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    Situation update

    We are now moving into a different stage of wife's Parkinson's, her legs have now contracted in a bent condition so that she cannot support herself so the Zimmer frame and the standing hoists have been returned along with the tall toilet seat.
    I have purchased a wheeled shower chair that doubles as a toilet seat and this is her means of moving around inside the house.
    Our bedroom now resembles a factory with an overhead crane, I've had to move into another room to sleep. Her dementia is getting worse plus she's more demanding and comes out with the strangest things sometimes, surprisingly she remains in good spirits.
    I've bought her a powered wheelchair after pushing her around Pensthorpe (a nature reserve with lots of birds) which tired me out with the gravel paths. She cannot drive or ride a bike, so the first outing in my driveway she went into the wall 4 time, the flower beds umpteen times and into me twice. The proplem is panicking and not letting go of the joystick that automatically applies the brakes. After I'd arranged insurance for her chair we attempted going up the road, not very successfully but at least the road was not encroached on. Slowly and infrequently trying to get her to use it and then we can start to use the 2mph setting instead of 1mph one.
    Cooking is going well, I rarely look at a cook book now, I've purchased a built in induction hob to replace the portable one and I'm very pleased with it.
    The subject of a small lapdog came up and we hovered right up until we were going to the rescue centre when wifey panicked and said no, so I did the next best thing and bought an expensive fully automatic bean to cup coffee machine instead, wasn't a bad buy either as wifey a devoted tea drinker now likes a cappuccino a couple of times a day. We now use an extra 2 litres of milk a week.
    Our wheel in shower is starting to be fitted on Monday after removing the bath, there also going to fit slimline cabinets with wash basin and toilet, this will make life easier.

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