• Ray P @RayPro Norwich - updated 10mo

    Still going

    Just thought I'd bring you all up to date on our situation, Jackie is just about capable of moving now as shown in clip, although she tires in the evening and I wheel her around for abloutions and bed. We've just got a quote to remove the bath and fit a wheel in shower, I supply the tiles where the bath was and was happy to see it was only £3.1k from a local disability specialist building company.
    Her dementia is holding its own by her medication thankfully, our local Parkinson's group is running a voice course for 8 weeks and Jackie is signed up for it as she is very quietly spoken as she speaks into her chest, thankfully she's still aware and in good spirits.
    I belong to a Parkinson's Facebook group for supporting carers, compared to other carers I've got it easy but some are at the end of their tether, one today ended up with the Samaritans others make you laugh or cry, it's a good outlet for frustration and anger.
    You may remember I've had dogs for most of my life, when our last one passed 4 years ago Jackie didn't want another one because as we know now her instability was beginning to appear. Now it is not so much, or soon to be not an issue so I broached the idea of a rescue companion dog i.e. cavalier or bischon frisé sort as company for her when I'm out. After some yes, yes, maybe, no I've decided to get myself a nice one button fully automatic coffee machine instead 😜
    Quite the accomplished cook now, I make old fashioned bread pudding that seems to go down well with all our family and even had to make one for Jackie's knit and natter group, all done in the ninja.

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