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  • Spammers in groups

    Tomek @Tomas Rotherhithe updated 20 days ago

    we've been seeing some spammers abusing open groups. Just wanted to remind the moderators that `remove user` or `suspend user` options work the same way as in private groups. Meaning, if you remove or suspend the user there is no way they can post again.

    On this note, maybe we need another group type, i.e. users could view the contents but have to be approved to join? Tell me what you think please.

    • Do you mean adverts coming up on groups or people sharing from group to group ?

    • @Bo... yeah, I mean the adverts. We've been seeing that some users sign up and next thing they do is..

    • @To... On the other group type, you don't mean that they could view the contents of private groups d..

    • @Ra... no, of course not. Private would stay private as it is. I'm talking a new group type somethi..

    • Rather than complicating the site with more new types of group, why not introduce specific site user..

    • @Di... you might be right that it would further complicate the site, but on the other hand I don't ..

    • Some will do that, but having made them accept such conditions in order to use the website at all th..

    • Sorry l'm not very tech minded. Why has this spamming started now, so suddenly?

    • @Mr... I'm not sure tbh.

    • perhaps 'they' think we will all be so blotto from Christmas/new year we will be gullible and not no..

    • I`m not `Techie` either @Mr... but I don`t think it`s a coincidence that SL has recently becom..

    • @Kr... OK Thanks. I thought they had always been international, not just UK

    • @To... I think a third group type might just be a bit confusing for newcomers. How about changing th..

    • I suggest we don't change the Groups but add a simple question to the joining procedure something si..

    • I`m happy to just PM a spammers & tell them that their post has to be relevant and if it`s not they`..

    • @Di... thanks for your suggestions. As for the other thing, one might imagine a group where such a..

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