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  • Replies to Comments - How are we doing?

    Hard to believe, but it's already a month since we introduced replies to comments.

    We know some of you found it a bit tricky to get your head round at first.
    We also know that it has sometimes been a bit difficult following conversations in a busy post, from notifications, but hopefully the new 'new' indicator has made this a bit easier. Maybe?

    So, this weekend's poser, how are you getting on with replies and the new way of using Scooploop?
    • Not too well.

    • @Sc... I think the "New" indicator has solved the problem of searching for missing comments. ..

    • I normally like updates etc but I have to say that apart from the "new" which I love, I kind of pref..

    • @Sc... I’m not on here often enough to be bothered either way.

    • I like the replies and the new on replies but think it would also be a help if the new was on commen..

    • The 'new' is a definite improvement if the rest is here to stay.

    • I'm with the others, 'new' is very useful and I also like the way comments on deviations are togethe..

    • @Ve... it highlights all the comments you have made.

    • It’s fine with me.

    • Thanks @De... Very clever.

    • @Ve... - must admit I haven't found it very useful yet

    • @Bo... - isn't it? I've only just visited this post, and every comment and reply is marked 'new' wit..

    • @Pe... maybe because I'm getting very old 🤣 🤣

    • No-still HATE it.

      I used to feel I was part of a conversation,now it`s all over the place and I dun..

    • @Kr... - to be fair, I thought that's what it was like before, but then the conversations j..

    • @Pe... Comments that are not 'replies' are not showing the new 'new' tag on my laptop.

    • @Ve... well blow me down - they are now on this thread but weren't on others.

    • @Bo... - Scooploop have announced some bug fixes and updates this afternoon, so maybe it was fixed a..

    • @Pe... I just used to read it all with interest.OK-I skim read some bits but at least I knew what w..

    • @Ve... - just realised I didn't mention I was talking about the 'light bulb'!!! That I haven't found..

    • @Ry... Get well soon Ryan.

    • This comment was deleted by its author.

      3 months ago
    • My motto has always been, and always will be... "If it ain't broke, don't try and fix it".

    • The "new" label has definitely made things easier but, like @Kr..., I find conversations ar..

    • Don't like it. Yea it's a pain.

    • I don't like when replying to a sub-thread the original comment box remains and therefore gives 2 x ..

    • Perhaps someone could point out where this new “new” indicator can be found? I haven’t seen any sign..

    • @Da... look to the right of this comment. If you can't see a green rectangle with white writing "New"..

    • @De... and @Da... I can see it, not a problem on my tablet.

    • @De... That’s the first time I’ve seen that green rectangle in any comment up to now. I wonder why ..

    • @Da... it's probably because when you look at this comment and see it, the previous one will have van..

    • @De... That’s not the case. The rectangle has never manifested itself until now.

    • @Da... sorry I can't help then, that's how mine has been. SL might be able to answer your problem.

    • @De... I’m not that concerned about it but thank you. I appreciate your input. 👏👏

    • @Da... The new feature was introduce a few days ago: https://www.scooploop.com/thread/new-label-on-ne..

    • @Da... maybe it took a while to come up on the app. for tablets. I have had it on my laptop for a cou..

    • @Bo... I’ve never used the app. I log in using Safari browser.

    • @Jo... Be that as it may, but as I said, I’d not seen the manifestation of it until this morning.

    • @Bo... - didn't think it was available for the app yet. I'd better check later if there's a new vers..

    • @Da... - as long as you're accessing Scooploop from a Web browser, you should see a 'new' indicator o..

    • @Ve... - that is a bit irritating, isn't it? It would be less confusing if the original box were hid..

    • @Pe... Read my comments above. I can now see the “new” indicator. Prior to this morning, that wasn’..

    • @Da... Do you have many friends!?

    • @Mr... Yes. Hundreds actually. People I met whilst delivering shopping and prescriptions to v..

    • @Pe... Well i am still seeing new comments without the 'new' tag

    • @Bo... It’s not just me then. 🤔

    • @Da... - no, never used an Apple product. Bit surprised you hadn't seen 'new' before this morning, bu..

    • "New" is relative to time and each member - when does "new" become not new ? A member may not logon ..

    • Perhaps 'unread' might be a better meaning ?

    • @Cl...

      Unread is better, but that differs to every single member from last logout.

    • Notifications accumulate to show all "new" comments for each member.

    • @Ka... I don`t see a new label?!

    • @Cl... unread would be double the field size and I would expect it would create problems fitting it..

    • sorry but is that not what its meant to be ..... a marker to tell you which comments you have not re..

    • @Cl... yes but new indicates the same with fewer characters.

    • But all that matters, @Ry..., is what is 'new' to the reader. Doesn't matter how long it's been on t..

    • @De... not suggesting to change it .... just make it clear what it actually means !!

    • @Cl... sorry, my mistake, I thought you were suggesting an alternative message.

    • @Cl... - it means 'new since you last visited the page'. Whether you read it or not is another matt..

    • I can understand the concerns some others are reporting. Multi-threaded posts can be difficult to fo..

    • But the point is @Pe... that posts don't need to be multi-threaded and therefore difficult to follo..

    • @Ka... the reason this was introduced was because you would have a reply especially in a long thread ..

    • @So... Yes, I understand why it was introduced and I understand why some people like it. I suppos..

