in advanced not basic

    • @Bo... it might have been hidden did you scroll up and down?

    • I use CCleaner or Bleachbit to clean my PC every single night before shutdown for a clean start the ..

    • I cleared my history and scanned and deleted all cookie so how is it that when looking at a newspape..

    • @Bo...

      You may have cleared your cookies etc. but as soon as you go back live on the Internet your ..

    • But surely clearing my history should have done something, otherwise what's the point of doing it ?

    • @Bo... when you go on a site they give you an option whether to accept all their trackers and cookie..

    • @Bo...

      The point is that you clear your PC of stored trackers to start again with a clean sheet. if..

    • For Heavens sake its not rocket science. No need for a big discussion.

      Trackers steal your personal ..

    • If you are paranoid about trackers and your privacy, then use Opera as your browser with its free VP..

    • @Bo... - no idea. I suspect some people clear history /cookies on browser close, but that many, many..

    • My default browser is Microsoft Edge, almost identical to Chrome and is a superb browser. It has thr..

    • Good morning

      We would just like to let everyone know that we use few methods to optimise the sites ..

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