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    Selling scams - behind the scenes - part 2

    When you visit a selling website, you may see a pop-up box in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen which displays a recent purchaser of the product. This is fictitious, and is produced by the programming behind the webpage. To see the program that displays any webpage, right-click on the page, and select 'view page source'. If you do this for the WiFi Blast (magic box!) website, when the programming appears, go down to line number 713 shown on the left. This is the start of the imaginary purchasers. First list is forenames, then the surname initial, and then the location.
    The program then selects combinations of the forenames, initials and locations.


Scams of any type.

Post scams of any type. If it is not from personal experience, check its veracity if you can; Snopes.com is a good reference. I shall be posting IT scams as I become aware of them, and you of course, can do the same.