    • @Ka... hahaha I love a poll. 😂

    • @Ka... - I had been wondering whether there was the possibility of SL adding an option for users to r..

    • @Pe... I’ve just read your reply. What I meant by my comment was, it’s virtually impossible for the..

    • @Pe... How would the system tell which 'subthread' the comment applied to? Dead simple!! You just a..

    • @Ka... That would work to an extent, and you have just proved it by jumping out of a sub-thread! But ..

    • @Pe... "Jumping out of a sub-thread"?! I'm just having a conversation! I can't help feeling that al..

    • @Ka... the problem with that would be, say the person you're replying to commented three or 4 times i..

    • @Ka... - sorry, you should know by now that I tend to view such things from a technical viewpoint!

    • @Ka... you have "created" four sub thread comments on this post instead of "replying" to a subthread ..

    • @So... Yes, I take your point but we seemed to manage well enough before all these "improvements"..

    • @Pe... Yes, I know you're strong on technical stuff and that's often really useful but sometimes a ..

    • @Ka... I'm going to let you into a little secret, but don't be annoyed with me, I received a badge fo..

    • @So... I'm still waiting for mine...!

    • @Ka... I must ask you are you using a computer or the app

    • @So... Now you've gone an done it. They will now be trying to find the post when you suggested it..

    • @Un... hahaha. you're right I should have kept my mouth shut. 🙊

    • @Ka... - the ultimate goal is to have a website that is self-explanatory. I am well aware that at tim..

    • I think these changes will put people off.

    • @Ja... on a laptop it's so easy, you look down the thread see a comment and immediately underneath ..

    • @So... a computer... and see how I've related my reply to the correct "sub-thread" and haven't go..

    • Don't use my lap top unless I'm writing a letter, ordering from Amazon or Googling. I just use phone..

    • Personally I just give up. I can`t follow all the sub-threads,so I opt out.

    • @Kr... I like the system. I use a tablet or laptop and never my phone therefore it may be d..

    • @Ve... Don`t seem to have `new` on my PC so can`t comment on that. I often opt out of threads that h..

    • @Ja... - when they've worked out how to show 'new' on the app it should get easier to read long thr..

    • @Kr... - you should see 'new' for this comment the first time you follow the notification h..

    • @So... - and I have 'helped' by answering on the main thread each time. 🙄

    • I'm just a skimmer and and don't feel the need to keep up as I'm lazy. I get the gist of it but just..

    • @Pe... That`s the sheild? Or the word `new`? It doesn`t help the confused threads/replies though.

    • @Kr... - see the picture (you may have to click on it). I think the shield you refer to is ..

    • @Pe... I enter via the latest notification and don't always see the "New" if I go automatically int..

    • @Pe... But I have a sheild at the top of this thread and I don`t moderate this loop!!

    • @Kr... I don't know what that is for, if you click on it a little black arrow shows but it ..

    • @Kr...

      THAT shield means the OP IS the moderator of the group = SL.

    • @Kr... so glad it's not just me!

    • @Se... and @Kr..., I think the shield at the top of this post is to show the moderator is ..

    • @Kr... The shield at the top of this thread is Scooploop Support shield as they are moderat..

    • I am finding I am not bothering to follow links.Every time I click on a link my keyboard pops up so ..

    • I find it strange when a reply to a comment gets a reaction and due to blocking, the member has not ..

    • @Ve... l didn’t know someone blocked could do that.

    • @An... exactly my point. He shouldn't have been able to see my comment or any replies. If if wants t..

    • @Ve... I would guess that's correct.

    • @Ve... I've directed this question to SL several times before, as the only person I have blocked see..

    • @Bl... of cause they have and some more than two but I must not mention the word alias or blocking..

    • @Ve... I would guess many of the new members joined so they can read posts made by people who have b..

    • @Ve... this might help explain things. I know that you are conversing with Blodwhine even though she..

    • @Ve... No, I don't watch membership numbers. Some of the increase in numbers could of course be attr..

    • This is the big problem that new members have to deal with. Suspicion and paranoia. When I first joi..

    • Bloodwen, My lady friend joined a few months ago and looks but wont make comments. We share the same..

    • The problem is new members can only see the open loops and due to some of the content, don't look an..

    • There are various groups and topics of conversation, if some new and old members are so thin skinned..

    • @Bl... what is the point of blocking when they are still here under other names?

      I'm blocked and ..

    • @Ve... I know - I just get some satisfaction in the knowledge that I don't have to read the irritati..

    • So if you don't like it, you can lump it, I'm alright, Jack?

    • @Se... not at all if you don't like a particular post or subject you move on to another one that yo..

    • @Bl... And by the same token he doesn't have to read yours either.

    • That's fine but often it's the aggression people don't like rather than the post itself.

    • Selsey. You mention "the aggression people don't like". Your idea of "aggression" must be very diffe..

    • @Se... To be fair it is impossible not to take an aggressive attitude towards members who make vile..

    • @Un... - there's an example immediately above: Soc referred to Blodwen as 'Blodwhine'. I think..

    • @So... - This isn't Twitter. Users, whether new or old, should not need to be thick-skinned to be..

    • @Sc... you may want to close this now as it has once again ended in a thread reduced to insul..

    • @Pe... Sorry, the examples you gave in no way constitutes "aggression", at least not in my world th..

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