• Krista L @KristaLonsdale East Barnet - 3mo

    Tell Boris what you think of the Energy profit Levy with it`s BIG get-out clause!


    It does say "The Government is seeking your views" but they doubt they`ll take any notice!
    There`s LOADS of reading matter,most of it very repetitive but nothing technical. You reply by email.
    I basically said the get-out clause ( called investment incentives) needs to be more specific,that they should be less generous and it should be less easily applied because otherwise companies WILL find ways to wriggle out of it and the Gov then won`t raise very much at all,et alone the £5billion they are expecting! And that these investment incentives should only apply to Alternative forms of Energy Generation because otherwise they`ll be using it to explore for more Oil & Gas and that would make keeping COP26 promises impossible.

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