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  • Alan F @AlanF Havering updated 23 days ago

    Site security

    I have just received an email from Scooploop regarding some PMs sent to my partner which stated they can check on emails sent between members. I assume they meant to say PMs rather than emails, but hopefully I’m wrong.
    What I find really worrying is that if they can read PMs sent between members, which are supposed to be private it could cause all sorts of problems if the messages got into the wrong hands.
    • I thought you wanted them to check out those PMs to warn the sender.

    • @Al... as the owners of this forum they need to be able to see everything including PMs. As an examp..

    • In case I have not explained myself adequately perhaps Scooploop can post the message sent to me on ..

    • @Ve... good point, but I think a lot of people would be surprised that messages can be read by peopl..

    • @Al... Why not post it yourself ?

    • I would hope that every keystroke you submit will be recorded and those where somebody sent a messag..

    • @Al... I'm guessing that it is only scoops team that can access them and we have already put our tru..

    • @Al... you need to trust the owners of sites. It is the same in all businesses and forums are no dif..

    • There are also many members who keep copies of all PMs sent to them and publish them when ever they ..

    • @Ve...

      I won't pick you up on the spelling - but it made me smile!

    • @Ve... Any 'extras' ? 😃😃

    • @Al... surely abusive or stalking pms should be reported and investigated by SL?

    • @De... I bet you wish you were dyslexic the same as me 🤣🤣

      I will change, although I do like a good..

    • @ma... yes I agree, but it makes me feel uncomfortable knowing complete strangers can have access wi..

    • @Ve... can we choose who gives the massages?lol

    • @Al... moderators will not be part of the group that can see them as they are not management

    • @Da... good idea, you never know what some may do to you 🤯

    • @Al..., as @Da... says, it is only the owners and never any moderator who have access.

      If you never..

    • @Ve... very sensible advice Vera. I have never sent a nasty message but have replied too a couple.I ..

    • @Al... - The messages will be stored in SL's database along with posts, comments, loops, users, reac..

    • @Pe... thank you for the reply, it was very helpful. Going off topic, I have never had any emails f..

    • @Al... - there are all sorts of notification emails -- look at Settings-Notifications, but you may b..

    • @Al... these people know how to push your buttons. You should NEVER reply, I know it is hard, this i..

    • PM messages should be private between sender and receiver. The employees of Scooploop or whatever so..

    • @Mi...

      Sorry, I disagree!

    • @De... which part do you disagree with?

    • @Mi...

      Much of what you said.

      If SL believe that people are using their facilities for nefario..

    • @De... ok

    • As Vera has already pointed out, if you've never sent an abusive or stalking pm to anyone you have n..

    • @ma... the bottom line for me is that nothing hardly ever gets done, so why bother. We all know who ..

    • Good morning everyone.

      We want to reassure you that Scooploop is a private database.

      If, in a ..

    • @Sc... thank you for the reply, but neither of us are prepared to give any more information f..

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      24 days ago
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      24 days ago
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      24 days ago
    • @Ro... His Hobby horse

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      24 days ago
    • @Ro... sorry I didn't mean you i meant Alan

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      24 days ago
    • @Ro... reported for yet again repeating the same old lie.

    • @Al... What lie ?

    • @Al... If it was my wife I would not hesitate to assist the admins in finding the culprits to this a..

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      23 days ago
    • @Ro... more lies. I have never sent you, or anyone else a foul mouth abusive message as well you know..

    • @So... firstly, she is not my wife, and secondly as I have already stated she was not offended bu..

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      23 days ago
    • I hate closing threads but feel I have no option as Teague is using it to tell bare faced lies about..

    • @Al... you are both on FB - could that be it ?

    • @Bo... No Boots, , if you remember some time ago he said he was not a member of FB, and Terry from E..

    • @Al... I'm going to ask you one question. Think before you answer and let's hope this will be the en..

    • @So... I don’t need to take my time. There has been hundreds of racist comments on this site over..

    • @Al... I know you've got a beef with Clive let's leave him out of this. I'm talking about SL admins...

    • @Ro... I've no issue with them monitoring all parts of the site that is not private messaging. Even t..

    • @Sc... Basically what I said in my comment above.

    • @Mi... the point of the messaging service (nowhere does it say the word 'private') is to convers..

    • @Ve... The fact it is just two people messaging each other with no third party able to read the mess..

    • @Ve...

      The answer is very clear. If WhatsApp provide the service you want to use in the way you wan..

    • @Mi...

      It's advertised as a messaging service.

      There is no Private involved in it.

      No matter ..

    • @De... I never mentioned WhatsApp.

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