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  • Ryan T @RyanT St Albans updated 5 months ago


    I would like to say that SL is an excellent social Forum.

    SL has site moderators who could do more to censure anti-social posts which spoil members pleasure, but actually do a very reasonable job, for which we must all thank them.
    The SL Team do take into account our comments and feedback, implementing those measures which they consider beneficial to the Forum and individual in general.

    The Forum format is extremely well designed and site navigation is excellent.
    I cannot find another social Forum that is anywhere near as good as SL.

    Let us all appreciate SL and endeavour to keep it a friendly Forum for all to enjoy and refrain from engaging in petty and unnecessary offensive behaviour.

    Well done the SL Team for providing an excellent social Forum for us all to enjoy.
    • @Ry... Would you like a tissue to wipe that brown stuff off your nose! 😊😊🤭😆😆

    • This comment was deleted by its author.

      5 months ago
    • @Ry... I would like to

      agree but you may need to take notice of the emojis other members use and re..

    • Despite various little niggles I love SL

    • Me too.

    • Yes! I also agree.

    • @Ra...

      Sorry Ray for taking your comment wrongly - have deleted my reply. 👍👍👍👍

    • @Ry... No problems, I thought the smileys would give it away. btw you can tell how much I like Scoop..

    • @Ry... well done 👍 it takes a big man to admit he’s made a mistake.

    • @Ro...

      If you've never dropped a catch, you've never played cricket.

    • Yes I also like SL.

    • My reason for posting this thread is that I am utterly fed up with all the adverse and unjust commen..

    • I do not know who maintains the SL software, but IMO they do an excellent job.

    • Would miss if no longer here so yes.

    • Now that SL hopefully have stopped listening to and acting on unfounded malicious rumours and accusa..

    • @Mr...

      The most compulsive trouble makers and thread wreckers are not here because I made sur..

    • @Ry... it is lovely to read a positive discussion about the site ! I, too am weary of hearing the sa..

    • @Mr... wish I could agree but I can still see disruption on other threads and its ruining the ..

    • @Da...

      I have tried to keep "the same old tripe" all locked up in the slammer Dawn.

      I have a dreadf..

    • @Ro... maybe that shows just who causes disruption on here? 😅xx

    • @Ry... well whatever you are doing it makes a nice change! x

    • @Ry... but let’s not lower the tone by playing the same game! Keep up the positive vibe. Maybe membe..

    • @Da...

      Its a doddle Dawn - one wrong word and I block 'em

    • I was talking in general not just this thread.

      And the malicious disruptive members I was referring ..

    • Yes and don’t we know it. It’s all they talk about. Another thread down the pan.

    • It is astonishing that the only way to protect a thread and keep it clean from offensive remarks is ..

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      5 months ago
    • @Ry... Has it ever occurred to you that what you may find offensive, others don't? Or, is it only yo..

    • @Un... surely it is only our own opinion on what is offensive that matters to each of us? If I..

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      5 months ago
    • @Un... I do not believe he has publicly declared he has another account at all. It is easy to ..

    • Here’s an example

    • My apologies to SL and all members - I never expected a nice old guy like Uncle Albert to wreck the ..

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