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  • Sticking Notifications

    Ray P @RayPro Thorpe Hamlet updated 1 year ago

    Recently noticed that in the android app when I return to notifications fron a post that notifications is still showing the post as unread!

    This doesn't happen ever time, but about 1 in 6 - enough to be annoying, I might have several that "stick" making it frustrating when reopening the same post.

    I can clear all posts as read but not selectively.

    Also noticed that occasionally a post will fold back on itself so a block of replies will carryover at the end to be reread.

    • I have noticed recently that the list of notifications has changed - it takes longer for them to loa..

    • Yes I have been getting that sort of blurry rolling too @Bo...

    • I think that effect is intentional, an alternative to the "endless wheel of doom".

    • Don't understand that Peter, but it's bloody annoying

    • Ray, I think you'll find it is moire nuanced than that. Sometimes I find that when accessing a threa..

    • @Bo..., I just mean it's their alternative to the more usual animated circle icon to indicate that s..

    • If I have read posts from the groups heading and enabled notifications they still come up later as u..

    • I've never had an animated circle - can you show me one ?

    • Another new thing is for 'helpfuls' to show avatars instead of names, don't like that either.

    • @Bo... it has always shown avatars, only before it had names next too it, too.

    • so why the deletion ?

    • @Bo... uncluttering

    • Thanks for all your comments, all bugs are noted and will be sorted shortly, esp. that annoying pers..

    • The update for unread notification issue should be available on Play Store this evening.

    • Update installed automatically overnight, @To.... Thank you for the specific 'release note'!

      Not s..

    • @Pe... if it’s a thread you don’t want to Open again can’t you just disable the notifications to it..

    • Yes, true. But this was for a brand new post, so I only have the original notification, and the only..

    • @To... thanks, update applied and it all appears to be working okay 🤗🤗

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