• Good morning everyone. Sylvia messaged me about a thread she wanted approved but it seems to have got lost in cyberspace so I have started it for her. Sincere apologies to Sylvia and I hope we all enjoy her thread.
  • Has anyone else noticed than in the past week or so quite a few high profile people have tested positive, plus several people I know personally. Is anyone else wondering what is going on and feel we are not being told things which we are entitled to know?
  • As the thought of a president Johnson or Farage fills me with dread, rather late in life I became the mildest of mild monarchist so see this week as an excuse to get into the swing of things and have a great time. We have two street parties to go to and I’m sure my two granddaughters, age nine and eleven will dress up in pretty princess party frocks and have a great time. My two eating machines (grandsons) will stuff themselves silly with party food and then twist my arm and demand we go to the park for a kickabout. Then it’s into the cricket club to celebrate QE2s reign as the Australian Queen with a couple of pints of Fosters.
  • Has anyone else ever considered the possibility that one day the so called second chamber could be staffed by a group of robots/computers. They would be programmed to think logically without any bias, ambition or political loyalty with superior analytical thinking.
  • Boris Johnson. Are his days numbered, and who would you all like the next Tory leader to be?
  • New Moderator
  • Recently I have noticed an increase in a few members making false accusations about other Scooploop users. One has accused me of wanting to “beat him up” because I said I would like to meet him. I have personally met several members and every time we have enjoyed each other’s company. Another member, Jenny Smith is being lied about and bullied by the same person who childishly refers to her as IT. . This childish behaviour is not only bringing Scooploop in to disrepute but many, mostly females have now stopped posting. My solution in attempting to make Scooploop the great site it was and should be is to suspend any member caught lying or bullying for one week for offence and double that every time they commit another misdemeanour.
  • Claire’s thread “Summerfields Garden Centre” had to be shut down because of a couple of idiotic posts by someone who doesn’t even live in Havering. Plantaholics like me and others could have learned so much.
  • I have just received an email from Scooploop regarding some PMs sent to my partner which stated they can check on emails sent between members. I assume they meant to say PMs rather than emails, but hopefully I’m wrong. What I find really worrying is that if they can read PMs sent between members, which are supposed to be private it could cause all sorts of problems if the messages got into the wrong hands.
  • Can we have Blodwin invited back onto the Anything group.

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