• Derek R @DerekR Iver Heath - updated 11mo

    Supermarket Use By dates

    It may have been mentioned elsewhere and I missed it, but just to reinforce the message if that's the case...

    Some supermarkets, including major chains, have dispensed with putting a date on their fresh perishable items, instead they use a single letter and two numerals.
    Currently the letter is H which stands for the 8th letter of the alphabet and therefore the 8th month.
    Yesterday I bought lemons dated H12. Which equates to the 12th of August.

    I guess as many produce suppliers now supply the international market it is more economical than deciding which goods are destined for which country and translating the month for each. They just use a universal code for everything and leave it to us to understand it.

    If you hadn't sussed it I hope this helps, if you already knew, sorry for wasting your time.

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