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  • Time for Arachnids

    Robert @RobRoy Lee Chapel updated 3 months ago

    It is that time of year when the spiders try to sneak into our homes to mate and lay their eggs in our warm , dusty and cluttered spaces. Even if we don't think we have any. They will find a tiny gap in the corners of our skirting board or some dust under a corner table where the vacuum cleaner or duster rarely go . Especially in dark corners, under the stairs, the back of a little used larder and they love high ceilings. I'd rather they stay in out houses, garages and sheds though. The best way to keep them away is to keep windows and doors shut, fill up any gaps and be vigilant.
    There are plenty of sprays meant to remove them, kill them or put them off but over the years we have tried several home recipes and ideas including Horse chestnuts, citrus , peppermint oil and white vinegar and have found some to assist to a degree. If you are going to use any of the liquids make sure you dilute them. You can mix put citrus peel in the diluted white vinegar to tone down the smell.

    • I use Lavender and find it very effective in keeping spiders out.

    • Interesting Vera, as we grow and cut a lot for indoors and have dried lace envelopes in our drawers ..

    • When I moved here 2 years ago, we had loads, and I mean loads, of small spiders on all of the ceilin..

    • I've always used split conkers but will definitely try lavender, thank you

    • I just enjoy their company, periodically removing their dustier cobwebs.

    • One seemed to like my lavender bath the other day. everytime I laid back it was decending on its web..

    • I left a bag of conkers in the garage and I think I had less spiders during the year.

    • Remember to spllt them Lonicera, since scattering we have not had a single spider in the house. Mine..

    • And don't let the dog get them - read the other day they can be poisonous to animals if eaten.

    • @Se... we always put ours out of reach of animals and children, not that we have any visiting the h..

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