• Derek R @DerekR Iver Heath - updated 5mo

    This was an attempt to scam me today.

    Unfortunately they didn't realise that I don't respond to unsolicited calls until I have checked them out. This went into voicemail and I've now downloaded it, converted it to mp3, then mp4 adding subtitles on the way.

    I subsequently converted the Chinese to see what it said and it's similar(ish) to what they said in English.

    The number they used was 07822 599872.
    I couldn't find any trace of the number having been searched before, so presume it's just any random number they make up at the time.

Scams of any type.

Post scams of any type. If it is not from personal experience, check its veracity if you can; Snopes.com is a good reference. I shall be posting IT scams as I become aware of them, and you of course, can do the same.