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    Hi all,
    As previously mentioned you will notice some changes happening to Scooploop over the next few weeks and months. Do not panic; this will in no way affect how/what you currently use Scooploop for.
    The first change you will notice is us renaming our groups as 'loops'. But this is not a cosmetic tweaking. We will be homing in on the 'loop' part of our name and branding Scooploop as the platform to 'Live in loops'.
    Everything happening on Scooploop will happen in 'loops' as a core functionality. There will also be a strong emphasis on the local section with local loops coming into play a little bit further down the road.
    Some other changes relating to making loops the base for Scooploop are detailed below.
    - Users will be able to quickly set up as many loops as they want.
    - There will be private loops - for close friends to interact.
    - Loop moderators will gain many more configuration settings:
    · Deciding what their members can and cannot do (e.g. closing a thread)
    · Settings for admitting new users (e.g. requiring users to agree to T or allowing only sms-verified users)
    · Deciding how blocking works per loop basis
    · The ability to decide which extra widgets their given loop will have (e.g. events section, Q & A forms, etc)
    · Boosting posts (also to other loops) and many more features
    - Loops will also gain instant chat widgets
    - Users will gain plenty of new notification and visibility settings.
    During this process we will also be discontinuing certain features that are not in the spirit of loops. Such as Pages, or other features. Pages for example will still exist but will become a type of Loop, just with users having no ability to post things in these 'page loops'.
    Those changes sound like a lot of work and they are. However the goal is to activate users by allowing moderators to brand their loops and therefore allowing users to pick and choose the most suitable loops for them.
    • That's gone right over my head. 🤯

    • This comment was deleted by its author.

      4 months ago
    • so basically, instead of a group we will be in a loop and the mods will have more powers to personal..

    • @Mr... same here Double Dutch.

    • How long does it take to get a degree.

    • @Da... thanks for that. So groups will now be called loops? and what is.. Live in loop? How will, in..

    • @Mr... Agree too old for changes I am set in my ways.

    • Mystified and apprehensive.

      Keep thinking of the old saying - "If it 'aint broke, don't fix it"

    • This comment was deleted by its author.

      4 months ago
    • I'm at a loss to see where the problem was before

    • This comment was deleted by its author.

      4 months ago
    • Not meaning to be facetious but what are we progressing to.

    • @Se...

      Self inflicted wound.

      Almost certainly more bug badges.

    • @Se... progressing to something that is more complicated and intricate for no reason.

    • Having read the proposal several times, I am totally discomknockerated with confusion.

    • This comment was deleted by its author.

      4 months ago
    • @Ca... there is no other emoji that one can use for disagreeing with another members views.


    • This comment was deleted by its author.

      4 months ago
    • @Ca... I like using scoops emojis. That's what they're there for, they are for immediate target..

    • "I cannot say that this makes me happy"

      Pretty straight forward and nothing wrong with it. To descri..

    • This comment was deleted by its author.

      4 months ago
    • @Sc... Sounds good to me.

    • Perhaps it is appropriate for SL to post a vote thread on this issue.

      Yes - no - undecided

    • This is getting loopy!!

    • Oh my goodness. I think I'll start my own forum and talk to myself...at least then I might have a ch..

    • @Ry... let’s go reinvent the wheel 😂

    • @Mr... would guess it is all about how they market and brand the site

    • I see no intelligible reason for calling a perfectly accurately termed Group a perfectly inapplicabl..

    • All I can see is mods having more control over who can do or say what lol

    • @Da... All I can see is a change of name being a step away from the awful reviews on sitejabber in r..

    • @Da...

      The day will NEVER come when Mods or anybody else can dictate to me who I decide not to talk..

    • Wow. Massive redesign of how the site works underneath, and a bewildering level of customisation, bu..

    • @Pe...

      You may well think that all these changes are necessary, beneficial and the best thing sinc..

    • I am astonished that an important issue like the Sl announcement made here is restricted to a minori..

    • @Ry... they will all soon catch up!

    • It has also been mentioned in SL Tech Support group, and I'm sure more details will be released when..

    • @Ry... - your rose-tinted spectacles fail to acknowledge that the introduction of groups was actuall..

    • @Pe... Your statement ---move their usage away from groups and much more towards -- local areas.---..

    • @Pe... I belong to nextdoor too and it is so boring. That's why I came here. If that is what SL are..

    • Next door has been invaluable to me since moving to a new area for local help. Each forum has its ow..

    • @Lo... - well the challenge then is to build the local without leaving you behind. The majority o..

    • @Pe...

      With all due respects Peter IMO you are talking absolute rubbish.

      Groups greatly enhance a ..

    • @Mr... - in which case, I'm sure there are more than a few SL users who would say "Bring it on..

    • @Da... absolutely but would you want two forums the same

    • @Mr... no not at all, but I don’t see how scoop could become a local site like next door as th..

    • @Pe... Scoop may try and improve their local area traffic. But they will never get rid of the group..

    • @Sc... You had me worried for a minute. All seems very straightforward. Thanks! 🤧

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